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Tired of deciding whether to bring an ice axe along with your Whippet or Whippets? Well, Black Diamond has the answer: bring the Whippet(s) and a Conehead(s). Coneheads convert any Black Diamond Whippet into a tool you can plunge into the snow. Just remove the lower section of your pole and slide in a Conehead, and whala!! You now have a tool to plunge like an axe. They come with a handy bungee to secure to your pole or pack when not in use.

Coneheads come in two sizes so you can use them in any generation Whippet (or other pole).

Large - 16mm Outside Diameter fits recent generation Whippets including the latest line with detachable heads (24g). Also fits the Travers WR 2 poles.

Small - 14mm Outside Diameter matches (much) older Whippets (18g) .

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Andrew
Any idea when you might get the size large back in stock?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Andrew,

We are trying to get more, but unfortunately do not have an ETA. Email us at if you would like to be notified when we get more in stock!
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Question from nate
Not sure if you ever received any last spring as referenced below but what is expected availability for the large?
Answer from Brett S
Hey Nate, we are actively trying to procure more, however, we don't have an ETA at this time. Please send an email to if you wish to be put on a notification list when (if) they arrive!
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Question from Patrick
When do you expect to have more large ones in stock?
Answer from Jeff
Patrick, We have on order and dated today for arrival. So should be soon.
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Question from thomc
Size questions for older models (sorry I lack calipers at home):

are 2010 whips a fit for the small? And
are 2014 carbon (the recall version, post recall) a large? Thanks, TC
Answer from Jeff
Thom, You are exactly right .
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Question from Chris
How much does the large conehead whippet spike weigh?
Answer from Sarah Doyle
Hi Chris,

The large is 24g.
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Question from Eric S
Will these guys fit on the Traverse W2 Pole? And if so, does it make sense? Or are these really designed only for the three-piece Whippet pole?

Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Eric, it will fit into the bottom end of the upper sections of the Travers WR 2, the Whippet, and the Carbon Whippet. The current aluminum Whippet is 3 sections and would be 2.5 inches shorter in total length compared to the other 2 section poles.

(20 inches vs 22.5 inches length excluding whippet head and conehead)
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Question from Aaron
Do you expect to have more small coneheads in this year?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Aaron! Not expecting to see any more before the season is up, unfortunately.
Answer from jbo
Hi Aaron, we just got more in!
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