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CAMP Speed Comp Helmet

Brand: CAMP
Model: Speed Comp
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Meeting both climbing and skiing certifications, CAMP's newest skimo race helmet lets you rest assured that your noggin is protected. The Speed Comp has been beefed up to account for side-impacts that are more likely when skiing versus pure mountaineering. Complementing the added safety features, the Speed Comp helmet improves comfort as well. CAMP uses a glove-friendly adjustment dial in the back to ensure a secure fit while soft microfiber foam padding soothes your skull. Generous side and rear ventilation affords the convenience of wearing your helmet on the ascent which frees up pack space. It also fuels the desire to wear your helmet while accessing technical lines involving rock, snow, or ice. The Speed Comp also includes a unique goggle strap system, similar to a headlamp clip, designed to secure your eyewear in the unfortunate event of a yard sale. The CAMP Speed Comp is the new standard for skimo race helmets.

  • Three secure headlamp clips.
  • EN 12492 climbing certification.
  • EN 1077/B skiing certification.
  • Meets all ISMF regulations.
-> ounces
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Polycarbonate shell, Expanded polysterene
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering racing, speed touring, backcountry skiing
Notes EN12492 (climbing) and EN1077 (skiing) certified
Bottom Line Lightweight race or go-fast helmet.
by Pete (used product a few times)
I would not buy unless you need to meet requirements for a qualifying or international race. For the vast majority or racing the lighter climbing rated helmets do the job. This helmet is much heavier and less vented than its predecessor the Speed 2.0. But of the few skimoable EN 1077 (ski) rated helmets available I believe this is one of the best.

I've heard many complaints about the way that this helmet fits (too wide, and too short front to back). I have have a fairly round, medium sized head, and it fits well.

I am especially a fan of the goggle holders on the sides of the helmet, takes messing around with zip ties out of the equation.
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by Charles P (hasn't used product)
I found this helmet surprisingly heavy and not well vented. Generally, it didn't seem like a helmet I would wear while going uphill which seems to defeat the purpose. My downhill helmet, an old giro, is better vented with a similar weight.
The main reason I didn't like it is it fit my small head terribly. It felt more like yarmulke sitting on top of my head than a full helmet with actual side coverage. I'd definitely stay away if you have a small, round head.
Reply from jbo
Hi Charles, I'd return it if it doesn't fit (note you can adjust the fit by moving the internal harness). But, yes, unfortunately the dual-certified helmets are heavier and less ventilated than the pure climbing helmets. They have to be to meet the specification.
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by Tom N (used product regularly)
I won a Speed Comp helmet this season at a local race and have very much enjoyed using for the past two plus months. I was using the Dynafit ST helmet before and find the Speed Comp to be better in a few areas. I have had issues with the Dynafit helmet hurting the back of my head when wearing goggles for more than a few minutes. No such issues with the Speed Comp. The goggle strap system is great! The strap on the rear of the helmet is easy to use and the two side straps keep the goggles from flying off the helmet if you don't use duct tape, or zip ties. The pads are on the hard side and I was a bit concerned about comfort on long races/tours, but haven't had any issues with comfort on training days up to three plus hours. I haven't had issues feeling too hot with the helmet, even with fewer vents than non-double certified models. Overall, a great helmet.
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Question from James
I've got quite a big noggin (~61cm). What's the fit like on this guy?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey James! It's very round and cinches up pretty high on your noggin! Not my first choice of large dual certified helmets! The Kong Kosmos has a nice and low harness that wraps very low on the back of your head and it tops out at 62cm!
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by Jonathan S (used product a few times)
Five Stars for a dual-cert helmet, but almost as many caveats!

I procrastinated getting a dual-cert helmet for a few years (as many other skimo racers no doubt also did) given the -- compared to climbing-only helmets -- limited selection and significant weight penalty, along with decreased ventilation.

But CAMP’s model finally convinced me to buy one: not because CAMP’s model is any lighter or more ventilated that the competition, but I figured that if even CAMP can’t reduce the weight penalty and/or add more ventilation, then nobody can!

Compared to my CAMP Speed “1.1” (version before the 2.0, yet a few years after the Speed model first debuted, so had some slight tweaks compared to the original), the Speed Comp vents are drastically reduced. The overall design is pretty similar to the Speed, including the head coverage, but the sides are noticeably thicker, which I suspect is related to the side-impact spec of the ski cert.

Design and fit are otherwise fairly similar, and the Speed Comp comes with a substitute front pad if you want to tighten up the fit there.

Going back to a heavier helmet, the weight penalty and decreased ventilation are both noticeable, but on cold days for skiing New England glades and training uphill into downhill traffic at resorts, it’s a reasonable tradeoff. And if you ever wear goggles, the strap in back is way better than trying to mess around with almost any climbing helmet for goggle retention. (Plus even though the styling is pretty boring, the graphics are kind of snazzy – I choose black since I figured it would be cold weather helmet, so increased sun absorption.)

Warm days though, races that don’t recall dual-cert, and long spring/summer ski mountaineering tours, I’ll stick with my climbing-only helmets.
Reply from Jonathan S
Definitely did not miss the extra venting of a climbing-only helmet on this tour!
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