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Hagan Adjustment Plates

Brand: Hagan
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Made for the Ultra bindings, these Hagan plates will give you 30mm for fore/aft heel adjustment, or approximately 4 mondo sizes. If you want to use a quiver of boots or increase the resale value of your rig, the adjustment plates are a good investment. They also help cover up mismounted bindings if you didn't hit your mark. All Plates are sold in Pairs with adjustment nuts & bolts but not mounting screws.

  • Basic plate dimensions are 100mm x 40mm x 5mm, known as the ATK R01 in parts yonder.
  • Lightweight aluminum is strong but the R01 only weighs 34 grams (1.2 ounces) for the plate and screws.
  • R01 plates are 5mm thick, which makes for a decent heel platform when skiing in flat position.
  • R01 plates also work with La Sportiva RSR (40mm of travel) and Ski Trab TR-Race (32mm of travel) bindings.
  • Rental plate (AKA R04) is a quick-adjust bolt positioning plate that weighs 70 grams.
Question from Dillon
Will these plates work with the Haute Route 2.0 binder?
Answer from Nate
Hi Dillon, we do not have this binding on hand to say for certain. We do have the pattern information for adjustment plates available in an article here. You can measure the holes on your binding and cross reference the article to find a plate that will work for you.
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Question from Ben
Do these plates work with Trab Gara Titan Release heels?

Answer from Nate
Hi Ben, yes, the basic plates will work with the Trab Gara Titan Release heels. The rental plate, will not.
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Question from Aaron O
Are these the only ones that work for Ski Trab TR bindings?
Answer from jbo
Hi Aaron, yes, these are it.
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Question from TZed
Will you be stocking these this season? The current crop from Yurp uses a star drive(torx) screw, do you know if these are still phillips, or perhaps torx?
Answer from jbo
Hi TZed, yes we just ran out of last season's stock and should have more in a week or so. Will know for sure on the screws when they arrive!
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Question from Alex
Hi there,
Thank you for the review !!
I just bought a pair of ATK SL-R WC Bindings for my new skis and I also want to get the adjustment plate but I was just wondering if there is also a plate needed for the toes or if it not necessary ?
Does the height difference matters if not ?

Thank you
Answer from jbo
Hi Alex, a toe plate isn't necessary. You're heel would be a little higher with one, but it's still lower than a lot of bindings out there. I wouldn't worry about it.
Answer from Alexandre B
Thank you for this quick answer but I'd also have another question!

The reason why I want to use this plate is that I may share the ski once in a while with a friend of mine. The thing is that I have quite big feet compared to him, i have a 29.5 and he has a 27. I was just asking myselft if you screw the heel part on the very front of the plate, you' have the back of the shoe more or less in the air ? Would this happen, or if yes is it a problem?

Thx ;)
Answer from jbo
Hi Alexandre, the boots are suspended in air regardless of whether you have an adjustment plate. See this pic. After checking the boot sole lengths (not just the mondo size) and determining a compatible mounting location, go for it!
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Question from Ethan
Are these sold as single plates or a pair?
Answer from jbo
Hi Ethan, the plates are sold in pairs. Two for the price of two!
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by Jonathan S (used product regularly)
Overall: Five Stars for Hagan’s rebranding of ATK’s straightforward R01 adjustment plate, at a fairly minimal penalty for cost, weight, and heel>toe delta.

Background on product familiarity: I have over 83,000’ earned vertical on a pair of these plates, mounted in between the Hagan X-Ultra and Sportiva-rebranded RT.

First, the first impressions out of the box: So your mount job didn’t quite get the heel gap right. Or you can’t make up your mind between boots. Or – in my case – you thought nothing could ever improve on the Dynafit DyNA/TLT5, only to fall in love with the even lighter Dynafit DyNA, but a bsl differential a bit too close for comfort to redrill another set of binding holes.

Fortunately this plate comes to the rescue. Both the mounting of the plate to the ski and the installation of the binding to the plate are uncomplicated. Only potential drawback is that the special screws to secure the binding to the plate are Phillips head (not Pozidrive), so yet another driver style to keep in your repair kit (although you probably have Phillips already anyway).

Second impressions, in use: If your intention is just to set it and forget, then you’re all set. However, if your intention is to keep swapping back and forth between different boots on a regular basis, then each readjustment entails loosening and retightening eight screws, plus some various forms of “encouragement” for moving along the nuts inside the track if you’ve been skiing in a high-grit environment. For demo or rental purposes, a single-screw “worm drive” design would be a better option, such as Hagan’s rebranding of the ATK R04 plate.

Third impressions, for long-term durability: After lots of use, with a couple swaps back and forth, everything is still in place and all tight.
Reply from Jonathan S
Just to clarify, my 2014 review is for what is now listed as the "Basic" version.
Since then, I've also mounted up two pairs of the "Rental" version for our regional Hagan rep: huge range of adjustment, and easy to adjust too. (But I don't have any personal experience with the Rental version other than mounting up those two pairs.)
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Question from Jeff
I have sportiva RT heel units, do these work for RT as well as RSR? space between left and righthand screws is 25.0 mm
Answer from jbo
Hi Jeff, yes, these do work with the RT binding as well. There is less travel of course, due to the elongated platform, but there is still enough for most boot quivers.
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