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Break a toe? Building a frankenbinding? Need some toes for a splitboard? Making an expensive Christmas tree ornament? Whatever your reason, we have the ATK toe pieces that you need. Sold individually.

Binding Model Weight (g) Weight (oz)
SL World Cup 72 2.5
Trofeo 82 2.9
C-Raider 99 3.5

Raider 12

118 4.2

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Anthony O
Does the c raider 12 actually have higher force requirement to open over the trofeo?
Answer from Will McD
Hi Anthony,

Opening force on the toe piece is similar, the Trofeo just doesn't have springs in the design which has helped reduce weight. The carbon on the C-Raider toe piece has helped match the design on the non-carbon version, but also reduce weight.
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Question from David Wrigley
Broke part of the lever that transitions from ski to tour mode on a la sportiva rt binding toe piece. What atk toe piece do you recommend to replace it. Ideally one I could screw into the same holes. Thanks muck
Answer from Andrew
David, most race toes will have the same hole pattern. I'd recommend the Trofeo as a super reliable option, the SL World Cup would be slightly lighter although less durable. You could also drop in a Ski Trab or Plum Race toe; however, those may alter the release value of the binding.
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Question from Mauri
Broke a Haute route toe piece this weekend (pic included), the timepieces sheared while I was skiing hardpack. It will likely be warrantied (only 6mo old) and am also debating replacement options before an expedition. Comparing them looks like the Trofeo toe piece is very slightly beefier and is built so the baseplate might limit movement in the toe piece wings a little better? Curios on your thoughts for a replacement toe piece to limit this from happening again. I don’t want to remount because I already have inserts for the toe piece incase this happened.
Answer from Will McD
Hi Mauri, sorry to hear about your toepiece, that's definitely not something we see often! The Trofeo does have less material machined off of it to save weight, but there doesn't seem to be a difference in the amount of material at the specific spot where yours broke, so it's probably sixes as far as durability at the wing pivot. Generally speaking, ATK toes have great durability and I wouldn't expect this to happen to the replacement, but because you have inserts installed you could bring an entire backup toepiece on your trip if you want the extra peace of mind. If you do decide to switch to a different brand, Plum and Ski Trab both use the same hole pattern.
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Question from Michael M
Looking for some input on creating some franken bindings...

I have a pair of the older Hagan Core 12s with front brakes from 2020. They have a standard older Dynafit mount pattern at the toe. They are pretty standard tech toes, different than the current Raider toes.

Anyways, I broke one of the toe brakes and I'm having a hard time sourcing a replacement for the 120 mm toe brakes. I was considering replacing the toes with the Trofeo toes. They have the same mount pattern and look effectively the same. I'd save some weight and use leashes. I'd also shim the toe as I prefer a flatter ramp than the current setup which is 11mm pin delta.

Any reason not to do this? I don't see much effective difference in the older Core/Raider toes and the Trofeos. Same mount pattern. The only thing I'm considering is a higher toe clamping force own the older bindings. They're 116 mm wide pow skis FWIW. Thanks.
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Micheal,

When mixing different brands and models of bindings, there is the possibility of getting release values that differ from the indicators, so we don't officially recommend it.

However, the Cores are made by ATK, and their toes all tend to have pretty similar release strengths, so you shouldn't have much issue with that setup. You may want to get them release tested to be sure.
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Question from Bob
Are the spare ATK Trofeo toe pieces you are selling the ones with the newer riveted toe wing pivot axles or the ones that are friction inserted (ie. one hole for the pivot axle). Thanks
Answer from Jeff
Bob, I did some searching, but I can't find anything about any changes to the Pivots. All toe wings have press fitted axles. Like many, the ATK is wider at one end, so they can only be pushed in or out one way.
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