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Tip & tails is the name of a chute in Wolverine cirque, a prominent feature in the Wasatch range. It’s also the primary concern of skiers trying to fix skins to their skis. Contour makes several such kits that could be just what you need to skin to the top of the chute.

Tip Fix with Rivets - Simple buckle holder that accepts the Vario Buckles from 75mm to 115mm. Includes hammer rivets to semi-permanently affix to the tips of your skins.

Vario Front Clips – Tip attachment system that allows you to swap in various wire buckles and notch or hole adapters. Minimum buckle width is 75mm.

Vario Buckles – 50, 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, or 115mm square-wire brackets that slide over ski tips. Snap into the Vario Front Clips for a swappable system.

Vario Z-Wire – Wire clip adapter for the Vario Front Clip that fits in K2/Fischer-style tip holes.

Folding Clips – 75-115mm clips that secure metal bracket tips and reinforce the folded skin.

Rubber Top Fix – Elastic rubber tips for use with fixed tail hooks.

Velcro Tip Buckles - Replacement Velcro tip buckles for the Contour Easy skins.

Adjustable Tailclip Set – Adjustable strap & clip set with the rivets to hammer them on.

Tail Clips – Replacement tail clips for the Adjustable Tailclip set.

Slim Tail Clips - A slimmer version of the Tail Clip that works better on thin skis.

Tail Hook Set – Two simple metal clips and the rivets to attach them.

Shark Tail Hooks – Simple metal tail clips that can be attached by hammering teeth together.

Glue Tube – 75 milliliters of Contour’s finest spreadable stick-‘em.

Skin Cutter – Basic "letter opener" style skin cutter with a bonus ruler.

Carry Bag – Simple Polyester bag to store skin, featuring nylon webbing handles and a spot for your name.

Microfiber Stuff Sack - Storage sack for your skins that includes a microfiber cloth on one side that offers an easy way to wipe off your ski bases before re-applying skins for a second lap.

Protective Mesh – 120mm or 140mm wide skin-savers. Also called skin-pro or cheat sheets, the mesh protects your glue during storage.

Transfer Tape 125mm - The easiest way to revamp your Contour glue. Just iron on, peel away, and watch them fly. Or stick.

Offset Hybrid Cutter - Gives you the perfect cut without the need to reposition the skins on the base. Included with all Contour skins.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from John
I am interested in potentially using the Contour Kids skins but ideally would like to be able to use the skins for several different ski lengths over a few seasons as my kid grows. My understanding is that these kids skins have no tail strap, but if I wanted to add a tail strap could I use the tailclip set listed here?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey John, you can absolutely add the Adjustable Tailclip Set to those skins, and going without a tail strap will make it able to be used with more ski lengths!
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Question from Shelby
Hello! I have the Sportiva skins from sourced from pomoca with the k2 z clip system. One of the tip clips broke off during a transition and was unfortunately left behind. Which of these products do I need to get to replace the clip? Thank you!
Answer from TSB
Hey Shelby, wow, quite a number of ski companies involved in one product! We typically stock a Z-clip from Pomoca but are currently out of stock. Keep an eye on the Pomoca skin parts page for a re-stock if you'd like to grab a replacement.
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Question from John Helleberg
Do these clips fit a Pomoca skins? Or what is of the strap these clips fit?

Answer from Jeff
John, the folding clips are used when just folding the skin over a buckle. Will hold the skin on better with a more finished look.
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Question from Ray
Is the "tip fix with rivets" priced as a pair or just one? Thanks
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Ray, they’re sold as a pair!
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LCC Skier (used product regularly)
If you are part of the Skimo Co following, you probably enjoy going for big tours with race-style gear. What you very likely do not enjoy is having your ultra-lightweight skin setup fail. Adding these hooks to the back of your race-style skins gives you a bit more security and reliability, which is something I greatly appreciate when using lightweight gear in the mountains. Best of all, installing the Shark Tailhooks is so easy; just line the hook up in the position you want it and smack it with a hammer! I purchased one pair of Shark tailhooks last year, and I liked them so much that I bought another pair this year.

P.S. The shark tailhooks weight 8g per hook. Just in case anyone was wondering ;)
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Question from Andrew
Atomic Backland 95 pre-cut skins, tail clips:
The bent sheet metal clips that came with these skins are very cheesy and have two little teeth that are supposed to grip the skin when the clip is crimped onto the tail. They keep coming off, bending, and generally being uncooperative. Would any of the other tail hardware you sell work on these? (thin white, hybrid) Thanks!
Answer from Jeff
Andrew, Yes, you can use the Tailhook set with rivets. They won't come off like the crimp on style.
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Question from Brian L
How well do the velcro tip attachments work across skins? Do they only stick to the hair side? I can't imagine velcro sticking to the glue side?
Answer from jbo
Hi Brian, these are just the prickly Velcro side, with tip buckles. They require the fuzzy side to be already sewn on the skin, like on the Easy kits from Contour.
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Question from Kevin
Looking for a tail clip that works best for notch on a 2017 dynafit ski? Guessing either standard or narrow? Also, how wide of rubber strap are they designed for? Thanks
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Kevin! Yeah, standard or narrow will work just fine. They're designed for their proprietary rubber straps though, are you using other straps for these tail clips? The Contour straps are much thinner than Black Diamond or Pomoca straps, so if you are using any other skins than Contour, it's definitely recommended to use the same tail clips that came with your skins.
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Question from Gregg
Which side of the skin do the contour tail hooks attach? In other words, is the metal attachment piece on the glue side or the fiber side? Thanks.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Gregg, doesn't really matter too much, it'll work either way. I prefer to attach them on the glue side. It helps the skin peel off the tail a bit better and if the tail of your ski is pretty thick then attaching them on the glue wide will give you more height within the clip to work with. Sorry for the long answer. Short answer: glue side!
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Question from Joe
Are the adjustable tail straps stretchy?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Joe, yeah they have a bit of stretch to them, but not much.
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Comment from Greg K
A 3.5mm hole punch works well for punching the holes for the riveted tail hooks. You can likely find a revolving leather hole punch (revolving through multiple sizes) at your local big box hardware store.
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Question from Martin
I have some K2 skis and would like to use the holes in them to attach my skins. If I understand correctly, the vario front clip with the hole adapter will be the equivalent of the tip attachment that are on the skins that K2 sells? Do you also sell an equivalent to the tail clip that are on the K2 skins? if so, which one is it?
Answer from jbo
Hi Martin, yes the hole adapter is designed to work in the K2 tip holes. The tail clips are the same as the Sportiva ones.
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Question from Matthew M
I ordered some 50mm buckles and the front clips, they don't seem to be compatible. Is there a different front clip that will take the smaller 50mm buckles or should I cut these front clips and rig it to work?
Answer from jbo
Hi Matthew, 65mm is the skinniest supported by the Vario Frontclips. The 50s can be used by folding the skin over the bracket and sewing or riveting to itself. Happy to send you a return label for the clips.
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Question from wil
I'm interested in the Contour Rubber Top Fix, replacement skin attachment for ski tips. My question regards the size/width of 85mm. Is that the width of the skin? Or, is that the width of the metal loop that attaches to the tip of the ski? Please advise.

Answer from jbo
Hi Wil, that is the width of the metal bracket that attaches to the ski tip.
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