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Dynafit Toe Levers & Locks

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Run into an obstacle and snap off your toe lever? This is the place to find various replacement toe levers (a.k.a. Excenters) for Dynafit bindings. Also found here are toe lever locks for the Dynafit Speed and Speedfit bindings.

LTR 2.0 / Superlite 2.0 Toe Lever - The black plastic toe lever and associated pin and wire spring. Works with both autolocking toes and manual lockers.

Speed Radical Toe Lever - The white plastic toe lever, spring, and leash loop. Can be used for ST/FT and Speed Turn as well.

Radical ST/FT Toe Lever - The black plastic toe lever and pin to hold it, also known as an Excenter, for the Radical 1.0 bindings.

Radical 2.0 Toe Lever - For both the Radical ST 2.0 and FT 2.0.

Speed Toe Locker - Plastic locking endpiece for Speed binding toe levers.

Question from Ted
Hi: Will the superlite 2.0 toe lever piece fit the first gen superlite (the red ones)? I broke the black plastic lock lever, need to replace.

Answer from Jeff M
Ted, they may not be 100% the same, but the 2.0 lever will work for you.
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Question from Cody
Hope for some good news that you guys have a replacement toe lever in stock for the FT12?
Answer from Jeff M
Yes, it is in the dropdown. Radical St/FT toe Lever. Plenty in stock
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Question from Gavin
Will the Speed Radical toe lever work on a Vertical ST toe piece?
Answer from Nate
Hi Gavin, yes, it sure will!
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Question from Kuba
Hi dears,
does anybody knows how to replace Low Tech excenter unit please ?

Thank you
Answer from jbo
Hi Kuba, you need to pound out the pin, attached either spring (depending on whether you want auto locking), and try to get the pin back in without the parts going everywhere. Good luck!
Answer from Jakub P
Done :) I have auto locking...See short description.

1. Take the old one pin and cut off small piece see picture.
2. This small piece will fix the spring in correct position.
3. Fix the spring in correct position
4. Press the spring with plastic excenter unit and push (pound in) the new pin.
Answer from jbo
Hi Jakub, thanks for the mini-tutorial! Glad you got your binding restored to working order.
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Question from Tyler
Hi I'm looking for the little black plastic footer that holds the toe lever up on the tlt speedfit binding. Picture of the binding with the missing part is attached. The pin that it is supposed to clip onto is still in place.


Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Tyler! Dang, never seen that before! Nope, I don't have any and I think that's gonna be a pretty tough part to source so you're probably looking at a warranty case. Send me an email if you'd like to potentially move forward with that!
Answer from Charles S
Not an answer but I found this image when I was doing some googling - I have just got a brand new set of Speedfits and this happened to mine on the first go!

I am getting the shop to replace it as I cannot see a way to repair it with the press in bolt.

Anyway just wanted to say this is not the only one this has happened too....
Answer from jbo
Hi Charles (and Tyler), this was an issue with the 2017/18 SpeedFit binding if you lock the toe lever without a boot in it. Dynafit addressed it with a new shape to the plastic footer for 2018/19.
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Question from Sven
Hi I am looking for plastic toe lever for vertical STs. Dynafit has been most unhelpful. Do you guys have something that'd do the trick?
Answer from jbo
Hi Sven, those are out of production but Dynafit recommends using the Radical levers. They aren't an exact fit but seem to do the trick.
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Question from Carlos
I'm looking for the plastic toe lever which blocks ascent/descent position. The binding is a TLT Speed Turn. Is it possible?
Answer from jbo
Hi Carlos, yes. Select the Speed Radical Toe lever in the drop list, which is the same piece used on the Speed Turn.
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Question from Jeff
Can you get replacement Dynafit Vertical toe levers or does the whole toe need to be replaced?
Answer from jbo
Hi Jeff, those are out of production and no longer available. Dynafit recommends using either Radical toe lever instead, which mostly fits-ish.
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by Christopher W (used product a few times)
I bought replacement Speed Radical toe levers to add leashes to my Radical ST bindings. Perfectly good part, though in retrospect the black toe lever could totally be tweaked to add cables for leash attachment (it already has the slots in place). If you're handy with wire and can swage your own cable (or feel comfortable using 4ish mm cord for a leash), you can add a leash without this part.

Either way, you will need a punch (preferably blunt) and a hammer to knock the pin out. The knurled end provides a friction fit with the toe lever and needs a little force to tap it out, left to right as viewed from above with the toe facing forward. Tap the pin out partially to add the cable, or fully to replace the lever with the white one.
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