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Smooth! The Black Diamond Helio 200 is feature-packed, fully capable, and fully awesome. It pairs well with everything from skinny skis and race-boots to big skis and four-buckle boots. If you want your ski binding to do a little bit of everything, then this is the one. Adjustable lateral and vertical release values mean you can dial in the system to your size and style. Two smooth-operating risers offer plenty of climbing prowess. A smooth-adjusting plate under the heel accommodates your boot quiver. The sturdy toe-piece has a roller bearing for incredibly smooth locking operation. The heel pins rotate in a specialized-system that ensures a smooth release. Heel-rotation is also buttery smooth. In sum, the BD Helio 200 could be the smoothest binding on the planet.

  • Vertical and lateral release value adjustment from 5-10.
  • Monolink 1.0 toe piece is lightweight and easy to step into.
  • Cam Release System places heel pins on a sliding axis for a more accurate release.
  • Long toe-lever for extra leverage during locking helps clear boot-fittings of debris.
  • Mount without the adjustment plates to save around ~34g (1.2oz) of weight.
  • Three total riser-heights including flat-on-ski mode.
  • Optional crampon receptors (+8g) accept Helio crampons.
  • Includes a BD Leash so you don't lose your skis.
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 420g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   Leashes
BSL Adjustment   28mm
Riser Heights   2 + flat
Vertical Release   5-10
Lateral Release   5-10
Crampon Ready   Removable accessory
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Aluminum alloy, stainless steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski touring, ski mountaineering
Notes Risers will flip out of the way with a pole
Bottom Line A high-performance binding for most backcountry users
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Daniel
Is it possible to mount these without the adjustment plate?

Answer from jbo
Hi Daniel, yes but the mounting can be tricky as the jig is just a bit off. Better to grab the LTs.
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Question from Per

I have a pair of Asnes Rabb 68 (104-68-94) and wonder (in your opinion), if the the Helio 200 bindings could be used on them?

If yes, any specific recommendations for the mounting?

If no, do you have any other skis you would recommend for UL setup primarily used for ski traversing? (i.e. not aggressive downhill).

First, thanks for all the great answers!
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Per,

the Asnes Rabb 68 is intended for use with a Nordic BC binding. I am unsure if the Helio 200 will align with the mounting plate. I would recommend checking with a shop that carries that ski to confirm.

As for alternative ski recommendations, You could go as light as a Skimo Race Ski depending on the terrain and intended use. Reach out to, and I would be happy to hone in on a ski and binding combo for your backcountry adventures.
Answer from Per K
Appreciate the response and suggestions!

I contacted Asnes directly as they do include tech bindings among their own recommendations (see website above), along with the nordic BC which I currently have mounted on them. Not sure if there might be a specific tech binding they had in mind, different from the helio/ATK etc.

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Question from Peter Morgan
Hi there,

I am in my second season with this binding and I am pretty disappointed with the heel riser. It is simply not tall enough.

I have been experimenting with 3d printing an extra piece to attach to it. My design isn't super successful yet. Does skimo have any suggestions for modifications or accessories to make the heel riser taller?

Answer from Teddy Young
While we don't have any easy solutions to add height to the existing riser, a skilled hand may be able to drill a hole and tap threads in the riser to bolt on a block of material. Send us photos of any mods you try, we'd love to see!

The riser height delta needed is influenced by many factors, including boot sole length, boot walk mode range of motion, friction throughout that range, max angle of local skintracks, willingness to put in an extra kick turn, ankle mobility, etc. Often times, going to a lighter boot can allow you to get better use out of the lower risers on lighter bindings.

If you'd prefer a different binding with taller risers, check out our article on Binding Riser Heights for a full list of measurements!
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Question from Tim

Just curious, the top of the page says "no longer carry" and not "out of stock" - did you decide to stop carrying them and, if so, why? Or are they just out of stock?
Answer from jbo
Hi Tim, these are available as the Haute Route this season for $50 less, and thus are being phased out. We will have those any day now as they've landed in Salt Lake.
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Question from John B
I used a pair of these last spring and love them.

What's the difference between these and the ATK Haute Route 10? They look the same in the photos? The weight is different though?
Answer from Cole P
Hey John, they are the same binding. ATK likely posted the weight without the adjustment plate. Please note this will not mount easily without the adjustment and the plate should be included with the stated weight. Once we get the binding in stock we will verify and post the actual weight.
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Question from Tom Beaumont
I've experienced a known issues with a couple of sets of Plum toes (both guides) where the toe pins fall out of the wings, due to cracking off the fixture on the outer edge of the wing. In both instances Plum were excellent and gave me new version of the toes (both sides) with an improved toe pin fixture.

The reason I'm asking is that the fixture which failed on the Plums looks identical to the fixture on these (and also across the entire BD/ATK line up). Have you seen any issues with these bindings?

I assume you guys are familiar with the issues Plum had. Any idea why Plum run a quite different looking fixture to BD/ATK? The Plum fixture has a flat face and is slightly 'bigger' while the BD/ATK fixture has a significant dimple into the pin.

Answer from Teddy Young
I don't believe we've seen any warranty issues with the toe pins themselves on the BD/Hagan(both manufactured by ATK) bindings we carry. I can understand the hesitation based on the identical looking fixture, and I'm not sure how the manufacturing processes compare. I wish I had more detailed information to offer!
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Brad H (downright abused product)
I love these bindings! They are my everyday driver when it comes to touring and ski mountaineering! My friends HATE me for how light these bindings are!

I bought these bindings about a year ago and they've been my binding on my primary touring ski since, I've put about 50 days on them. I've skied several volcanoes on them: Mt Hood, Mt Adams, Mt Saint Helens, Mt Bachelor. I've skied every possible kind of PNW snow imaginable on them from schmoo to chunder to ice to powder to hot pow to corn to corn chowder.

When I first got these bindings I had their adjustable release set too low and I was having pre-releases in our wet heavy pacific northwest snow pack. But after adjusting them up a couple notches I'm good to go!

I will confess I do not use the multiple riser positions, instead I treat the heel piece more like a race heel piece and leave it rotated with the pins forward and then I just flip the middle riser to switch between walk and ski mode. This middle riser position is fine for me for any terrain, and this makes transitions fast and easy.

I'm 5'4" 150lbs and I ski these bindings mounted to the Movement AlpTrack 94 169cm, with Atomic Backland Ultimate Boots.
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Question from BRH
Hi: p. 7 of the manual says not all boots with tech' fittings are compatible with these bindings. Do you know if my TLT7 boots are compatible? Or can you suggest some way I can measure my boot for compatibility? Thanks.
Answer from Julieana
Hi BRH, the TLT7 is definitely compatible with this binding!
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Question from JohnB
Do Dynafit crampons work with this binding?
Answer from TSB
Hey John, they sure do! The ATK-made, BD-branded bindings with crampon receptors will accept Dynafit, ATK/BD/Hagan, and/or Kreuzspitze crampons.
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Question from gordobro
How does one get 3 riser heights out of the climbing bail?
Answer from jbo
Hi gordobro, you have to rotate the heel 180 degrees to use the flat mode or high riser. The other position is just flipping the flap down over the pins.
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Question from Mike
How does the heel piece operate when these bindings are in tour mode? Do you have to do any rotating of the heel to access the different risers or the flat-on-ski position?
Answer from TSB
Hey Mike, the heel does require 180 degrees rotation in order to use the second riser height and the flat mode.
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Question from Jake
What pieces of this binding are plastic (POM)?
Answer from Nate
Hi Jake, this binding is a metal construction. I can't really think of any parts that are plastic.
Answer from Jake P
Thanks Nate. Got in touch with the guys at BD because their product description says they use plastic (POM) in the materials list. Turns out they just use plastic in the internals of the heel piece.
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Question from Heather
Can you rotate the heel piece with a pole?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Heather! Not officially, but if you hit it really hard with a pole you could probably get it to spin! The risers can be flipped with a pole though, so you can go from skinning to skiing without ever touching the binding.
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Question from Greg Stomp
Any word yet on the delta of these guys? Thanks!
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Greg! Was just able to measure them actually now that they're in. We'll publish this in our binding pin heights article soon once we've gathered more data, but here's the run-down:

Toe: 30mm
Heel: 36.5mm (including adjustment plate), 31mm without the adjustment plate.

With the adjustment plate the binding delta is 6.5mm. Without the adjustment plate, the binding is nearly flat.
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Question from schralp
Can you say what the pin heights are on the Helio 200? Thx
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Schralp! I don't have an overall binding delta for it yet just because we'll have to measure the heel piece once it shows up and I'm not 100% positive on which adjustment plate they used. The toe piece is likely going to be in the realm of the 28-29mm area though. For what it's worth I'd be surprised if the binding delta was greater than 5mm or so.
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