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The CAMP Ski Raptor could be a trend-setter amongst technical freeride-oriented skiers that appreciate a fast-n-light personality. Far too often, 30-liter packs either resemble five-gallon buckets that swing wildly as you ski, or overly-compartmentalized mazes of heavier-than-necessary fabric. With the Ski Raptor, CAMP took matters into their beautiful Italian hands. Using an intelligent, clean layout that keeps your gear in check, the Ski Raptor is the perfect fast pack for technical days in the mountains when a race pack just won’t cut it. Heavier skis, rope and tools? No problem. A burly nylon TriRipstop fabric can handle the load as well as those brushy exits. In true CAMP fashion, the X-Press ski carry is a fast, safe, and secure way to attach skis to your pack and can be done in a matter of seconds. But you also have a choice of using lateral compression straps that double as an A-Frame carry for long climbs where balance is paramount. A dedicated panel for safety gear is easy to access in a pinch and a nice stowable helmet carry keep you organized while still optimizing internal volume. The Ski Raptor is a hardy ski mountaineering pack that’s light, durable, and inspired by CAMP’s skimo racing pedigree.

  • Nylon TriRipstop Fabric is lightweight, abrasion-resistant, and makes up the main body.
  • X-Press Ski Carry and Tubular Rewind allows for safe transitions in sticky places.
  • Stowable pole, helmet, and axe carries are hidden in the pack.
  • Backdoor zipper makes it easy to access gear without removing the pack.
  • Padded and contoured shoulder straps feature a height adjustable chest strap.
  • Zippered pocket on either side of the hip belt.
  • Dedicated pocket for safety gear.
  • Fleece lined pocket for goggles and glasses.
  • Top handle for easy transportation.

Update 2021/22: This model was replaced by CAMP Ski Raptor 30 Pack.

convert to ounces
Volume 30L
Access Top, side, and backdoor
Hydration Sleeve compatible
Ski Carry X-Press and A-Frame
Shovel / Probe Dedicated pocket with straps for probe and shovel
Ice Axe Hide-away carry
Stash Pockets 2 hip pockets
Security Pocket No
Team Tether No
Whistle No
Specs Verified Yes
Skimo Co Says
Usage Freeride mountaineering, ski mountaineering, technical routes
Notes Handy helmet holder
Bottom Line A technical skier's dream pack
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Thomas R
Anyone have examples of probes that fit in the front compartment? I have an old g3 probe that is too long to fit and looking to get one to fit in there. It folds in ~35cm pieces like many other ones, so wondering who makes a shorter probe out there...
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Tom, thanks for reaching out! While we don't have a Ski Raptor pack in stock to measure, the folks I've spoken with make it seem like the avy gear compartment is very generously size and should fit most(if not all) the probes we carry.

The probes we have currently vary between 33cm and 45cm, and I've added a "Collapsed Length" spec to the Probes comparison table.
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Question from Leigh Clark
Will this pack fit me? I'm a 5'-6" woman.
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Leigh. The pack comes with a wide range of adjustment, so you should be able to adjust to find that perfect fit!
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Brian h (used product a few times)
I thought I'd chime in here on this pack now that I've had it out a few times. First of all, I've tried A LOT of packs over the years. Most of them have something I like but none are what I would consider home runs. Hence, I keep trying others. I've actually thought about completely cannibalizing several and building my perfect ruck. Instead, I bought this one. Pretty damn happy, so far. Today, I loaded it up for a running shoe approach to some corn. I A-framed the skis with boots attached and it worked great. I used the standard sling carry higher up and it was solid. I like the new widget that clips the retention straps for the ski carry. The various pockets are well placed and handy. The sun glass/goggle pocket is a great idea but it held a bag of nuts today. Although I've never been a fan of zippered back panels, this one works. Typically, the zips are placed at the perimeter of the pack where zipper failure can happen and is consequential. On this pack, they've moved it off the seam a few centimeters which takes the heat off. One commenter said the hip pockets are massive which is hyperbole. They work for a few snacks and car keys but you're not getting your gloves in there. The crampon compartment is much nicer than some on other packs I've used. It's roomy and the zipper works better than velcro. It also holds its shape. What was most appreciated is how comfortable over all it is. It simply carries well. Perhaps the only thing I'd add is a rope loop at the top. But with the side compression straps this is easily worked around. Also, love the helmet carry. Never had one before. Elegant.
Reply from Brian h
This is an update from my previous comment. If anyone is interested in a detailed take on this pack, check out this. Additional questions welcomed.
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Question from Der
Do you know if you're getting any more of these in this year? I sat on my hands too long and now you're out of stock - my bad!
Answer from jbo
Hi Der, yes we are expecting some inside of a week!
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Question from Jim Orsi
Hi guys. Have you tried the ski carry system on this pack, specifically how well it lets you attach skis without removing the pack? I'm looking for a day touring (not race) pack that does that easily, while carrying the skis securely.

I have the earlier version of the Ultimate Direction 25L skimo pack, and while I like its running vest-type fit, I don't like the ski carry at all.
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Jim, the ski carry seems to be pretty solid on the Raptor. The lower loop is burly cord with a rubber coating, and you can adjust the size of the loop by simply re-tying the knot inside the pack. The upper elasticize trap goes around the skis and clicks back into the wire lock on the shoulder strap. That strap is adjustable length as well, and could likely be replaced with other webbing if it ever wore out in the future.
Answer from Jim
I tried the fast ski carry in the wild and it works well with lightweight skis. Practice is necessary, since it involves awkward moves until you learn them. I have not tried the A-frame carry using the compression straps, but there's no reason to doubt it. A-frame carry is needed for heavier skis or skis with boots attached.

I prefer to take off the pack as seldom as possible during a tour. The reachable crampon box with its excellent size and zipper closure (all the zippers on this pack are excellent!) and the attachment points on the shoulder straps mean that for many tours the pack stays on all day. This includes tours where the skis must be carried on the pack.
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Question from Der
Does this pack have any interior pockets? While I appreciate simplicity, it’d be nice to have a secure place to put a small wallet, phone, etc. For me, hips pockets are useful for items you’ll use during a tour while an interior pocket is secure storage for stuff you probably won’t need until afterwards.
Answer from Nate
Hi Der, this pack is pretty full-featured in my opinion. It has a nice size hip belt pocket. An internal valuables pocket. And a goggle/snack/valuables pocket that can be accessed from the outside of the pack.
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Tscheib (used product a few times)
10 days with it so far. It seems much more roomy than my Arva 32L. Full snow study kit and extra layers all fit with room to spare. I use the crampon pocket to quickly stash skins and other wet gear. It's super light but remains comfortable and has massive hip belt pockets Trying the ski carry at home didn't go great. The strap at the shoulder seems too short for my agressively rockered skis and the ice axe sat pretty loose. I have a feeling I just need to dial in the system, so keeping it at 5 stars.
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Question from Will Byrum
Will this pack be offered in different sizes?

Looks like a great pack but I’m about 6’2”.

Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Will! Just one size but I think at 6' 2" you're not out of the usable limit of the pack size unless your torso is super long.
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