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For those of us looking for a more technically geared touring boot that helps us remain happy while skiing aggressively, the Dynafit Hoji Free 110 could be the slipper of your Cinderella story. The boot's construction uses less material than its Hoji predecessors, allowing for a lower flex capacity. With a lower flex rating this boot may appeal to aggressive skiers that are lighter weight and just don't need stiffer boots. This is a great unisex boot that provides touring mobility and a tight fit for better all-around ski performance. Progressive forward flex technology helps this boot get stiffer the deeper you are into the front of the boot and gives you more power when you push harder. The cherry on top is that it's compatible with frame bindings. A Grilamid shell, spoiler, and cuff with fiberglass provide this boot with Herculean strength and durability. The Dynafit Hoji Free 110 is hardy and accommodating for competent or developing skiers, and for those looking for a great first boot to whisk them away into the magical backcountry.

  • V-shaped tongue for more support and more range of motion when in walk mode.
  • Progressive forward flex technology helps give better feedback as you push into the boot.
  • Ultra-lock strap and safety lock buckles keep you secure in the boot.
  • Hoji lock ensures your adjustments won't shift as you pull long days.
  • Fully moldable Sidas liner offers comfort and control.
  • Pomoca sole gives great grip on icy ridgelines and in icy parking lots.
  • True shell size 23 for smaller feet.
convert to ounces
1676g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 3352g [27.5]
Buckles   3 + Power strap
Boot Sole Length   270mm [23.0/23.5]
280mm [24.0/24.5]
290mm [25.0/25.5]
300mm [26.0/26.5]
310mm [27.0/27.5]
320mm [28.0/28.5]
330mm [29.0/29.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech, Hybrid, ISO 9523
Cuff Rotation   55°
Forward Lean(s)   11°, 17° with optional spoiler
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Grilamid loaded with fiberglass
Liner   Sidas Hoji Free liner
Sole   Pomoca Free
(ISO 9523)
Skimo Co Says
Usage Free touring, sidecountry, resort, etc
Notes Great for resort crossover
Bottom Line A softer Hoji Free for lighter skiers
Compare to other Freeride Boots

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Dave p
How does this compare with the atomic hawx ultra xtd, fit wise? I get that the forefoot has more volume, but how does the instep and heel compare? The hawx ultra 130 fits my foot pretty great with only a couple punches in the forefoot, but I was looking for a boot that is a little easier to get on and off and if it comes with a lower instep, that would be a bonus. Thanks for your help!
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Dave,

Compared to the Hawx Ultra XTD, the Hoji is lower volume over the instep. The Hoji forefoot is wider, but may be slightly lower volume vertically. The heel is a little narrower in the Hoji. The fit of the Hoji shell around the ankle is also a bit different, many benefit from widening this area slightly.

If you need a boot with a narrow midfoot and heel, but a bit wider toe box and lower volume instep than the Hawx, the Hoji may be a decent match!
Answer from davep
Thank you! It sounds like these are going to be a good replacement for sure.
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Question from Rob
It appears this is no longer available from Dynafit - will this return or was it discontinued (the 130 model also)
Answer from jbo
Hi Rob, the Hoji Frees are still in line this season!
Answer from Aaron L
their website is just weird.
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Travis (used product regularly)
I was fortunate enough to demo these boots before buying. The hoji lock was what really turned me on to them, it makes transitions a snap. After a liner mould the boots still gave me trouble when locked down to ski though. I went to my local shop and they hooked me up with a custom Sidas footbed and the pain disappeared. Be careful that you don’t crank down the instep strap, if I keep it too tight it can be really painful on the uphill. Also, you can adjust the position of the liner tongue, freeing up more toe room while fine tuning power transmission from shin to cuff. Truly a great boot. It weighs more than the radical pro, but the liner is beefier. So go with whichever one gives the better fit. I use this boot with my stronger skis and when I’m concerned conditions could overwhelm a lighter setup.
Reply from Travis
I put these and radical pros (with one of my hoji free liners) on a scale they weighed 8g more.
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Question from Alex
I hear these are an interesting fit boot? 102mm last seems counter intuitive for some one with a narrow foot. Are these appropriate for a narrow foot? Currently in a zero G and looking for a more aggressive fit.
Answer from Ian C
Hi Alex, these boots have a medium volume fit, with a narrower heel and more space through the toebox. They work for a lot of feet but are not especially narrow, certainly not more than the Zero G. One boot for you to take a look at is the Dalbello Quantum Free Asolo 130.
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Question from Nick
Does the sole of the Hoji Free have hard rubber where it contacts the binding's AFD (such as the Salomon Shifts)? For instance, when looking at pictures of the Salomon Mtn Lab boot and tecnica zero g tour, you can see different coloured rubber where it contacts the AFD. I get the impression that rubber would be harder so that it would offer a better release on a binding such as the Salomon Shift. Also, do you know how the release of such a boot compares with one with a grip walk sole? Thanks!
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Nick,

The Hoji Free is an MNC compatible boot, which means that it will have the same release characteristics as other MNC compatible boots when used in an MNC binding that is properly adjusted. Grip Walk soles, as well as the Hoji Free sole are ISO 9523 compliant, so they will have the same release characteristics in an MNC compatible binding!

As far as the sole material of the Hoji Free is concerned, it is homogeneous throughout, and does not differ in the area that contacts the AFD.
Answer from Richard J
I just got these boots to use on my fatter touring skis (G3 Ions) as well as my 50/50 skis with Shift 13s. The snow just started falling here so no on snow tests yet but on the workbench the toes release as expected with a torque tester. The heel feels like it hangs a little but maybe the boots just need to be cycled a few more times (or will feel way different with my leg pulling the boot out of the binding)
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