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Contour Cross Country Skins

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Skinny skins for skinny skis. Yes, these are officially skins for (backcountry) cross country skis, but they can also be great for skimo missions with long approaches without much vert. Use the amazing mohair from Contour (the inventors of mohair skins) for great reliability when traversing and doing gentle climbs. On the durable side of mohair skins, these have sticky glue and will last as you glide your way to success. Of course, these are also perfect for wider cross-country skis when you’re plodding around the woods. The Contour Cross Country / Backcountry skins are a simple, affordable solution for getting around the snowy world.

  • Adjustable tail clip comes installed and sits flush, even on rounded tails. 50mm only
  • Folding clip lets you fold the skin over a square buckle and keep the tip in place.
  • Alternate parts are available such as wider tip buckles and a clip for thicker tails.
  • Includes a trimming tool and stuff sack.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from fsv
How adjustable is the tail. Will these fit 205 or 210 Fischer Transnordic 66?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi fsv, there's about 20cm of adjustment in the tail strap. The entire skin length can be made shorter by moving the tip bracket lower, folding, and trimming the excess skin. It's got a nifty tool-free clip that holds the skin tightly around the tip bracket.

So it can be adjusted shorter to fit a 205/210 ski easily.
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Question from ron
I have a waxless cross country ski that is slightly contoured and a max width of
63 mm can I use the 50 mm for it.
Answer from Patrick C

Those should be a fine match as long as the ski isn't any skinnier than about 52mm at it's slimmest point.
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Question from John
Can the 50mm x 210 Contour Cross Country Skins be cut down to a shorter length?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi John,

Yes you can! Simply remove the folding clip, unfold the skin from the vario buckle (fancy name for the tip loop), and trim away. For other skin build questions, feel free to reach out to!
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Question from Molly
What is the width, length of these skins?

Answer from jbo
Hi Molly, the width is the first number in the drop list. We are currently stocking the 50mm wide skins.
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Model: Guide Cross Country

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