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Marker Alpinist Touring Leash

Brand: Marker
Model: Touring Leash Alpinist
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Price: $59.95
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Should you find yourself in a patrolled environment or skiing steep slopes and don’t want to risk dropping your skis, a leash will come in handy. The Marker Alpinist Leashes are strong, coiled steel cable that connects to a lightweight wire-gate aluminum carabiner. The ‘biner attaches to a steel loop that should be connected to boot hardware. Clean, light, and a length that may promote ripping skins with skis on. Price is for a pair of leashes.

Question from Brion J Beerle
How do I attach the leashes to the Marker alpinist bindings?
Answer from TSB
Hey Brion, see Jeff's response below!
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Question from steve
Where do you attach to the bindings? There doesn't appear to be a place I would usually use.
Answer from Jeff M
Steve, if you are trying to attach to the Marker Alpinist binding there is a spot. Just below the pivot of the Ski/Walk lever there is a tiny hole. You can thread the string through it and out the forward facing hole along the bottom of the binding. Marker made the loop from string, trying to get another brand leash made of steel won't work easily.
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Question from Tom
Is the Marker leash sold as a pair for $59.95? The description does not specify and the picture only has a single leash?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Tom! Yeah, sorry for the lack of specificity in the description and the image we were given definitely only shows one leash. Ha! Sorry again about that. It'll be a pair though!
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