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These bottoms hold the title of “pant of the century”. If someone points out that’s not a real competition, we’ll just say there must have been a bad translation from the original Italian. In any case, the Century Pant from Crazy Idea builds on centuries of Italian leadership in clothing design. An athletic cut with reinforced knees and bonded zippers make it a great mountaineering pant. The Century hits the key zone in warmth and flexibility, between a race suit and typically heavy touring attire.

  • Athletic fit with modern styling is the height of European fashion…now in the U.S.!
  • Elastic waistband also has a drawstring so it’s a cinch to get a snug fit, pun intended.
  • Two side pockets with bonded zippers for stashing keys, camera, you-name-it.
  • Reflective logo and piping make it easier to spot you on camera or from the rescue ‘copter.

Update 2019/20: This model was replaced by Crazy Idea Avenger Pant.

convert to ounces
402g [L]
Ventilation N/A
Pockets Two side zips
Waist Elastic w/ cinch cord
Cuffs Elastic w/ zips
Specs Verified Yes
Fit Active
Materials   Vuelta, Protection magic silver
Insulation N/A
Lining Very light fleece
Coating DWR
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering, other mountain sports
Notes Reinforced knees, cuffs
Bottom Line Impressive Italian design
Compare to other Men's Touring Pants

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$249.95 $199.95

Questions & Reviews

Question from Claude
What is the size numbers for the XXL? I am 6'2" 215 lbs. Would this be right?
Answer from Patrick C

The Century pant in a XXL will be a nice fit that will not be too tight to the legs. I believe you wanted to compare these to the Avenger pant, which will fit you in an XL, but will be more form fitting (tighter). If you have any further questions just let us know!

Patrick // Skimo Co
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Question from BLW
Are Mediums going to be available in November 2019?
Answer from jbo
Hi BLW, the Century has been tweaked and renamed the Avenger. We should have that pant in all sizes next month.
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Question from nicholas k
How do these fit through the thighs and butt? I'm 5'9 and 180# because squats, and I struggle with mediums from a lot of the gear companies being so tight they restrict movement. I'm looking for a pant for touring (obviously) but would also likely use them for ice and alpine shenanigans where the focus is on moving fast and light (i.e. trail runs that require crampons and an axe but also shorts, scrambles at altitude, etc). I'm roughly a 32" waist and 30" inseam otherwise.
Answer from Jeff
Nicholas, Crazy Idea calls these Athletic fit and they are fairly slim through the thigh. Looking through the rack, the Millet Extreme pants seemed like they were roomiest in the thigh and have a vent from the knee to hip that opens up. They are a bit heavier softshell material but have more protective material at the instep for protection from crampons.
Answer from nicholas k
As an update, I got a pair of these and the stretch is incredible! Size medium works for me with no baselayer. The only weird part of these is that the waist is way less stretchy than everything else, so they're a little hard to get on. Other than that, the stretch happily accommodates my thunder thighs, and I think I'm going to be getting a ton of use out of them. Now I'm looking for a lightweight shell pant to carry with these as an extra layer in case of weather...
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Gaper Jeffey (downright abused product)
Great year-round PNW volcano pants! Very durable, wind resistant in the right areas, warm enough but not too warm, and great fit in the medium for me - 155lbs, 5' 8.75". I never wear long underwear underneath. If it's very wet I will wear hardshell pants but otherwise these are what I ski in year-round. I've used mine for 2.5 years and they have much life left. I also use them when cycling in cold weather or rain when measuring race courses for USATF certification (running races not skimo races)
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TSB (downright abused product)
I can't remember the last time I bought clothing at full retail, but I just ordered a new pair of these pants because they're just too good to not wear every day. They're perfect for all sorts of skiing in everything but the most arctic temps or a driving rain, but also for nordic skiing, winter running, fatbiking, shoveling the driveway, etc. Whether I'm hamstering laps at the resort or hunting cold smoke, these pants strike the exact balance between being keeping my butt warm and being rando-tight and breathable for up-tempo days. In the winter I use them with thin knickers underneath or a heavier wool baselayer if it's really cold (they're warm enough for me down to about 0F), then transition to wearing them with a windbrief for spring skiing. What else to say? Waistband is snug but not too tight (I'm 6'3", 180lbs, size XL), pockets are unobtrusive (back one is great for storing gloves when barehanded), cuff opens up big enough to go over any boot but can also zip down tight ... About all I can say on the negative side is that you will irrevocably mark yourself as a member of the rando tribe the first time you show up to aprés at the bar wearing these pants. Make sure you're wearing your SkimoCo hat to seal the deal.
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Nate (downright abused product)
This may be the best pant in the Skimo Co selection. If you're not a reader, that first line is all you need to know. If you're bored, read on...

I initially bought this pant as a warmer, tighter fitting pant for Tuesday night races and days when I would be moving fast with the Skimo Co crew. They have been excellent on all but the absolute warmest days of skiing (May to mid-June in Utah). On cold days the design blocks wind well on the front but stays well ventilated and never seems to build up with sweat. After 2 seasons of use, the original DWR treatment is still going strong and they show very little sign of wear. I have not at all experienced the pilling that another reviewer commented on.

They are without question the most comfortable pants I own, skiing or otherwise. The versatility of the design has encouraged me to use them in several other aspects. I've worn them on long mountain runs in the late fall. Taken them backpacking in colder fall and spring weather. Most recently, I've put them to use as my preferred soft-shell pant for alpine climbing. After many pitches scraping up a granite corner system, they still look great (minus a couple crampon punctures from poor technique on the ice and mixed climbing prior to the corner.)

The Century Pant has absolutely earned it's place in my stable and I'm sure I'll always own a pair from now on.
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Pete (used product a few times)
The front fabric seems to be a nice wind stopper, and the rear is thin and breathable. I've taken off one star simply because the fabric pills easily.

I'm 5'9" 135 pounds and these fit quite well in a size medium, Slightly baggy for ski mountaineering definitely not a skin tight race fit.
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Question from Alex
What size would you recommend for 33/34 waist, 33/34 inseam (I am 6'4" 190lbs)? What is the inseam length on the L and XL? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Alex, you definitely want the XL, which has about a 33.5" inseam. The Large is about an inch shorter.
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Comment from Brian h
These are my favorite touring pants. I've had many others, mainly from Dynafit. I like this material best. They're certainly Euro style so if you're a fat and baggy American who wouldn't be caught dead wearing Lycra shorts while cycling then you should look elsewhere. On the other hand, most of those blokes aren't shopping here.

The cuff material is stretchy and easily fits over boot cuffs and stays put. No need for add-on stirrups, IMO. The zippers at the cuffs tidy things up nicely for MTB approaches and keep the material out of my chain rings. Bonus.

The only drawback is that they don't have a belt. I'm not a fan of drawstrings and have always added a Fast-tex-buckled belt to all of my pants. It's an easy task for any seamstress. One other complaint is that the slash pockets on are a bit shallow but the zip closure takes care of that.
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Anth (used product regularly)
Far and away the best pants I've bought so far. I got these for some longer races (i.e. Grand Traverse) as well as longer/faster tours in the winter and spring ski mountaineering season. I'd say they are more of a super light, very stretchy softshell material that's just a bit fuzzy on the inside than spandex. They've worked great so far and while they do have a zippered cuff that easily stretches over my TLT5s, I'm going to cut/sew some cut-outs so my buckles fit through the pants. Reinforced areas are well placed and durability so far has been perfect. I'd say the fit is pretty on point (I'm 5'10" and 147lbs and went with a Medium). My thighs are a bit more snug than other parts but with the crazy stretch, it still works out well. With a warm baselayer and minimal stopping, I've found them to be fine in below 0 windchill. Impressed!
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Question from alex
I am looking for a light and fast touring pant and these seem like they could be the way to go. I was wondering if you had any thoughts on the century pant vs the millet touring pant or other similar options?
Answer from jbo
Hey Alex, I do. The Millet Touring Shield pant has a thin fleece lining so is warmer (ditto for Dynafit Mercury). The Millet Touring Power Pant is the most flexible/comfortable of the lot, but not as weather/snow proof as the Century.
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Question from Stefan
I'm 6'6" and 200lbs (tall and skinny) my waist is nearly always a size large/34" with 36" inseam in most pants. I see on the size chart that I am an XL but want to know if you think this pant will be too baggy in the waist and bum or if it fits quite tight as I am nearly always too baggy in the waist in an XL pant. Also I don't see a length on the size chart, is this pant longer than comparable models of la sportiva/dynafit?

Answer from jbo
Hi Stefan, these are fairly slim fitting so I don't think there will be a bagginess problem. Most brands would label these an L in the US, as the XL is Euro sizing. Might be a height problem, but probably not in ski boots. There are no comparable models that I know of to these.
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Eric (used product regularly)
These are awesome. Super comfortable. I've been wearing them skiing and around the house non-stop. A little heavy for harder training days here on the coast (where it is warm) but comfortable for training and skiing in the mountains. The zipper cuff fits over my race boots and TLT6s and the reinforced knees and crampon patches are a nice touch. I wish they had a cargo pocket for my beacon but that is my only complain. Fit true to size. Well worth the $.
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Question from Joey
These pants look like they're really long. Are they long enough that they would cover the gap in a pair of Aliens, and stay down? I'd love to find a pant that has stirrups like a skin suit because I have the size 30 aliens, and the gaiter is made only in one size, so I can barely get them on the boot. I don't see any pants like what I'm looking for, but maybe these would work without stirrups?
Answer from jbo
Hi Joey, I guess they are long if you're short and short if you're long :) Happy to measure the inseam for you. They also appear strong enough to sew a stirrup onto and cut out buckle holes.

There are actually 2 sizes of the gaiter, but the Large encompasses sizes 27-30 so may still be small for the 30. For pants with stirrups, check out the Dynafit PDG & Sportiva Syborg pants.
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Question from George
I am looking for a race pant (non-tights) that would work for longer races (Power of Four/Grand Traverse). How about the Century? I am 6', 170 lbs., 32 waist, 33+inseam. What size?
Answer from jbo
Hi George, I think this pant would be great for that usage. It moves really well for non-lycra. I just put together the size chart which seems spot on. I am similar in size to you, and the large fits well.
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