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Replacing the Tour Lite Pro and Tour Lite Pro Evo, the Tour Lite Evo MV is seeking to position itself as the perfect liner to complement the performance of your touring boot. Starting with the closed cell, medium density (MD) EVA foam, these liners keep the impressive range of motion indicative of a modern touring boot, allowing you to move quickly and efficiently in the mountains. If they fit just a bit too snugly out of the box, the Tour Lite Evo MV is highly thermoformable, allowing it to be customized for all shapes and sizes of feet. Not wanting to overcrowd your toe box, Palau used a thinner foam over the toe, meaning it plays nicely with boots that feature lower stack height in the toe box. The 10mm cuff securely cradles the shin while the 7mm thick material surrounding the foot is just right. Built to match your large output days, the Tour Lite Evo MV will be with you every step of the way.

  • Closed cell, MD foam is highly thermoformable, allowing for a truly customized fit.
  • Relief zone in the rear of the liner allows for an excellent range of motion.
  • Designed to provide performance, lightness, and precision fit, perfect for modern-day touring boots.
  • NeoWrap closure system allows the liner to be snugged up against the shin, preventing obnoxious slipping issues.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Louis
I have a pair of TLT8 s with the custom light liner. I need a thicker liner -I have too much volume (although no extra width) in the boots as is. Would the Palau tour lite evo MV be a good choice? Or is there a better choice out there? I do overnight trips so would prefer an option that will absorb minimal moisture (hence the reason I didn’t get the CR liner)
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Louis, In the past, our recommendation for taking up volume in the TLT 8 would have been the  Palau Power LT - however, this liner looks like it would also do the job well with an even thicker cuff and a medium volume fit overall. Unfortunately, because we haven't received this liner yet it's hard to say for sure what the differences will be. But the Power LT is a good bet!
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