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Salomon’s X-Alp Series of gear represents sophisticated light and fast alpinism in all regards. Up until now, the revered line of gear has been missing a mountaineering ski capable of standing up to the reputation. The designers at Salomon’s S-Lab center (motto: Play and Progress), have changed that. At 950g per ski, the X-Alp is designed to be used as a light and capable tool anywhere in the mountains. Sporting a fairly round flex pattern and a relatively tight radius sidecut, the X-Alp is a confident steep-skier and holds its own in tightly treed powder runs in the middle of winter. The tip is a square shape that has been rounded off to provide a happy medium between steering precision and flotation. A deep notch prevents accidentally kicking off your race-style skins. Hidden within the tip of the ski is Koroyd, a honeycomb structure that is 90% lighter than rubber, deadens impacts, and minimizes deflection for laser-like precision on the way down. Karuba wood is the core of choice for light and fast skis where downhill performance is a concern. The CFX Superfiber weave adds structural reinforcement and contributes to the skis’ lively flex and power transmission. The X-Alp is Salomon’s mountaineering, corn-harvesting, couloir-hunting, meadow-skipping ski designed for athletes who want it all.

  • Koroyd tip is 90% lighter than rubber and contributes to laser-like skiing precision.
  • CFX Superfiber weave increases power transfer and stability when you crank up the speed.
  • Rounded square tip ensures balance between steering precision and flotation.
  • Slightly tapered tail makes inserting the ski into ski-carry loops on a pack smoother.
  • Rubber tail cap promotes durability, longevity, and water-tight performance.
  • Karuba core offers solid-yet-featherweight downhill performance.
  • Deep tip notches offer secure skin attachment points.
  • Discount on matching skins if purchased together.
Lengths (cm) 158, 164, 170
convert to ounces
905g [158]
965g [164]
1005g [170]
Weight (pair) 1810g [158]
1930g [164]
2010g [170]
Dimensions   113-79-99 [164]
Turn Radius   16m [158]
17m [164]
18m [170]
Skin Fix   Race-style notch
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Tip-rocker, camber underfoot
Shape   Short turn radius, flat tail
Construction   Basalt/fiberglass cap
Core   Karuba
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering, endurance touring
Notes Vibration dampening Koroyd inserts
Bottom Line Light ski for big missions
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Questions & Reviews

Andy (used product regularly)
I am really enjoying these skis! I'm about 5'11"/190 lb and using the 170's. They are set up with race bindings. I've used them mostly for resort uphilling but have also had them out in the real mountains. The low weight is phenominal and they ski great, a ton of fun railing the groomers. They chatter some at high speed but that's expected. The slight rocker is noticeable in variable snow and the edge hold is great on the firm. Definitely glad I added them to the quiver!
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Question from Gabriele
Hi guys I always follow your reviews and q&as with great pleasure and today I have a question for you: I'm 173 (I'm European sorry) cm and I'm willing to buy the Xalp, I'm searching for a super light setup to do trainings and general all-round setup let's say. Personally I think I'll better find myself with the 170cm version instead of the 164 to better differentiate the race setup and the speed touring setup, having a lightweight ski also capable of doing kinda everything...I'd love to know what do you guys think about it! thanks a lot
Answer from jbo
Hi Gabriele, thanks for the feedback! The X-Alp is well liked around here; it has a nice round flex, it's easy to ski, and it's just plain fun. Perfect for training and lots of touring, thought it obviously doesn't excel in deep powder (but of course, everything is fun to ski in deep powder!). Yes, I think the 170 would be appropriate for your height and purpose. The 164 would also work for a lot of tasks, but the extra length helps in soft snow and I agree it's good to differentiate!
Answer from gabriele p
I’m really thankful for your reply!
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Question from Douglas Levi Obletz
Asking for a friend (wife): 5'10", 130 lbs. What length Salomon X-Alp Ski?
Answer from Cole P
Hey Douglas, your wife could go with either 164cm or the 170cm length but will depend on what her ski background, terrain, and the conditions you plan on skiing in. If you are planning on using this ski for spring objectives, steep terrain, and prefer maneuverability and a lighter ski you will be better off going with the 164cm. If you plan on using this ski for general touring, some soft snow and want a lightweight set up for most of the season and prefer versatility, 170cm would be great. If you would like to talk to us in more depth feel free to email us at
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Question from Siri
Hi! I am considering buying Salomon Slab x-alp as a light pair of skis.
How would you say they are in variable snow conditions?
What length will you reccommend for me? I am 5' 4'' (164 cm), 147 lbs (67 kg) and skier level 3-4 of 5.
Answer from TSB
Hey Siri, the X-Alp is a great ski for variable conditions and difficult snow! Softer-flexing than many mountaineering skis, the X-Alp isn't too demanding in the chop but can still lay down a carve when you want it to. I would recommend the 158cm for you to keep the ski nimble in the kick-turns and easy to put on/take off your pack!
Answer from Siri T
Thanks for guick reply. You don't think the stability at speed will suffer by chosing 158 instead og 164?
Answer from TSB
Siri -- for sure, if you want to ski like an Olympic downhiller, a longer ski is advantageous! But we tend to prefer shorter skis for almost all mountaineering applications, given that you'll be skiing downhill more conservatively and maneuvering the ski into shorter-radius turns, not to mention jump-turns and the necessary, if embarrassing downhill kick-turn. Most of the staff at SkimoCo will choose a mountaineering ski between 10-15cm shorter than their height to keep the speed on ascents and maneuverability on descents. I'm 6'3" (189cm) and my favorite mountaineering skis have all been 168-171cm length :-)
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Question from Luke
I'm looking to pair these skis with Fischer Carbons and the Oazo 6. My current touring setup (without skins) weighs 23 lbs and I'm hoping to go the opposite direction and do more mountaineering. I'm 5' 7" and the shortest ski I ride is 167 (fully cambered). Would you recommend the 164? Seems like taller folks are being recommended the 164-170 but 158 sounds so short. I'll be skiing in Colorado if that helps. Thank you!
Answer from TSB
Hey Luke, wow, 23lbs! You must have some strong hip flexors. On the bright side, your new ski setup will feel like going uphill carrying nothing at all! The 164cm X-Alp would be ideal for your purposes if you're thinking of the ski as a spring mountaineering/consolidated snow tool. If this were your only ski, you could bump up to the 170cm and have an awesome powder-lapping ski, but you'd sacrifice a little bit of performance for those long days summitting and skiing 14ers or finding corn along the Continental Divide.
Answer from Luke M
Sub 10 lbs sounds like heaven. I think for powder lapping days I will be doing Loveland drops so I love the idea of having a ski focused on "spring mountaineering/consolidated snow tool". Thank you! Do you have the pre-cut skins for the 164 it looks like they may be out of stock.
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Question from Rikard Tvedby
I have a pair of Ultimate Backland boots and am looking to pair them up with a light ski for endurance touring mostly in spring conditions. Do you think the X-Alp is a good match? I am 173cm and 70kg. Im wondering if I should pick 164 or 170 length? I dont care about the weight differance and I dont ride a high speeds. I am worried that I will loose to much flotation in powder if I do go for tours midwinter. Any suggestions would be appretiated.

Answer from Jeff
Rikard, you answered your question yourself. The only way to gain flotation with a narrow ski is going longer. The X Alp is a great and versatile distance tourer and we sell mostly 170.
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Question from Mark
5'10, 165lbs. What size do you recommend for Southern California skimo conditions? Thx!
Answer from Jeff
Mark, at your size either the 164 or 170cm would work for you. You can read some of the comments and answers below for more insight. The concise answer would be to go with the 164 if you are using for a wide race ski or serious mountaineering when a shorter, lightest ski si what you need. The 170cm will have more stability at speed and generally more control and still a one kilo ski.
Answer from MARK U
Purchased. Arrive Monday. Fantastic customer service. THANK YOU!
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Question from trever
I am looking at these to use on training days and powder skimo races. I'm 5'10, 185lbs. Should I go with the 164 to better match my race skis, or opt for the 170 for a more well-rounded ski?
Answer from TSB
Hey Trever, thanks for reaching out! If you have a pair of true race skis as well, I'd point you toward the 170cm X-Alp to better round out the quiver. The longer length will retain speed on the uphill while making the downhills a bit more fun and manageable on tired legs or in difficult snow.
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Question from Alexander
Hey I'm looking for a set of skis for a mix of inbound and light backcountry touring. Mainly fitness focussed rather than charging steep runs. These skis seem ideal. I'm 180cm (5'11") and 80kg (175 lbs)--what length should I choose?
Answer from Jeff
Alexander , For your height/weight and for light touring, I would go with the 170cm. At only 3 ounces more per pair, that won't affect your fitness laps much.
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Question from Dylan Anderson
I'm interested in buy either the Salomon X-Alp or Voile Objective for an ultra light ski mountaineering set up that I would also use for multi-day, week long through tours. Both skis seem to have strong performance. One question I have is which would be more reliable? I come from a ski racing background, and for better or for worse, I have gravitated my trust in ski brands towards those that have harnessed the craft of designing world class race skis and evolved to developing touring capable set ups. That being said, on paper these skis seem pretty similar albeit the X-Alp is 200g lighter in 170 cm vs. 171 of the Objective. In my mind, I'd seem to be more keen on the X-Alp since Salomon has definitely crafted world class skis for a long time. I own a pair of Salomon MTN 95 Explorers in 177 cm and love the ski. However, I do know that Voile has a strong reputation and that you all have recommended them highly. Could somebody lay my uncertainties towards the Objectives to rest?

Also, the X-Alp is not on Salomon's website but it is for sale on this website. Do they not sell this ski to the general public?
Answer from jbo
Hi Dylan, if by reliable you mean "doesn't break", then it's a virtual tie. While Voile doesn't have an alpine racing pedigree, they have a great reputation for building durable backcountry skis and we don't see them fail. If by reliable you mean "great edge hold for steep icy no-fall zone skiing", then I might give the edge to the Salomon as the Voile shapes are a bit "friendlier" with more tip and tail rocker and thus a shorter running length.
Regarding Salomon's direct sales policies, I can't answer about their website but this is definitely an in-line ski for this season.
Answer from Dylan A
Hi jbo, thanks for the feedback! Two more questions: 1) How does the flex pattern (i.e. stiffness) of the two skis differ? 2) When say "in-line" in reference to the X-Alp does that mean it's in-line for release this coming season? Cheers!
Answer from jbo
Hi Dylan, the flex pattern is similar, with the Voile having a bit more camber and being slightly stiffer. The X-Alp is a current year and next year model ski.
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T Fink (used product regularly)
Bottom line: these things rock and you need a pair. I have been so thrilled with my pair of Salomon X-Alps skis and I'm convinced they will be my go-to touring ski for years to come.

Weight: These skis just feel so damn light when you pick them up. I know logically that they are heavier than my race skis but I *almost* don't notice when I'm out on a training tour. I was so excited about these that I actually opted for them during the 2018 Powder Keg and loved having them. Though they are super light, the extra width that they carry in the tip makes skiing them in deeper snow a total dream (as compared to race skis).

Sexy looks: I love the understated graphic that Salomon went with on these skis. I feel stealthy skiing them around and I think the dark color on the top sheet will hide all the scratches and nicks they will develop because I love using them.

Inbounds: I have done a fair bit of inbounds fitness skiing this season and these things just rock on the groomers. Higher speeds feel fun and as I mentioned above they can handle deeper snow with ease.

Pre-cut skins: I am also loving the pre-cut Pomoco skins for this ski. Get two-pair and start loving life! Easy to use, awesome glide, and pretty good durability.

I am planning to use this ski in the Alps this spring and I don't think I'll regret it for a minute. They climb fast and easy and will be super nimble for any narrow descents. I think this ski can do anything and I hope them make a fatter version soon!
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Question from Greg
How would you size these? I'm 6'1" and 150lbs without gear... living in the Northeast... looking for a ski for fitness skinning in the mornings before work, the occasional skimo race, and the occasional climb/ski mission to the white mountains.

I would not consider myself that great of a skier, but I can get around. Thoughts? Other suggestions? I'm also looking for lighter boots and am thinking about the X-Alp Boot as well.

I currently ski a pair of Salomon MTN 95's with dynafit radical 2.0's, BD Carbon Mega's with G3 Ions and LaSportiva Spectre boots... I'm perfectly happy with all of these items.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Greg, thanks for reaching out! I'd say for your height the 170cm length will fit you the best! There are a few other options for skis in the same range, such as the Voile Objective, Fischer Transalp 80, and Dynafit Seven Summits to name a few! Send me an email and we can talk about boots and skis a bit more, there are a lot of moving parts to getting the proper setup so we want to get you dialed!
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