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Pomoca skin attachments are available separately for your skin-fixing pleasure. Many of these are sold in pairs (look for "x2" in the drop list), while others are sold individually (x1).

Click Lock Tip Kits - Swappable tip attachment system that is screwed onto your skin and allows the interchange of various sizes of bent buckles. Comes with a pair of 85mm, 95mm, or 105mm buckles.

Tip Buckles - Interchangeable buckles that pop into the Click Lock Tips. Sometimes available in 66mm, 72mm, 80mm, 85mm, 95mm and 105mm widths to fit most ski tips.

Z-Hooks - Bent-metal clips for skis with holes in the tips, such as K2 and Fischer. The hooks insert into the Click Lock Tips.

Fat Lock Tips - Special "freeride" version of the Click Lock Tips designed for fat tips.

Back Fix Tail Kit - Adjustable tail attachments are basic straps with clips that slide forward or back to achieve optimum tension. The kit comes with rivets to securely fasten the straps to your skins.

Twin-tip Tail Hooks - Set of clips designed for rounded tails. These slide onto the Back-Fix tail straps.

Tail Clip - Replacement plastic tail clip for Pomoca Back Fix skins, in various colors.

Adhesive Tube - 75g of Pomoca’s finest glue, enough for a full renewal. Comes with an all-temperature warranty: if you lose stickiness in any weather, Pomoca will change the weather for you. Just wait long enough.

Glue Can with Brush - Bigger quantity (200ml) of the Pomoca sticky icky. Good enough for a couple pair of skins, or even more race skins. Brush it on with the applicator attached to the inside of the lid.

Glue Can, Bulk 1kg - Bulk quantity of Pomoca's hotmelt. Enough to outfit a large family, team, or company. Not for huffing.

Carry Bag - Simple skins bag with Velcro closure and webbing handle.

Universal Buckle - 100% compatible between z-hook and Dynafit's rubber tip fix if you'd like to change them out.

Click Lock V3 w/ Universal Buckle - An updated design of the Click Lock that comes with rivets and the Universal Buckle.

Back Fix Tail Strap V3 - The back fix rear attachment, now with the Power Hook makes it durable and easy to adjust. Attachable to any skin using four rivets.

Click Lock V1 w/ Universal Buckle - The original Click Lock with a Universal Buckle to switch out tip fixes.

Back Fix Hook V3 - A updated tail clip directly compatible with the Back Fix tail strap.

Race Easy Set - A set of race tip fixes, rivets included, in addition to a skin bag and assembly manual. If you just scored some race material off the roll, this would be a useful addition.

Splitboard Hook - Easy tail attachment for split board skins.

Rivets - Rivets to attach tips n' tails, sold individually (1 top and 1 bottom piece).

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Andrew T Pavia
I broke the tip attachement on my Pro-glide skin for my Salomon MTN 95 (~125 shovel). Which size click lock should I order? Looks like you guys recommended 105cm for the Zero G95s that have fairly similar geometry
Answer from Emmett I

The 105mm should work well!
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Question from Anna
I have a pair of Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 skins that need tail clips. Will these tail clips work on those skins?
Answer from jbo
Hi Anna, yes these will work on all Pomoca skins with ribbed tail straps. Only really old kits with smooth rainbow straps would not work.
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Question from David A
Any idea when you will get the Twin-tip Tail Hooks in?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi David, we're expecting to see the Twin-tip Tail Hooks in our Fall shipment from Pomoca. Unfortunately I don't have specific dates, but likely sometime in September.
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Question from Lauren
Hello! I have DPS Ninas which have a very rounded (almost twin tip) tail. The pomoca clips slide off almost immediately on steep skin tracks, and repeatedly through the day. I bought the twin tip adaptor and that’s not much better, sadly. Any tips on how people manage this? I’ve considered cutting a notch in the back of my skis or adding a caulk line. Other approaches that have worked?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Lauren, I'd suggest trying the Twin Tip Adaptors, but you already have! Similar to what you're considering, grinding an indentation with a dremel into the tails of your skis should allow the clip to stay in place. Slap some epoxy on the exposed ski interior to waterproof it. Note this certainly voids any warranties.
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Question from Cory Hannaford
I have Blizzard Zero G 95 which have 125 shovel. Which click lock kit should I use? I was thinking the 105
Answer from Niko M
Hi Cory,
The 105mm would work well. Thanks!
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Question from Phil
I bought the pomoca climb 2.0 and have been a little disappointed with the tail clips. They self adjust and the length is awkward. I have a 162 jones solution and the recommended sizing leaves little rubber to stretch making it difficult to put on and off. Does the jones quick tension tail clip fit the climb 2.0 Splitboard skins? Would the top fix race be a good solution here on a jones board with the cutout in the tail (using the top fix race as a tailclip)?
Answer from Patrick C

Howdy! I'm not familiar with the Jones Quick Tension parts so I'm not sure if they would play nice with the Pomoca skins. Interesting thought with the Top Fix Race set up, but I imagine it would pop out given the directional pressure being put on the tale of the skin with each stride, especially if any snow-creep starts to happen!
Answer from Elliot C
Phil, if the question is can you cut off the tails that came on your 2.0's and use jones quick tensions? if so yes, however you will lose however much length from cutting off the 2.0 tails. You can also just take the connectors from the jones quick tensions and put them on the pomoca 2.0 tails (those fittings are specific to jones' products). The top race fix connectors from pomoca are too wide to fit in the jones tail slot, so I would not try that.
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Question from tim
Is a single 75g tube really enough to refresh a single set of skins (I have a pair for a wide 161 cm splitboard) or is it best to buy 2?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Tim, the 75g tube is enough for a pair of skins!
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Question from Tyler
I just ordered some Pomoca pro s-glide skins and the tail of my K2 Coomback is too thick for the plastic tail clip to attach. Do they make a tail clip that will fit these? I looked at the endhook tail clip but it looks like you would need to use the tip stretcher with this.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Tyler,

Have you tried slotting the tail clip in on the edge of the tail, and then sliding it into place? This is generally the recommended way of getting a Pomoca tail clip into place.

The alternative would be removing the current tail clips, and adding tails from a different brand, like the Camlock + Tail Kit from our Colltex Skin Parts listing. If you have further skin questions, feel free to reach out to!
Answer from jbo
Hi Tyler, not positive it will work well with Coombacks, but you could try the Twin Tip Tail Hooks. They grab onto either side of a rounded tail.
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EG1 (used product regularly)
Really consider an extra tail clip and a tip clip set up a MUST for all spare part kits to take into the backcountry. Voille straps work well to fix the emergency of a busted part - but you're usually limping from there back to the car. I used an extra tip clip mid multi-day trek and it was a real life saver.
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Question from Kelly
Will the skin glue work on g3 skins? If so, is one tube enough for a full refresh of one pair of skins? Thx
Answer from Jeremy L
Thanks for the question, Kelly. We don't recommend mixing glues from different manufacturers. As long as you completely strip the old glue, using another brand should be just fine. And one tube should be more than enough for a pair of skins.
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Question from Steve S
Is the Pomoca 105mm 'Tip Buckle' presently available, How may I order 2 of these buckles ?
Answer from Ian C
Hi Steve, while we don't have that particular size of the Pomoca buckles in stock at the moment, the Contour vario buckles are perfectly compatible! They come in a pack of two, available here.
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Question from Peter
The tail kit description says it’s shorter than the tail that comes on pre-built skins. The tail ripped off my skins. The buckle needs to be on the last 2-4 clicks of the strap to fit my 186cm skis.
So, does this mean the replacement tail kit won’t work for me because it will be too short?
I just tried installing a G3 tail kit I already have, but it’s at least 15mm too short.
Answer from Jeff
Peter, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. That was the case previously. I just checked what we have now, and they are the same straps that come on all the Pomoca skins.
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Question from james
Does the z-hook work for the BD Cirque 84 skis? These skis have a slot instead of a hole in the the tip.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi James,

For the Cirque 84, I would recommend the Pomoca Top Fix Race Tip over the Z-Hook. If you want something that works with a click lock tip on a pair of trim to fit Pomoca skins, the Rubber Tip from our Dynafit Skin Parts listing will work with some modification.
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Question from Joe
Hi My girlfriend bought me Pamoca Click Lock Tips to shorten some pamoca skins (by replacing the nose tip).

The instructions show the rivets passing through the plastic piece however there are no holes. Am i supposed to drill the holes out? or am I missing something obvious?
Answer from Jennifer A
I bought these for my BF for xmas and did them for him. Yeah, you punch the holes yourself with a nail or similar tool then you hammer the rivets in.
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Question from jgf
when will you have the pomoca glue tubes again?
Answer from Zak M
Hey jgf, hopefully in the near future! I can sign you up for an email notification when we have more arrive though.
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WasatchMcQuack (used product regularly)
This review is for the Pomoca Adhesive Tube (replacement glue). There aren't enough words to say how awesome this glue is. So easy to apply (small foam paint roller works perfect). Glue goes on even and makes skins like new with the best glue out there. I've redone 3 different skins and all came out as expected.
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Question from Jack G
Ian C,

Will the repair kit be coming back in stock anytime soon?
Answer from Ian C
Hi Jack! If you write to we can set you up for notifications that will alert you once the kit is inventoried here at the shop. We're holding off on issuing an estimated stock date because of shipping delays this season.
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Question from Jack G
Is the item listed as :"Tail clip greenx1 ($4.95)" the same as "Back Fix Tail Kit" with everything needed to replace a back tail clip that pulled off?
Answer from Ian C
Hey Jack,

They're not interchangeable in that the "tail clip green x 1" is just the clip while the kit comes with straps and rivets in addition to clips.

If the tail/strap of your skin is holding strong and it's just the clip that you've pulled off, then the tail clip should be fine.
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Question from Chris
Hi - Are the red tail clips the same as the green ones? And are they better than the older white clips from the Climb Pro S-Glides, of which I've broken 2 now? Thanks!
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Chris. The red and green tail clips are the same, minus the color. Pomoca updated their clips for the 20/21 model year, and they should hold up better than years previous. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from rocknsnow
do you still sell old tip kit with metal plate? new ones without are terrible, skin material not strong enough without plates and rivets fail :(
Answer from Jeff
RockNsnow, Please contact us at and we can help you out!
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