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Here lie Dynafit brake parts such as Anti Friction Devices (AFDs) and if you are lucky, the Rare H clip for your old Vertical brakes.

Radical Rotation Locks (pair) - The plastic clips integrated into Radical ST & FT 1.0 brakes that prevent the heel unit from rotating while touring. Includes the impossibly small screws to hold 'em in place.

Radical 1.0 AFD Kit - Gliding part on top of the brake on all Radical 1.0 bindings. Kit includes enough parts for a pair of brakes.

Radical 2.0 AFD Kit - Anti-Friction Device kit for Radical 2.0 ST and FT brakes. Two brakes worth of parts.

Brake Retainer - The metal "H" shaped clip that secures brakes onto Vertical, Comfort and first-generation Radical bindings. Sold individually.

Superlite 150 Brake Screw Set - Set of 4 screws to attach brakes to the Superlite 150 binding.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Ben
I bent one of my brake arms. Do you sell this part?
Answer from Will McD
Hi Ben,
Unfortunately, if you are unable to bend it back you'll have to replace the whole brake. You can find complete brakes on this page.
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Question from tad heinz
Lost one AFD pad on my FT 12 brake. Not sure which part kit that is. There is a spring with pad which I need as well.
Appreciate it
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Tad. The Radical 1.0 AFD Kit should do the trick! Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from nick
How do you actually replace the gliding part?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Nick. Depending on whether you have the 1.0 or 2.0, the procedure will be different, Please give us a call, and we'd love to help you!
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Question from David McLaughlin
Hi, do you have replacement friction plates for the rad St 1.0 or recommendations for fixing? Cheers!
Answer from Julieana
Hi David, unfortunately we are out of stock this season for the Radical 1.0 AFD kit. We'll be getting more in the fall if you can wait. Otherwise you'll need to replace the whole brake. You can find a brake replacement here
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Question from Martin
Dears, do you have in stock spare parts for the Dynafit Radical ST 2.0 binding - AFD kind, I don't know which type is for me.
Answer from Jeff
Martin, The Radical 2.0 AFD Kit is the one. But it does not include the sliding plate that the AFD screws onto. Do you have that part or did it get lost?
Answer from Martin V
Dear Jeff, many thanks for feedback! I'm missing both parts for both brakes, menus 2 pcs AFD kit, 2 pcs sliding plates, all springs and screw, too, as you can see on the photo. Do you have it? Many thanks for the support!!
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Question from Tofor
I’m looking for a replacement to the part pictured. Can you guys help me?
Answer from Nate
Hi Tofor, those are the Radical Rotation Locks. We have them in stock and you can purchase them by selecting them from the drop down menu above and clicking "add to cart."
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Question from Karl Swanson
Looking for a "Brake Retainer" - The metal "H" shaped clip that secures brakes onto Vertical, Comfort and first generation Radical bindings.
Did not see it on your parts list
Answer from Nate
Hi Karl, unfortunately we do not have any in stock and they have become increasingly fewer and further between in availability.
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Question from Camelia

I have a Dynafit Radical ST 2.0 binding. One of the AFD felt off the brake pad, as one of those small things that prevents the AFD from gliding completely off the brake pad broke (see the picture).

Would the Radical ST 2.0 AFD kit be enough to be replaced? Or do I need something else beside that?
Does it also come with the spring?

Many thanks,
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Camelia! Oh man, that's not good! I think because the spring holder is broken on there you're out of luck on just fixing it and will likely need to get a new one. If you're interested in that you can find them here. We may be able to file a warranty claim for you though! Send me an email and I'll see what we can do for you!
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Question from Dave Combs
I need a Dynafit ski brake retaining clip. The following website contains a picture of the part,


Dave Combs
Answer from jbo
Hi Dave, we have a couple here, listed as Brake Retainer.
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