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As the middle width in the Kastle touring ski stable, the TX94 is designed to be a do-it-all workhorse. At the figurative heart and literal tip of the TX94 is the distinct Hollowtech Evo insert, which reduces weight, absorbs vibration from terrible snow, and results in a high level of stability relative to its athletic weight. Found in virtually all skis Kastle has produced in recent memory, many skiers can attest to the real-life performance this translucent insert provides. Additionally, this Hollowtech insert glows in the dark, which an unwary skimo staffer found out as he saw an unexpected eery green glow creeping under his door in the late hours of the night. Wanting to make turns more forgiving, playful, and predictable, Kastle has moved the contact points of the tip and tail closer to the ski center, something they have dubbed a "hook-free tip and tail." Finally, the double rocker and shorter turn radius create a nimble and maneuverable ride, perfect for tree skiing or navigating through a rocky choke. Built to confidently tackle whatever conditions you find when you wake up, the TX94 is a sure bet to bring along.

  • Hook Free Tip and Tail create a predictable and fun platform to navigate tricky snow conditions.
  • Paulownia core is combined with Glass Fiber and a Carbon winded Core to create a light, durable, and high-performing core.
  • Hollowtech Evo Luminous insert makes for easier turn initiation, reduces swing weight, and provides a highly stable ride.
  • Double rocker helps the ski float in powder while remaining nimble when needed.
Lengths (cm) 163, 171, 179, 186
convert to ounces
1290g [163]
1350g [171]
1410g [179]
1470g [186]
Weight (pair) 2580g [163]
2700g [171]
2820g [179]
2940g [186]
Sidecut   130-94-116
Turn Radius   13.2m [163]
15.1m [171]
17.1m [179]
19.2m [186]
Skin Fix   Rounded tip, flat notched tails
Specs Verified
Profile   Hook free shovel & tail, double rocker
Shape   Long rectangular shovel, short radius, tapered tail
Construction   Semi-cap sandwich sidewall
Core   Paulownia w/ carbon and glass fiber laminates
Skimo Co Says
Usage Skiing any day of the week
Notes Powerful ski that can plow through anything
Bottom Line Versatile quiver-of-one

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Model: TX94

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