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When Blizzard introduced the Zero G 95 in the wee years of 2018, many skeptics were impressed with how hard they could push such a light ski. This skiability came in large part due to their Carbon Drive construction, which when wrapped around a paulownia core, delivered hard-charging performance at a reasonable weight. After a few years elapsed, Blizzard introduced their improved Carbon Drive 2.0, which kept the same hard-charging performance as the original while making it a bit more approachable to the masses. As you've guessed, the new Carbon Drive 3.0 continues this evolution and is arguably their best version yet. Supportive but not overbearing, the Zero G 95 handles steep and scary terrain with poise, leaving behind any unwanted “hookiness” of its forebears. This laminate change also gives the Zero G 95 an almost playful feel, which is something you'll surely appreciate on the long ski out from your objective. From harvesting corn, to mid-winter powder, to far out mountaineering objectives, the Zero G 95 is a reliable partner for the job.

  • Carbon Drive 3.0 results in a supportive yet playful ride that is just plain fun underfoot.
  • Paulownia core keeps things light and poppy for your enjoyment.
  • Lots of effective edge for superior edge hold in challenging terrain.
  • Partial sidewall for better durability means you better like these skis (you will) because you're going to have them for a while.
Lengths (cm) 157, 164, 171, 178, 185
convert to ounces
1080g [157]
1115g [164]
1190g [171]
1240g [178]
1315g [185]
Weight (pair) 2160g [157]
2230g [164]
2380g [171]
2480g [178]
2630g [185]
Dimensions   125-95-109 [157]
125-95-109 [164]
125-95-109 [171]
127-95-111 [178]
127-95-111 [185]
Turn Radius   19.0m [157]
19.5m [164]
22.0m [171]
23.0m [178]
24.0m [185]
Skin Fix   Round tip with recess for precut skins, flat tail with notch
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Rocker in the tip, Camber underfoot, Slight rocker in tail
Shape   Round tip, squared off tail, medium sidecut
Construction   Carbon Drive 3.0
Core   Paulowina
Skimo Co Says
Usage All snow types
Notes Very agile and nimble with Carbon Drive 3.0 construction
Bottom Line Quiver of one, good for everything
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Model: Zero G 95 MPN: 8A228000001

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