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For some, the only thing the Alpinist binding is missing is pre-installed brakes and a longer adjustment track. Voila, meet the Marker Alpinist Long Travel, complete with a longer heel adjustment track and pre-installed brakes of your choosing.

The Alpinist Long Travel is an ultralight ski-touring binding with the features and reliability you’d expect from a company that has made their name in high-performance ski bindings. A stiff, durable, carbon-reinforced toe-piece with a crampon-receptor and anti-icing pads make up the front half. The heel piece is what makes the Alpinist unique though. The zero-gap design uses a spring-loaded track called Dynamic Length Compensation to keep release-performance and ski-performance operating reliably and independently. Spin the whole thing 180° to be greeted with a flat mode and a taller riser for longer approaches and steep skin-tracks. The Alpinist Long Travel uses a removeable brake system, but the moniker “Long Travel” refers to the long adjustment plate that the heel sits on, allowing for maximum boot compatibility. Marker’s Alpinist is an impressive all-around offering that’ll do just about everything (except weigh you down).

  • Dynamic Length Compensation keeps the heel flush with the boot, reducing release-value fluctuation during ski-flex.
  • Flat mode and two risers adapt to the oncoming terrain.
  • Plenty of boot-sole adjustment on the demo-length heel track.
  • Anti-icing pads help keep dirty snow from clogging up your bindings.
  • Lateral release value adjustment from 4-9 or 6-12 depending on the version.
  • Vertical release value is fixed with swappable U-Springs (High, Medium, Low)*.
  • Included crampon receptor is compatible with Marker’s PinTech ski crampons.
  • Removable brakes are swappable if you change ski widths.

* The "9" version comes with the Medium U-spring while the "12" vincludes the High version. Low is available separately.

Update 2021/22: The Long Travel binding is now the Demo version with an adjustable toe track accommodating BSL's from 253mm to 359mm. This applies to the R8 and R10 models only.

convert to ounces
366g [90mm]
Weight (pair) 732g [90mm]
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes   90mm, 105mm
BSL Adjustment   30mm
Riser Heights   2 + flat
Vertical Release   Fixed
Lateral Release   4-9 [R9]
6-12 [R12]
Crampon Ready   Kingpin and Alpinist crampons only
Materials   Forged aluminium, carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide
Skimo Co Says
Usage Touring
Notes Anti-ice pads prevent icing of toe and heel
Bottom Line Lightweight adjustable touring binding
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Andrius G
HI Guys,

Can you advice what adjustment plate would fit the Toe?
Browsed all trhough your site, but could find anything fit Alpinist 12...(38x46? )
I guess for the heel its not possible to match anything (36x40mm ? )

Answer from Patrick C

Thanks for the question! Unfortunately, we do not have any adjustment tracks that will work with an Alpinist toe.
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Question from CalvinE
I already have the standard Alpinist bindings, which are working well. However, I have found that the adjustment track doesn't have enough range to support my quiver of boots. I know that you guys sometimes sell just the binding heel pieces. Would it be possible for me to buy just the Long Travel heel pieces so my shorter boots would work as well? I'm only in need of about 5mm more adjustment.
Answer from Jeff
Calvin, we do not sell this as a heel only. I checked Marker's part list and they do not sell the Long track alone. It would be a good item to sell.
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Question from Kumar
Are the brakes removable on these? (I'm looking for the standard Alpinist with 30 mm of heel adjustment).
Answer from Jeff
Kumar, the brakes are separate like the Alpinist 9. They mount under the heel piece. So you have to unscrew the heel piece to remove, or you can install without the brake.
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Question from Dane
Any of the heel holes line up with Kingpin? I’m aware the toe has same mount pattern as KP.
Answer from jbo
Hi Dane, yes the heel holes are the same width as the Kingpin so you could reuse a pair.
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Model: Alpinist Long Travel

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