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Pomoca Skin Parts

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Pomoca skin attachments are available separately for your skin fixing pleasure. All parts are sold in pairs.

Clock Lock Tips - Swappable tip attachment system that is screwed on to your skin and allows interchange of various sizes of bent buckles. Comes with a pair of 85mm, 95mm, or 105mm buckles.

Tip Buckles - Interchangeable buckles that pop into the Click Lock Tips. Sometimes available in 66mm, 72mm, 80mm, 85mm, 95mm and 105mm widths to fit most ski tips.

Z-Hooks - Bent-metal clips for skis with holes in the tips. The hooks insert into the Click Lock Tips.

Fat Lock Tips - Special "freeride" version of the Click Lock Tips designed for fat tips.

Back Fix Tail Clips - Adjustable tail attachments are basic straps with clips that slide forward or back to achieve the optimum tension. The kit comes with rivets to securely fasten the straps to your skins.

Twin-tip Tail Hooks - Set of clips designed for rounded tails. These slide onto the Back-Fix tail straps.

Glue Patch - 135mm x 135mm square glue patches for a temporary field fix. Comes with 10 to a package and is applied by hand without any tools.

Adhesive Tube - 75g of Pomoca’s finest glue, enough for a full renewal. Comes with an all-temperature warranty: if you lose stickiness in any weather, Pomoca will change the weather for you. Just wait long enough.

Carry Bag - Simple skins bag with Velcro closure and webbing handle.

Question from Denis
I broke a tail clip. I don't need the straps and rivets offered with the back fix tail clip kit. How do I order just the clip or three?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Denis, unfortunately those clips aren't available as a standalone aftermarket part for the time being. The Black Diamond tail kits have spare parts all over the place and are generally readily available though but would require a modification to your existing skin.
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Question from steve rhinefrank
hi. i am attempting to modify some skins to fit some ski trab volare skis. it looks like the pomoca fat lock tip will nest between the bumpers on the volare tips. will they ? this would e a great solution becahse then the skins would still fit the original skiis. thanks, steve
Answer from jbo
Hi Steve, your best bet is to get a Ski Trab tip kit which is designed for those skis. Please note there were two versions of that ski with different attachment systems. You probably need the Attivo kit but possibly an older one (feel free to send us a photo of your ski to be sure).
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Question from Kevin Woolley
Do you have tubes of Pomoca glue in stock? I don't see them listed.
Answer from Rebekah S
Hi Kevin,

We currently do not have any tubes of glue in stock. We're ordering some shorty- so be sure to check back in the next week or so.
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Question from mike
can i use some of my old BD Gold Label glue on my Dynafit Speedskins?
Answer from jbo
Hi Mike, nothing is stopping you, but the Pomoca glue is more chemically similar to what's on there.
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Question from Dan
Do you have the Pomoca twin tip tail hooks in stock?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Dan! Unfortunately not at the moment and we possibly won't see any more the rest of the season. Let me know if you'd like us to get one for you and we can send it your way!
Answer from jbo
Hi Dan, we just got some more twin tip tails in!
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Question from Chris
Any idea when you'll have the tip buckle holders in stock?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Chris, should be within a few weeks! Would you like me to sign you up to our notification list? It'll let you know when the tip buckle holders arrive.
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Question from David
Do the pomoca z-hooks work with the holes in tip of Fischer hannibal and transalp skis?
Answer from jbo
Hi David, they sure do!
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Question from Remek
I have DPS wailer 99mm (125mm the tip) 176 cm. What size of the skins should I get M or L and if the tip attachment from 140 skins is not too wide ?
Answer from jbo
Hi Remek, the Ms fit well on that ski. There are a couple tip buckles in the box with different sizes so you should be set.
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Question from Marie-Eve Boulet
Hi, I have cross country skis 72 mm wide. I'm wondering if the POMOCA 66 tips could fit on it? Thank you in advance.

Answer from eric
HI Marie-Eve, You need to know the tip size. Nordic skis have a real long tip so i would measure the tip of your ski from the tip, when you hit 66mm that is where the tip loop would sit. If that spot is down near the contact point of the ski and snow it probably wont work.
Answer from Marie-Eve B
There is 30mm from the 66mm wide part to the contact point. Is it long enough ? If not, could you suggest me an other kind of skin attachments with smaller loop ?
Answer from eric
Marie-Eve, I dont think thats quite long enough. Unfortunately I dont have anything smaller than that size.
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Question from Matthew M
I am looking for a tip attachment for some Alpina edged cross country skis. They are 68-60-65. Will the 66 tips fit, I'm no sure what the effective measurement will be once it is installed.
Answer from jbo
Hi Matthew, 66 is the inside width so that will be cutting it close. I would grab the Contour 50s.
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