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The basic premise behind Booster Straps is simple: your boots are designed to flex forward, why shouldn’t your power straps naturally allow that? Most stock power straps are constructed of static materials that have no capacity to turn your forward motion into energy. Booster Straps instead use a sturdy elastic band that provides progressive feedback the more you pressure your boots.

It turns out this improves the performance of ski boots almost universally, making them much more responsive to the input they receive from you, and producing more power as a result. First used by World Cup Ski Racers to gain a competitive edge, Booster Straps were also found to eliminate “shin bang” experienced by park skiers and freeriders, and are now used by many skiers to improve their day-to-day skiing.

Here at Skimo Co, we’re fans of this technology, and we think there’s further potential in the world of touring beyond simply adding or replacing the power strap on your current boots. A Booster Strap could be used as a field fix for a blown buckle (no offense, Voile Straps) and we’re intrigued by the possibility of a full-on cuff buckle replacement in leaner boots like the Fischer Travers CS, Scarpa F1, Salomon MTN Summit, and others. We’re excited to see and hear how you use your Booster Straps!

Booster provides additional information on installation and usage on their website. Please refer to the following chart to choose a model. If you are between models, Booster recommends opting for stiffer.

Booster Strap sizing

The following table lists weights for each model. Weight is per strap, not per pair.

Model Weight
Intermediate 65g
Expert 73g
World Cup 75g

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Questions & Reviews

Do you guys have any experience replacing all cuff buckle straps (both cuff cam buckle and the stock power strap) with Booster straps on light touring class boots (Scarpa F1 LT, Technica Zero G Peak, etc)? I replaced the upper power strap on my F1 LT's with an expert booster this season and definitely have felt the gains in progressivity have been worth the minor weight penalty. A little leery of taking off the main cam buckle (and just running the Booster strap) as it covers so much surface area on the front of the boot. Whats your guys experience?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Brendan,

That isn't something we've tried! Not sure I would recommend it. The idea with the booster strap is to add some progressiveness at the top of the boot, to allow you to flex into it a bit more, but you still have the support of the rigid buckle underneath which locks your leg/ankle into the boot. Making that part stretchy as well might yield a bit too much stretch/flex in a way that could be undesirable. But you could certainly try it! If you did do that, I would definitely want the stiffest possible booster model for the main strap.
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