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Voile Hyper V6 BC Ski

Brand: Voile
Model: Hyper V6 BC
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It might sound a little fishy (pun intended), but scales on a backcountry ski are quite practical. Your typical alpine touring ski setup requires skins, but the Hyper V6 BC eliminates that need for many climbs with Voile's Traction Pattern Base extending for roughly half the length of the ski directly under foot. When moving through rolling or low angle terrain, this ski increases efficiency by eliminating the weight of skins and time lost to repetitive transitions for minor undulations. For steep and icy skin tracks, skins can be applied per usual in the event that the fish scales aren't offering the grip you want. The Hyper in the name Hyper V6 BC means that Voile took the previous model and doubled the carbon inside and used a lightweight paulownia wood core to keep things light. Embrace the scales, even if it does sound a little fishy at first-- you won't regret it.

  • Traction Pattern Base eliminates the need for skins in all but the steepest climbs, saving weight and transition time for tours in undulating terrain.
  • Earplugs (unfortunately) not included, as the only real downside of the fish scales underfoot is a slight humming noise on harder or packed snow.
  • Typical Voile durability and quality forms the basis for this ski, with the same core construction that the rest of their Hyper line boasts.
  • Camber underfoot helps you hold an edge in icy or variable conditions, regardless of the slope angle or how tightly you're puckered.
  • With an early rise rockered tip and 100mm waist [183cm], this lightweight ski still knows how to float and glide through soft snow.
  • Made right here in Salt Lake City, Utah, just like Skimo Co.

Lengths (cm) 163, 173, 178, 183
-> ounces
1155g [163]
1240g [173]
1325g [178]
1410g [183]
Weight (pair) 2310g [163]
2480g [173]
2650g [178]
2820g [183]
Dimensions 126-96-108 [163]
129-98-110 [173]
131-99-111 [178]
133-100-113 [183]
Turn Radius 17m [163]
18m [173]
18.5m [178]
19m [183]
Skin Fix Rounded tip and tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile Voile Hybrid Rocker, rocker tip & tail w/ camber underneath
Shape Rounded tip & tail w/ medium radius
Construction Cap with carbon wrap
Core Paulownia wood
Skimo Co Says
Usage Get out there and back
Notes Great for long rolling approaches
Bottom Line Versatility with scales
Question from Rick Edwards
I'm a mediocre skier that is 5'11" and weighs ~190 w/o gear. I'm not aggressive skier either. However I do love to ski mellow backcountry. Which size would you suggest? Also, I've read the warning that quiver killers void the warranty but, being that I hope to never 'huck' myself off of anything, would you guess that the skis will survive my normal use if I do the QKs? I have some Objectives 178s that are fun but am hoping for easier turning skis. Am I on the right track here? Thanks as always!
Answer from TSB
Hey Rick! Sorry for the slow reply -- the delay does not indicate a lack of excitement about this ski! The V6 seems like an excellent ski for your purposes, especially if your version of "mellow backcountry" involves copious amounts of deep and dry snow. I wouldn't necessarily say it's easier to turn than the Objective (both skis are reasonably soft-flexing, with plenty of rocker front and rear and a shortish turning radius), but it may be easier to ski overall given that it's wider and more supportive in the tail. (It's also mounted closer to true center of the ski, so you may find yourself more capable of making quick, snappy turns than with the more stability-oriented Objective.) Quiver Killers should work just fine in the Hyper V6, warranty or no! Lastly, I'd recommend either the 173 or 178cm lengths of the ski, depending on your preference for more float (178) vs. more snappiness/maneuverability (173). Reach out to help@skimo.co for a more in-depth conversation!
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