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Kreuzspitze Telemark Kit

Brand: Kreuzspitze
Model: TeleAlp
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Price: $239.95
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The Kreuzspitze Tele-tech system. Use these with Dynafit-style toe pieces to get the best of both worlds (telemark and alpine-touring). Attach a backcountry kit such as the Kreuzspitze Tele Cable System and free your mind.

  • Compatible with most pin-tech toes.
  • Mounting pattern is compatible with G3 Targa.
  • Made with Ergal aluminum & coated steel.
  • Adjustable pin for hooking backcountry kits.
  • Compatible with Voile backcountry kit.
  • 11mm thick, 160 grams (5.6 oz) each.
Question from Mark Johnson
Does the kit come with a tech toe and springs?
Answer from jbo
Hi Mark, it does not. More of an à la carte system.
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Question from Eric S
Your write-up says these match G3 6-hole pattern. I seem to recall that the old standard Voile 4-hole pattern also matches the G3 pattern, which just has two extra holes. But I'm not sure whether they match up in terms of the position (fore/aft) on the ski.

I have skis mounted with Voile CRBs. If I want to replace them with the Kreuzspitze set-up, will I be able to use the same holes?

What do you think?
Answer from eric
Eric, Good question, we do not currently have one to measure exactly. We will update the website as soon as we get the next shipment in. I do think you will be able to use the same holes and just add 2 more.
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Question from Jeff
In the stiffest configuration (stiff springs, most aft rod-pin placement) is there enough travel to go 'knee to ski'?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Jeff, thanks for reaching out! There are a lot of factors that go into it (cartridge length, forward lean setting in your boot, rearward placement of the tech fittings, height and clearance of the boot shell in relation to the pins in the toe piece, etc), however the short answer is: no, unfortunately not. You could probably configure it to get pretty close, however, the distance from knee to ski at the lowest point will vary a bit based on those factors.
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Question from Ronald Cassiani
What is the stack height of the area surrounding the adjustable pins?
Answer from jbo
Hi Ronald, they are about 16mm thick.
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Question from Ronald Cassiani
What is the riser height?
Answer from jbo
Hi Ronald, the risers on the optional heel pieces are 55mm high.
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by upnorth (used product a few times)
Wicked light, very well made, dependable, and simple to use.

If you ski low, you'll want the longer springs that you can get through Moonlight skis or OMG/Wasatch ski.
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