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Dynafit Binding Parts

A broken part should not cause a broken heart; just replace it! This is our growing collection of Dynafit binding parts. Please note we have separate listings for complete toes, heels, and brakes. Also be aware that some items are sold individually (x1) and others in pairs (x2).

Toe plates, heel plates, extension plates, and more. These are all the parts you need to make new those hand me down Radical or Vertical bindings. Please note that heel bases with integrated brakes are listed in our brakes section. Speed Radical Heel Base - Adjustable base with tower that holds Speed Rad heel housings. Includes antitwist plate. Radical ST Toe Plate - The plas..
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Run into an obstacle and snap off your toe lever? This is the place to find various replacement toe levers (a.k.a. Excenters) for Dynafit bindings. Also found here are toe lever locks for the Dynafit Speed and Speedfit bindings. LTR 2.0 / Superlite 2.0 Toe Lever - The black plastic toe lever and associated pin and wire spring. Works with both autolocking toes and manual lockers...
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Lost or broke your receptors? No problem, we got them. These receptors are sold individually and accept all Dynafit crampons. LTR / Superlite Crampon Clip - The little bit of metal that ski crampons slide into plus the tiny screws to secure it. Works with Low Tech Race 1.0, 2.0, and the original Superlite series (Speed, 2.0, 175). These are NOT compatible with the Low Tech Race ..
From $2.95
Here lie some forks and springs for new and old Dynafit bindings. LTR Titanium Forks (pair) - Ultralight and strong titanium forks (a.k.a. U-Springs) for the Low Tech Race 1.0 binding with the red tripod heels. Sold in pairs, these are the springs that shipped with the LTR bindings. LTR Steel Forks (pair) - Sturdy steel replacement forks for the Low Tech Race 1.0 are more res..
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Here lie Dynafit brake parts such as Anti Friction Devices (AFDs) and if you are lucky, the Rare H clip for your old Vertical brakes. Radical Rotation Locks (pair) - The plastic clips integrated into Radical ST & FT 1.0 brakes that prevent the heel unit from rotating while touring. Includes the impossibly small screws to hold 'em in place. Radical 1.0 AFD Kit - Gliding pa..
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Where did that screw go? Lose a screw behind the workbench or on your last run? We have more here. All hardware is sold individually. Titanium Screw - Ultralight and strong screw for mounting Low Tech Race and Speed Superlite bindings. 12.5mm Torx Screw - For mounting Low Tech Race & Speed Superlite bindings, plus Speed Radical toe pieces. 15.5mm Torx Screw - The ST Ro..
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Most tech bindings use a heel gap that allows a ski to flex as the heel pins sink deeper into the rear boot fitting. These spacer tools will help you set that gap accurately when you're adjusting your binding for different boots. Made by Dynafit but 4mm is a common gap size for other bindings as well. 4mm Heel Spacer - The yellow plastic stick used to set the gap on the Low Tech..
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New parts for old bindings can be hard to find. Used parts for old bindings should now become easier. Trade in your used and/or broken Dynafit bindings for store credit, and we will make the working parts available for others. Please note that the photos shown here are often of new products, simply for reference. The item you receive may have visible wear. Used parts can be returne..
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