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Named after one of the “big three” skimo races, the Mezzalama Jacket from Dynafit was designed for it. In other words, long, cold races and/or training sessions. Of course, any kind of skiing can be considered training, so feel free to just keep it your pack. It’s “filled” with 100g of Polartec Alpha insulation, which is the most breathable type. “Filled” is in quotes because the jacket is certainly not a puffy. It’s a light layer that has insulation in key spots, while remaining thin and flexible in others. The back is unfilled and mesh, so you won’t overheat under your pack. And if the snow starts falling or the wind kicks up, you’ll appreciate its repellency and resistance-y, respectively.

  • Rip-stop nylon treated with a durable water repellent blocks the wind and snow.
  • 100g of Polartec Alpha insulation keep your core and arms warm yet able to breathe.
  • Pre-shaped sleeves of adequate length are capped with thumb holes and elastic.
  • Polyester mesh back helps keep you ventilated under your pack, on the move.
  • Skimo Blue color is embroidered with the Skimo Co logo.
  • Perfectly matched with the Mezzalama pant.
convert to ounces
350g [M]
Ventilation Mesh under-pack
Hood Yes, elastic closure
Pockets 1 chest stow
Waist Elastic
Cuffs Elastic w/ thumb hole
Specs Verified Yes
Fit Athletic layer
Materials   Ripstop nylon, Polartec alpha fill, polyester mesh
Insulation 100g Polartec Alpha
Lining None
Coating DWR
Skimo Co Says
Usage Long, cold racing. Mountaineering
Notes Insulation where you want it, mesh where you don't
Bottom Line Actually functional insulation
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Questions & Reviews

Marek Z (used product regularly)
I use this jacket very often for running, biking, skimo, hiking - you name it. Jacket is breathable and also blocks the wind quite well, dwr impregnated so protects against some light rain showers. Very lightweight and packs up into the chest pocket. Jacket could be a bit longer similarly to its womens version.
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mbillie1 (used product regularly)
This thing is a game changer! Perfect warmth over a skinsuit on truly frigid days, or over a lighter wicking shirt on normal pre-dawn ascents. Some ability to block the wind (I still bring a shell), and can be used on the descent. Much, much lighter than a normal puffy. It probably won't keep you warm if you're just standing around, but boy... I've worn this every day I've skied so far this season, and a number of colder trail running days for the descents prior to winter. It doesn't even stink (yet)!

I've got this year's version which has two hand pockets, I kinda wish I had the single chest pocket that doubles as a stuff sack as I can't imagine ever actually putting my hands in the pockets (not wearing this around town), but whatever. A very awesome jacket, one of those things that instantly becomes an every-day item for me at least.
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TSB (used product regularly)
Dynafit apparel has been fairly hit-or-miss in my experience, so I've been happy to learn that this jacket is a significant hit. (Not surprising, really, considering that it's geared toward the hard core multi-day racer who puts a lot of wear and tear on her/his kit; the Dyna-fitting that's disappointed me has been semi-casual/semi-baggy, not the race stuff.) I've worn it out skiing or coaching basically every day since I got it, either as an outer shell on 30-40F mornings or as an insulating layer for colder days. Since it's light and breathable, I never feel like it's overkill, but it's considerably more windproof than a hardface fleece would be. Sleeves are wondrously long (oh Euro sizing, how I love thee!) for poling or reaching up to open snowy roof racks, body is slim but not "tight," and the hood is helpful for wind. Two gripes: the size L doesn't reach far enough below a backpack hip belt, so it's prone to tugging out when you jam skins in the front of the jacket. Two, chest pocket (only pocket) is way too big and items fall down to stomach level and will swing around uncomfortably.

Lime Punch color will earn you admiring glances from people who spell "randonnee" correctly, but your significant other might implore you not to wear it out in public.
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Question from PCK
Hi there I'am looking for a Mezzalama POLARTEC® ALPHA® Jacket Men in European size S (46).
In the size chart it is not clear to me if the size is European S (46) or USA size S (Eu size 48/M).

What do I get if I order Mezzalama Trojan size S. ?

Kind regards.
Answer from jbo
Hi PCK, our sizes are listed in US sizing, so selecting S will be a EU M.
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Question from Tom
Does the Lime Punch color really have two different sleeve designs in terms of the panels? In the photo the jackets right sleeve has the lime color go all the way to the cuff, while the left is shorter with the same design as the other color options.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Tom. Interesting. I just checked and the sleeves are identical. Looker's right (wearer's left) is the correct sleeve and the right mirrors that.
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Question from Brian h
There's no way to tell which color is Trojan and which is Lime Punch.
Answer from jbo
Hint: Trojan looks like horse puke.
Answer from Trace Leches
*unless the horse puke you're used to is bright green and blue.
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Alexander N (used product regularly)
A great jacket that works well for both races and backcountry use. I like to move fast on the skintrack when in the backcountry, and thus I tend to rely on my own heat to keep me warm, i.e., I dress very lightly, often just silkweight base layer and softshell. For colder days, or for times when you'll have to stop more, this is a great option. The material is just windproof enough, and the insulation is just thick enough, to make you feel warmer in colder weather without causing you to sweat. And if you do sweat, it's Polartec Alpha so it'll dry quickly. For me, it might getting pretty close to the idea softshell.

The jacket really got a test last weekend at the Northwest Passage Rando Race- air temp in the morning when the race started was -15F. I skied the whole race in my suit with this on top, and I was comfortable the whole time, even started to sweat a tiny bit at times.

One small note- the hood is not helmet compatible by design and I have found it to work best under your helmet.
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Eric (downright abused product)
New favorite jacket. It's got the same shell material as the Trail DST which is my favourite lightweight wind jacket for training but added in a small amount of insulation on the front for those really cold windy days where you are still moving quickly. It packs up tiny into the breast pocket and is a perfect 'just in case' layer. Also this and the pant are actually the lightest possible options for carrying during the Mezzalama race - and they are nice to have! We had conditions that were cold enough for pants and jackets as well as thick leather gloves - something I've never had to do in a race before! Hood fits well and the cut is athletic.
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