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Attention, ski evolutionists: while the eye-popping colorway and customary packed snow performance of the DNA 3.0 has been passed onto the DNA Pro, a new subspecies has emerged that we have dubbed the DNA 4.0. Although “playful,” “fun,” and “dynamic” are not descriptions commonly applied to race skis, Dynafit's DNA 4.0 is here to set the record straight. It does this by incorporating a wider shovel for those race days in which powder decides to make a surprise appearance. Just as crucially, an additional 10 millimeters of tip rocker will keep racers atop that delightfully three-dimensional medium of “freshies.” Beyond these profile signatures, top and bottom layers of unidirectional carbon infuse these skis with plenty of tensile strength and energy, compensating for material removed from the Paulownia isocore. With time, we think natural selection will reveal the innate advantages of the DNA 4.0 ski over the competition.

  • Sidewall cap construction shrugs off unwanted impacts.
  • Isocore Paulownia Ultralight woodcore keeps weight to a minimum from the inside out.
  • Widened shovel and extra tip rocker contribute to a fun, easy-turning ride.
  • Intended to bridge the ultra-light construction of the DNA Pro with the enhanced skiability of the Mezzalama 2.
  • Much easier to ski with tired race legs than the DNA Pro.
Lengths (cm) 153, 162
convert to ounces
650g [153]
670g [162]
Weight (pair) 1300g [153]
1340g [162]
Dimensions   97-64-78 [153]
98-64-79 [162]
Turn Radius   20.0 [153]
20.5 [162]
Skin Fix   Tip notch
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Camber, enhanced tip rocker
Shape   Continuous single radius with wider tips
Construction   UD Carbon tip and bottom layers
Core   Isocore Paulownia Ultralight
Skimo Co Says
Usage Having fun in skimo races
Notes Enhanced skimo reliability
Bottom Line Friendlier offshoot of the DNA branch
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Aaron O
Why are these lighter than the DNA Pro?
Answer from Niko M
Hey Aaron! On average, the DNA 4.0 is 70g lighter per pair. Thanks!
Answer from Aaron O
I saw that, I was wondering why?
Answer from Niko M
Hey Aaron. My apologies, I missed the "why" part! The Pro has a longer and thicker capped sidewall construction. This also suggested that the Pro is slightly thicker throughout its core as well. The differences are quite subtle. Thanks!
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Corey G (used product regularly)
Dang, bought these two weeks ago for full price and now they are sale. Otherwise, they seem to be a nice ski. Lightweight for skinning uphill, and seem to do well on the downhill. Have skied a wide range from groomed surface to moguls and powder and they seem to be doing well.
Reply from jbo
Hi Corey, thanks for the feedback. I just updated the price on your order to match current.
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Question from brian
So which ski: DNA 4.0 or the Mezzalama? They look very similar. I see the Mezzalama is a wee bit heavier: is that just for more durability? Thank you
Answer from Andrew C
Brian, both are great skis and have the same shape that features a lot more sidecut than traditional race skis. The difference is in the construction, the Mezzalama has a slightly heavier wood core and fiberglass, and the DNA 4.0 has more carbon. The durability should be the same between the two.

The heavier weight of the Mezzalama means that it is going to be more damp, whereas the DNA 4.0 is going to be one of the lightest skis in the class. I've found in softer snow, the skis feel the same, but in firm snow, the Mezzalama is noticeably more damp.

I'd recommend the DNA 4.0 if your main priority is racing at a competitive level and you still want a ski that is quite fun and easy-going on the down. If you're looking for something geared more towards objective skiing or big days in the backcountry and don't mind the slight weight penalty when you're racing, the Mezzalama would be great.
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Barry B (used product a few times)
Stiff but not too stiff, straight but not too straight, crazy light! So easy to skin, surprisingly stable on the downhill at speed, and doesn't require a ton of input to drive (at 60kg I don't have that much input to give). These are the first true race skis I've owned though I have spent some time on an old pair of PDGs and a newer pair of Aski Stealths. I'm sure you can find another ski that's better at any one aspect like skinning or downhill speed or ease of skiing, but if you're looking for a more balanced ski this might be the ticket. Exactly the tradeoffs I wanted in a race ski!
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Question from Alberto
Hi everyone!
Can you give me an advice?
Answer from Jeff
Hello Alberto, Skimo is always available for advice.
Please email us at
Answer from Alberto P
I started ski mountaineering two years ago with my uncle's Trab Aero WC Flex 70 ski bikes. This year I would like to change and buy a new pair of skis. Since I weigh 60 kg and I am 173 cm tall I am thinking of buying softer skis. I am undecided between the ski trab wc (flex 60 - and take advantage of the withdrawal of old skis) or buy these Dynafit 4.0. The intention is to do some races this year, such as the transcavallo light. Any advice is welcome! Thank you very much
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