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Do you find yourself wanting a race skin that comes with reliable hot-melt glue, a prebuilt bungee tip, and is easily self-customizable for skis up to 185cm in length? We did, which is why we picked up the Guide Speed skin from Contour. Reliable in all temperature conditions, the traditional hot-melt adhesive provides consistency for long traverses, mid-winter powder farming, and everything in between. The 100% race mohair plush provides excellent glide on all snow types, allowing you to move quickly and efficiently. Coming with unattached tail hooks, the Guide Speed is easily customized for ski length, all you need is scissors and a hammer. When the situation arises for the best gliding skin with reliable adhesion, the Contour Guide Speed skin has you covered.

  • 100% race Mohair has excellent glide across all snow types.
  • Hot-melt adhesive is extremely reliable in winter and spring.
  • Width of 105mm allows the skin to be trimmed for a variety of sidecuts.
  • Comes with hammer rivets and a hole punch for (optionally) attaching the tails.
  • Rubber race tip comes pre-attached.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Andy
Any thoughts on these vs the Kohla Performance Mohair skins? The two seem pretty similar. I’m looking for something to pair with a Black Diamond Cirque 84 171 for springtime mountaineering objectives and a few inbounds uphill laps.
Answer from jbo
Hi Andy, the two are competing products that would both work well with that ski. Grip and glide are similar. The Kohla has pre-attached adjustable tail straps attached whereas Contour ships with an optional fixed clip which would require ripping from the tip. It might come down to glue, with the Kohla using their smart glue while the Contour is a traditional hotmelt.
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Question from Ben
Are these the same as the regular Contour Guide apart from the attachments and color?
Answer from jbo
Hi Ben, no these are the same plush as the race skins.
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