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Ski Trab pole replacement parts to fix or upgrade your poles. All baskets, handles, and straps are sold in pairs, unless otherwise noted. Shafts and ferrules are sold individually.

Vertical Baskets - Race pole baskets that measure 6.5cm x 6.5cm. For Trab Vertical or similar poles. 11mm inner diameter at the mouth. 18 grams with the included metal tips.

Gara Baskets - Bigger, rounder race baskets that are found on the aluminum Piuma Gara poles. Better in powder than the Vertical baskets. 10.5mm inner diameter.

Evo Baskets - 3/4 baskets that are 8.5cm in diameter. Works on Sintesi, Magico, Maestro, and Evo poles. 12 grams.

Rally Baskets - Replaceable baskets for the Lirace poles. 7cm x 8cm, 13g. Just the baskets, not the ferrule.

Alp Baskets - Powder baskets for Trab poles such as the Maestro and Magico. If you don't prefer the stock 3/4 Evo baskets, get these.

Ortles Tip & Baskets - Replacement tip and basket for the Ortles pole, or any Quick Change system.

QC Race Baskets - Medium sized Piuma Gara QC baskets for racing and high-level training on firmer snow. Sold as a pair.

QC Tornado Baskets - The larger basket for the Piuma Gara QC poles, specifically for soft or loose snow. Sold as a pair.

QC Roller Ski Baskets - The smallest baskets for the Piuma Gara QC poles, meant for training both on and off the snow in hard or very firm conditions. Sold as a pair.

QC Base & Nuts - Replacements for the plastic fittings at the base of your pole which all the QC (Quick Change) poles come standard with. Sold as a pair.

Vertical Pole Handles - Pair of cork handles to replace the pole grips on the Vertical and Vertical QC race poles.

Gara / Race Handles - Pair of cork handles found on Ski Trab's Piuma Gara (race) poles, ready to accept the Alp Clip straps.

Ortles Cork Handles - Pair of cork handles for the Gara World Cup QC and Ortles pole.

Vertical Straps - The straps on the ultralight Vertical and Vertical QC race poles, sold in pairs.

Race Handle + Strap - A single cork handle for Trab's Gara / Race poles, with an Alp Clip strap already plugged in. Sold individually.

Race / Alp Clip Straps - Replacement straps for the Piuma Gara / Race poles. Sold as a pair, ready to plug into the handles.

XC Race Straps - High-vis clip-in straps to interface with Trab's quick-release cross country pole handles. Pairs available in two sizes, S/M & L/XL.

Ortles Clip Strap - Pair of straps for the Gara World Cup QC and Ortles pole.

Ortles Baskets + Tips - Pair of baskets and tips for the Ortles poles.

Alp Ferrule - Replacement ferrule (tip) for the Trab poles with Evo Baskets. 10mm inner diameter at the mouth. Sold individually.

Magico Carbon Lower Shaft - Carbon fiber doesn't appreciate side impacts from trees, ski edges, and the like. Replace your broken carbon lower with one of these.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Todd
I broke a strap on my Piuma Gara poles. They are the click in straps. Are these Piuma Gara Straps compatible? i.e. can I just pull the busted one out and click in the new one?
Answer from jbo
Hi Todd, yes, the Piuma Gara Straps are the replacement straps for that pole.
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Question from will
Need a replacement basket for excel Nova XC poles - will these work? Not finding many options on the internets...
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Will! Send me an email with the diameter of the tip of your pole where the basket hooks on and then send me a picture of it as well. We might have something to get you set up here.
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Question from Odd
What is the internal (pole) diameter of the Gara basket? What is typical delivery time to Colorado?
Answer from I-M
The internal diameter of the Gara basket at top of opening is ~10.5mm. The diameter tapers as depth increases. Typical delivery time to most of Colorado is 2-3 days.
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Question from TZed
Do the Piuma Gara Straps include grips? Do the race handle include biathalon straps?
Answer from Nate
Hi TZed, the Piuma Gara straps are just the straps. The race handle is just the grip and does not include a strap.
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Question from Patrick Fink
Any race baskets of any make in stock?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Patrick! Not at the moment. We had a bunch on order from various companies and they're all long overdue so it's tough to tell exactly what the status is on any of those for the time being.
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Question from Malcolm
Hi - What's the inner diameter of these? Looking to retrofit nordic poles... Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Malcolm, the Vertical baskets have an ID of 10.5mm.
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Model: Ski Trab Pole Parts

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