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Designed to follow the popular Century pant (remember the "pant of the century"?), the Crazy Idea Avenger pants have some updated trimmings and colors, but in form and function are essentially the same thing. The Avenger pants are designed for comfort and functionality while exerting yourself in a wide range of conditions, making these pants the favorite Skimo Co softshell bottom. With wind-and-water-resistant material on the front of the legs, and lighter, breathable material on the back, these are made for upward endeavors. The knees and the bottom of the legs are made of reinforced material, so when you get sloppy with the crampons your pants may live to see another day (depending on how sloppy you get). An internal elastic waistband can be adjusted via an external lanyard and clamp, keeping you nice and aerodynamic on the up and the down. If you need a durable, functional, and comfortable ski touring pant, the Crazy Idea Avenger pants are the best choice to keep you smiling for many skin tracks and sunrises to come.

  • Silver Magic reinforced material on the knees and bottom of the legs extends the life of your pants and is strong enough to hold up to whatever abuse you throw their way.
  • Elastic waistband with internal drawstring will keep these pants on and where they're supposed to be and will stretch to accommodate the holiday weight surge.
  • The whole pant is treated with DWR, keeping you dry and warm no matter how many times you spill your breakfast on the way to the trailhead.
  • Two diagonal zippered front pockets are joined by a new pocket, running horizontally and located on the right aspect of the wearer's derriere.
  • Gaiters on the back of the bottom cuff are designed to accommodate boot buckles and climb/ski levers.

Update 2023/24: This model was replaced by Crazy Idea Flame Pant.

convert to ounces
358g [M]
Ventilation N/A
Pockets 2 hip, 1 back zip
Waist Elastic w/ cinch cord
Cuffs Elastic w/ zips
Specs Verified Yes
Fit Athletic
Materials   Knee Protection Silver Magic, Thermo Lite, Crazy Endurance, Polyamide Yarn
Insulation N/A
Seams Overlock stitch
Lining Very light fleece
Coating DWR
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski touring, other mountain sports
Notes Reinforced knees, cuffs
Bottom Line Well-thought-out touring and mountaineering pant
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Questions & Reviews

Question from ScSe
Discontinued? Or more on the way? I'm looking for (another) medium in black. Thanks.
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Scott, renamed, but not discontinued. This pant will be the "Flame Pant" in its next iteration. We're planning on restocking at the beginning of next season!
Answer from ScSe
Okay, thanks. What would be a current equivalent? Something to tour and train in, but not race-tight or baggy-annoying? You know, Goldilocks pants?
Answer from jbo
Hi Scott, there are two other pants in this category that are softshell in the front and "fleecy" in the rear: the Dynafit Speed DST and the Millet Pierra Menta.
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Ian C (downright abused product)
According to little-known historical record, archaeologists discovered these pants preserved in ash following the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. From that point onward, these leg huggers have reappeared across the history of the Italic Peninsula, offering warmth and breathability alike to figures as diverse as Alighieri, Da Vinci and Versace. Thanks to skimoco, they are now available to the wider world, and we are all better off as a result.

In all seriousness, I have used these pants on day tours and skimo races between about 10 and 60 degrees F this season without issue. A fairly lanky hombre, the L fits me perfectly through both the waist and legs, though they are definitely on the slim side, and warmer than I anticipated. The material around the cuff is resilient, and the cutouts can be slid over for the Dynafit TLT/PDG style ski-walk with some minor finagling. I would recommend these as a "quiver-of-one" pant for those of us inhabiting the chillier parts of this beautiful planet we call home.
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Question from Vadim

I am 191cm and about 75kg ( so about 6-2/3 and 165lb)
Perfect fit everything Patagonia M. Wear 32x32 or 32x34
Should I go with M or L avenger pant?

Thank you

Answer from Ian C
Hi Vadim, my dimensions are similar and I prefer the Large. The waist and crotch of the Medium are definitely tighter.
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James Orsi (used product regularly)
After wearing these pants (and their accompanying Avenger jacket) on several overnight yurt and cabin trips as well as day tours and training laps, I can say with certainty that they are an absolute game changer. If only I bought these years ago.

I've never worn a piece of outdoors kit that is as comfortable across as wide a range of temperatures and conditions as these pants (and the jacket is equally fantastic). Unless it's a total downpour (which does happen here in the PNW), these are the pants I'm wearing every time I head out for a tour. I also kinda want to wear them around the house and to the office whenever that's a thing again -- they're that comfortable. Is that wrong?

On yurt trips, I wore these from the trailhead until it was bedtime. I didn't want to take them off, and I never felt either chilled or overheated indoors or out. I wanted to wear them in my sleeping bag, but that seemed a little ridiculous.

The range of motion is fantastic, certainly much wider than what my aging joints are capable of. No binding or tugging no matter how poorly I choose my bootpack steps or kick turn gymnastics. They are a trim, European fit, but are in no way restrictive or binding.

The pants have lots of well-thought-out details specific for touring, such as cut-outs for heel mode levers and a zipper to open up or close the lower cuff.

Your benighted friends might mock you for wearing "hipster skinny jeans" (as mine termed it), but you'll have the last laugh after you skin past them and finish the climb staying completely dry and comfortable, while they struggle in their unyielding hardshell leg prisons.
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Question from ted
hi. i have the dynafit dna training paint in small, as well as the mezallama alpha pant in small. i'm a 29/30 waist / 30 length. Is small a good bet for size?
Answer from jbo
Hi Ted, generally you want to size up one size from Dynafit US sizing to Crazy Idea Euro sizing, but it's possible you could get a tight fit in the small.
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Rocco (used product a few times)
They should call these Magic pants. Perfect maiden voyage in the Wasatch. Magic combo of lightweight stretchy warmth with magic breathability. Upper 20 degrees overcast w snow flurries.
I am 6’1” 205 lb. wear 34x34 pants and the fit is perfect.
Reply from Jeffrey R
XL fit is perfect through the leg and seat. Length is great definitely not short. The waist of size L might be a better fit for me
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Question from Claude
Hi. I am 6'2" and 215 lbs. Would the XL fit me? If not, what would?
Answer from Patrick C

The Avenger pant in an XL will fit tight to the body for you, but can be a good match if that is what you are looking for. If you are wanting a looser fit the Century pant in a XXL will be a great option!

Patrick // Skimo Co
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Question from EAG
Hi - looking for more info on sizing for these and the Century Pant. I'm a 30" waist, 30" inseam. Would that be more aligned to a Medium or Small? Thanks!
Answer from TSB
Hey EAG! Congrats on choosing the pants of the decade...century...millenium?! If you're measuring out at a 30x30 for traditional pants, then the Small would probably be a snug fit on you, with the Medium a bit more relaxed.
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Question from Chris
Hi - Do these have the option for the PDG specific cut-out? Also, how strict is the sizing in regards to weight. I'm "L" on height (6'), but run 83 kilos with a 34" waist.

If not these, curious what you have in stock that accommodates the PDG at my size.

Answer from TSB
Hey Chris, the Avenger doesn't have the PdG side cut-out option, though its predecessor the Century did! I would recommend bumping up to a size XL if you wanted a slightly more relaxed fit, or the size L to be extra-aero. And, apart from the Centuries, I'd look at a race-style tight like the Dynafit DNA Training Tights.
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