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Dynafit Binding Parts

Brand: Dynafit
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A broken part should not cause a broken heart. Just replace it! If you don't see a binding part on our growing Dynafit list, please contact us and we'll try to get it for you. Note we have separate listings for toes, heels, and brakes. Please note most items are sold individually unless otherwise noted with (pair) or (x2).

LTR Steel Forks (pair) - Sturdy steel forks for the Low Tech Race are more resistant to notching and easier to enter.

LTR Titanium Forks (pair) - Ultralight and strong titanium forks for the Low Tech Race.

LTR / Superlite Crampon Clip - The little bit of metal that ski crampons slide into plus screws to secure it.

Speed Superlite Toe Lever - The black plastic toe lever and associated simple wire spring.

Speed Turn Nubbin - The little black plastic knob on top of the climbing aid. Associated bolt and nut included. Also works with older TLT Speed bindings.

Speed Radical Toe Lever - The white plastic toe lever, spring, and leash loop. Can be used for ST/FT and Speed Turn as well.

Speed Radical Heel Base - Adjustable base with tower that holds Speed Rad heel housings. Old version with non-shearing anti-rotation pin.

Speed Radical Antitwist - Fix for heels that rotate while in touring mode. Mounted underneath the binding. Price is for a pair.

RV 10 Spring Set - Inner and outer springs for one heel piece with a 10 release value. Speed Turn or Radical series.

Radical Crampon Receptor - The attachment that screws onto the toe pieces of all Radical series bindings.

Radical Gliding AFD 1.0 (pair) - Gliding part on top of the brake on all Radical 1.0 bindings.

Radical Rotation Locks (pair) - The plastic clips integrated into Radical brakes that prevent the heel unit from rotating while touring (with mini screws).

Radical ST Heel Base - Original Radical base plates that accept removeable brakes.

Radical ST Toe Plate - The plastic riser plate under the Radical ST toe piece, also works to shim the Speed Radical.

Radical ST/FT Toe Lever - The black plastic toe lever and pin to hold it, also known as an Excenter.

Radical FT Toe Plate - Almost the same plate as above, but not quite; specifically for the Radical FT.

Radical FT Connector Plate - The stiffening connector between the toe and heel, complete with a shock absorbing lockout.

Radical 2.0 Toe Plate - The front rotation unit under the toe of the Radical 2.0 and Beast 14 bindings.

Radical FT 2.0 Toe Plate Extensions - The support platforms around FT 2.0 toes that distribute force over a wider area.

Radical FT 2.0 Heel Plate Extensions - Similar to the toe extentions, these distribute force over a greater area on Radical 2.0 heels.

Vertical ST Toe Plate - The plastic riser plate under the Vertical ST and TLT Comfort toe pieces.

Vertical ST Heel Plate - The back plate with tower to hold the main housing, adjustable fore and aft.

Vertical ST/FT Climbing Aid - The roof of the Vertical heel pieces with the triangular prism riser. White.

Vertical FT Toe Plate - Long grey plastic toe plate that reaches half-way to the heel piece.

Vertical FT Heel Plate - Long plate extending toward toe piece, tower has adjustable BSL.

TLT Classic Toe Plate - The plastic riser plate under the TLT Speed Classic toe piece (not the 2017/18 Speed!). Comes with screws.

TLT Classic Climbing Aid - Metal roof with climbing post that sits atop TLT Speed Classic heels, with screws, without nubbins.

Beast Low Heel Riser - The lower flip up/down heel riser built for the Beast binding.

Beast High Heel Riser - The high riser for the Dynafit Beast.

Thimble Bushing - The yellow caps that hide deep inside the heel units on Dynafit bindings, into which the lateral release springs slide.

Adjusting Screw - The big grey circular screw cap that adjusts the lateral release on the heel unit of Dynafit bindings.

Brake Retainer - The metal "H" shaped clip that secures brakes onto Vertical, Comfort and first generation Radical bindings.

Titanium Screw - Ultralight and strong screw for mounting Low Tech Race and Speed Superlite bindings. Sold individually.

12.5mm Torx Screws - For mounting Low Tech Race & Speed Superlite bindings, plus Speed Radical toe pieces.

15.5mm Torx Screws - The Radical 2.0 mounting screws, toe and heel. Also used for Radical and Vertical rental heels.

19mm Torx Screws - For mounting Radical ST/FT & Vertical ST/FT toe pieces. Also used for shimming Speed Rads & Turns.

Pan-head Torx Screws - For mounting all Radical & Vertical heel pieces, except the Speed Radical from 2014/15 on.

16.5mm Pan-head Screws - Torx pan-heads for Speed Rads with the anti-rotation peg, which started shipping in 2014/15 and is 1mm higher.

5.5mm Heel Spacer - The white plastic shim used to set the heel gap on Radical, Vertical, & Superlite bindings.

4mm Heel Spacer - The yellow plastic stick used for Low Tech Race and older touring bindings.

Question from Anthony Mitchell
Sorry about the double post, I only just realised how to attach a pic - please see below for the part I am trying to replace. Many thanks!
Answer from Nate
Hi Anthony, please see my response to your post below.
Answer from Anthony M
Many thanks for your prompt response Nate, will place an order shortly!
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Question from Anthony Mitchell
Hi guys, I'm just after the crampon holder for the Dynafit Speed Turn 2.0. I'm a bit confused because I notice a post on 2/12/18 (also from an Anthony!) with a similar question, but his has a 4 bolt pattern, whereas mine has a 2 bolt pattern. If you could confirm that would be fantastic. I can send pics to confirm if necessary.
Answer from Nate
Hi Anthony, I believe the prior post was referring to the number of mounting holes for the toe piece, and not the crampon receptor. The piece you are looking for is listed above as Speed Turn 2.0 Crampon Receptor.
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Question from François M
I am looking for a toe plate extension for Radical ST 2.0. I can see plates for ST, for FT 2.0, but did not find the ST 2.0 one. Do you have it?
Answer from jbo
Hi François, there are no extensions for the ST 2.0. If you mean the rotating baseplate, that is listed as Radical 2.0 Toe Plate; it is the same for the ST 2.0 and FT 2.0.
Answer from François M
Hello, thank you for your swift reply! I actually mean the carbon powerplate which goes around the toe binding. Not sure how it is called... It is at the top of the photo in attachment, just above the toe binding.
Answer from jbo
Hi François, those are found in the drop list as "Radical FT 2.0 Toe Plate Extension". They are sold individually (x1).
Answer from François M
Thank you! I will order the FT plate extension then. François
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by JDT (downright abused product)
Thanks Skimo for having all these spare parts!! I thoroughly notched my Low Tech 1.0 titanium pins after "downright abuse." Skimo had both ti and steel replacement pins for these legacy bindings, so I can continue use these otherwise perfectly good bindings. I bought the steel which should not notch and were less expensive, and they are working flawlessly.
Comment on this review:

Question from Eric
Which screws for radical st 2?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Eric. Which screws for the Radical ST 2 are you looking for? Toe mounting screws, heel mounting screws, or the machine screws that install the toe unit to the rotating baseplate?
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Question from Tony Addino
Would you happen to carry binding screws for Dynafit Radical ST ? Will likely be mounting on my Helio 95s that I just ordered from Skimo and wanted to use new screws.

Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Tony! Absolutely! Do you need toe or heel screws? Also, is this the first gen Radical ST or is it the 2.0 Radical ST?
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Question from Sam Hansen
Looking for 2 crampon clips to go with the set of Radical ST/FT toe Pieces I ordered from Skimo a week ago. Do you guys have any of these? I couldn't find them on the site...

Answer from jbo
Hi Sam, looks like you found them. They are listed as Radical Crampon Receptors.
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Question from Kuba
Hi dears,
does anybody knows how to replace Low Tech excenter unit please ?

Thank you
Answer from jbo
Hi Kuba, you need to pound out the pin, attached either spring (depending on whether you want auto locking), and try to get the pin back in without the parts going everywhere. Good luck!
Answer from Jakub P
Done :) I have auto locking...See short description.

1. Take the old one pin and cut off small piece see picture.
2. This small piece will fix the spring in correct position.
3. Fix the spring in correct position
4. Press the spring with plastic excenter unit and push (pound in) the new pin.
Answer from jbo
Hi Jakub, thanks for the mini-tutorial! Glad you got your binding restored to working order.
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Question from Adam
Will the speed turn crampon receptors work for the Superlite 2.0 crampon receptors? I need the receptor and the screws both. Thanks.
Answer from Nate
Hi Adam, the Speed Turn Crampon receptors won't work with the Superlite 2.0 toes. The crampon receptor you seek for those toes is the LTR/Superlite crampon clip listed above.
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Question from Nate Page
Hi. I am looking for a Vertical FT12 Heel. I think I need the whole thing to fix the lowest walk mode shelf having broken off (see pic)? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Nate, it looks like you aren't using brakes in which case the "shelf" isn't critical.
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