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Dynafit Superlite 2.0 Binding - White

Brand: Dynafit
Model: Superlite 2.0 10
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The white version of the Superlite 2.0 is nearly identical to the black, but with lower release values. This makes it great for lighter skiers that don’t need double-digit release values. The lateral release is adjustable between 5-10, while the forward release is a softer fixed spring. The Superlite 2 features optional brakes which slide off and on with ease. It also has 2.5 riser positions. Turn the heel 180° for the first position, and flip a flap into place for the highest riser. Flat mode counts as a half-position, since it mostly works without the brakes but not with the brakes. The Superlite 2.0 White is an ultralight binding that can be used for racing and touring on all but the biggest skis.

  • Adjustable lateral release can be tuned between 5 and 10 on the RV scale.
  • Two riser positions let you scale medium to steep slopes without hesitation.
  • Turn the binding 90° for a semi-reliable (no detent) flat mode without brakes.
  • Optional brakes come in 75m, 90mm, and 105mm widths to match your skis.
  • Toe and heel have a 4-hole mounting pattern for improved stability.

Update 2019/20: Dynafit stopped using the white/green color schemes to differentiate between varying release values. Find the 19/20 Superlite bindings here.

-> ounces
Weight (pair) 360g
Boot Compatibility Tech
Brakes Optional 75, 90, 105
BSL Adjustment None
Riser Heights 2.5
Vertical Release Fixed
Lateral Release 5-10
Crampon Ready Yes, removable
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Forged 7075 aluminum, chromoly & stainless steel, high-strength synthetics
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, training, touring, mountaineering
Notes Softer springs have lower release value
Bottom Line Better Superlite for lighter skiers
Question from Dana L
I had these mounted at a shop for a specific pair of boots. Now I'm wishing I'd gotten the adjustable plates. This might be obvious, but I'm a noob -- can I get the plates installed now, or would the holes that have already been drilled for the heel piece interfere with the holes that would need to be drilled for this plate? Thanks.
Answer from TSB
Hey Dana, fortunately the holes for the adjustment plate can be located so they do not overlap with your existing holes!
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Question from Lou
I just notice a small chunk of white plastic cracked off and missing from the area between the springs of the toe piece. Not the entire thing, maybe 20%. A small amount of metal is exposed. Anything to worry about? Does this compromise the toe piece? Seems to work fine, but I don’t want failure at the worst possible time.
Answer from TSB
Hey Lou, hopefully that's not a consequential piece of plastic, but it's quite hard to say! Feel free to send some photos of the affected area to help@skimo.co and we can help you sort out if there will be an issue.
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Question from Tammy
I'm looking into the white version for this binding to fit into my new Voile Hypervector BC 154 with a 90mm waist. I was just wondering which brake size do I need? Is the 90mmx2 is the correct one?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Tammy, those 90mm brakes will be perfect for you!
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Question from Jerimy A
When did Dynafit swap the pins back to the older style in regards to the ice cutters? All of the Superlite 1.0 and Race bindings I own have pins with the single larger curved cutout as opposed to the two linear cutouts on older bindings. However, I just got a pair of the Superlite 2.0 - White and they have the two linear cutouts. From the above pictures, it looks as tho they should be the newer single style? Is this change on the black version as well? I much prefer the larger cutout as it seems better at removing any snow/ice from the boot inserts.
Answer from Jeff
Jerimy, I looked at all the 2.0 and LTR bindings we have and they all have style pins you got. Looked in the Dynafit workbooks about the pins. The current books do not mention the pins, the older books called them Ice breakers. Took a second look at all the Dynafit bindings and they all have the same 2 slot design...
Answer from Jerimy A
Thanks for checking! Bummed that the Ice Breaker pins are no longer used.
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Question from Dan
What approximate DIN does Dynafit claim for vertical release on these bindings?
Answer from Jeff
Dan, they do not claim anything, but we've seen release values in the 6-7 range.
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by Benski (used product regularly)
Great binding, a bit lacking on accessories.

For a releasable DIN 10 binding that weighs nothing and has a flat mode, these are hard to beat. My main gripes are with the accessories, which seem a bit less than perfect. The brake is simple, but the simplicity means that you can't use a flat mode, and flipping the heel should be done with a good glove (and makes them hard to race with). The adjustment plate is also 20mm, which makes it harder for others to use the skis (a more standard 30-40mm plate would make this a lot easier). Hopefully the next iteration can keep the simple design and improve the usability a bit on the heels.

As far as toes, there is not a de-icing component inside, so beware of streams, dense snow, and be sure to regularly clean.
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Question from Constanza
Hello, Now I have the dynafit speed turn and I want to change it for the ultralite. What’s the weight difference between both toe piece? Would you recommend only to change the heel piece?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Constanza! The complete superlite 2.0 is quite a bit lighter than the Speed Turn, 324g total to be exact. If you are not going to be swapping the entire binding, I would recommend swapping just the heels and not the toes so you have Superlite 2.0 heels and Speed Turn toes, that would work just fine.
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by Andy (used product regularly)
I love these bindings! I have them on my Vertex-X to make a very light weigh setup--the pair w bindings weighs less than 6 lbs. Easy to step into. Lateral release set to my suggested RV; vertical not too far off. I rarely need release, so haven't experienced one yet--and no pre-releases despite being 225 lbs (long bsl calls for low RVs). But given the ease of stepping in (just resting the boot on the pins and slight pressing down--no more effort than with my Speed Radicals and not as much with my Plum Guides) I suspect they will release easily if need be. Fitted with B&D plates and antiwist I can use them with any of my boots and the flat on ski mode has worked great--the abolute best striding I've had. Ice buildup under the boot heel is markedly reduced compared to my Speed Radicals--which I hated for that reason and replaced with Superlite 2.0s on my Cho Oyus.
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Question from pat mckenna
One more question. I have the speed radicals mounted on my atomic Aspects. I see that there is a substantial weight savings if I switched over to these Super lights. Will they mount up using the same holes?
Answer from jbo
Hi Pat, the toe pattern is the same but the heel is different. There is an upgrade path via the B&D standard plates which allows you to reuse all the Speed Rad holes.
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Question from pat mckenna
After watching the Dynafit video on this binding, I am confused that the boot is not flat on the ski when in tour mode after turning the heel piece 180 degrees. What am I missing?
Answer from jbo
Hi Pat, to go flat in this binding your turn the heel 90 degrees. There isn't a detent but it seems to stay in place reasonably well. 180 degrees will get you the first riser position, which isn't all that tall so short sections of flat are no problem. The extra riser can be enabled in that position as well.
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Question from Andrzej
Hi. I've already decided, that the Superlite 2.0 will be the binding for my new Wayback 88 skis. However, I am still wondering which version should I choose - black or white. I am around 193cm tall and 70kg weight. No aggressive skiing, no jumps etc. I'm afraid that I will have problems with clipping in at steep, powdery slopes. Thanks!
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Andrzej, thanks for reaching out! The Superlite 2.0 is a great binding, one of our best sellers, I think you'll enjoy it. We have a Release Value Calculator that's probably worth checking out to decide which version you will end up with. If you're still torn between the two after using the release value calculator, send us an email and we can talk more!
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by Jordi (used product regularly)
Nice Bindings!! I've used during this season and I'm in love, security, usability and... the most important: !lightweight!.

BTW, I'd like to know what do you think about buy a rear part, for example, the RS1 or whatever you consider in order to decrease even more the weight (I know that if I do it, i'll lose the benefits= security, of this kind of bindings).
In the same order of things, i'd like to know which rear binding is more secure, I mean: it's the same system the RS1 than the expedition for example?

Aprox, how many grams do you think I can decrease?

Thank you very much!!
Reply from jbo
Hi Jordi, you can save 40-50 grams in the heel with a fixed race heel. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with an RS1 binding to offer any specifics. You can use our binding finder for a specific recommendation.
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Question from Ben
Are the white and black toe springs the same?
Answer from jbo
Hi Ben, the toe springs are the same, it's just the heel that gets tweaked.
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Question from steve
Do you have a way to shim the toe to get to a flat Delta for this binding?
Answer from jbo
Hi Steve, the B&D Classic shims work fine with the Superlite 2.0.
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Question from dauwhe
Any idea what the forward release value is? I've heard around 11 for the green version.
Answer from jbo
Hi dauwhe, Dynafit lists the white version as 10 and the green as 12. It can vary based on factors like BSL and heel gap though.
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