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Skiing's heritage as a practical mode of winter transport now lives on in Grand Course races. These are European multi-stage affairs in which racers traverse valleys, glaciers, and other serious mountain terrain. If you are lucky enough to find yourself on one of these alpine escapades, you’ll be happy to have the Dynafit Mezzalama 2.0 strapped to your feet. This ski amplifies the skiability of its predecessor by increasing the tip rocker and widening the shovel. As one might expect, this larger sidecut entails a shorter turn radius for racers who prefer not to straightline down the mountain. Diving inside the skis, a full Paulownia wood core surrounded by a carbon-fiberglass laminate lends to its responsiveness and dampness. On long enough days (or nights), tired legs are an inevitability, and it helps to have a friendly (and fun) ski to cruise into the finish. You can prepare yourself for the worst and even enjoy yourself too with the Dynafit Mezzalama 2.0!

  • Paulownia speed core renders these skis poppy and compliant.
  • Fiberglass layer with carbon stringers soaks up vibration at speed.
  • Widened tip with a healthy dose of rocker keeps turns fun and intuitive.
  • Favorite ski of multiple Skimo Co staff members at a demo for all ski categories.
Lengths (cm) 153, 162
convert to ounces
735g [153]
795g [162]
Weight (pair) 1470g [153]
1590g [162]
Sidecut   97-64-78 [153]
98-64-79 [162]
Turn Radius   20m [153]
20.5m [162]
Skin Fix   Tip fix
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   230/240mm tip rocker depending on length, full camber
Shape   Single radius with larger sidecut
Construction   Fiberglass layers with carbon stringers
Core   Paulownia Speed Wood
Skimo Co Says
Usage Grand Course racing, adventure touring, fitness
Notes Slightly heavier version of the DNA 4.0
Bottom Line Friendliest downhill performance among Dynafit race skis
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Andy
While looking for a race ski that would do well in the Grand Traverse and have some enjoyability on the downhill I'm also wondering if this ski handles off groomer snow well since I like to have a little more versatility in a ski. Would this work for crusty, punchy, or crappy snow one would find on more mountaineering style missions, long Uintas walks, or spring volcano adventures? Is the extra weight of Blacklight 74 maybe more worth it for the versatility?
Answer from Emmett I

The Mezzalama would be a good choice for you. The wider shovel will help in less-than-ideal snow, but it is still a race ski. Steep, firm snow can be a bit nerve-racking on race skis, and they tend to struggle with breakable crust and crud. They'd make a great volcano ski, and a great ski for Uintas excursions.

The Blacklight 74 would give you more confidence in steeps, and a bit more control in variable snow. If you don't mind the extra weight for the racing side of things, they'll be more versatile for light and fast touring than the Mezzalama.
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Question from Tiff
What is a good skin for this ski? I’ll use it mostly for training but I will do a couple races this year?
Answer from Jeff
Tiff, to match the tip notch, use the Race skin. For just a bit more grip when training on ice, you could do a Pomoca Grip.
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Question from Pavlisa D
Hello, Would You please be so kind and tell, where is the difference between old model of Dynafit / mezzalama (predecesor, which I have it...), and these new one. Thank You, Regards
Answer from jbo
Hi Pavlisa, this is a very different ski with a new shape and construction. These have more sidecut and require less input to drive them. Less stiff and more fun.
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Question from Nicole
I’m 5’9, 150 lbs. what length dynafit mezzalama ski would be better?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Nicole,

Either length will work based on your dimensions. Also, both the 153cm length and 162cm length will have similar turn radii. The 162cm length will be a smidge more stable at speed at the expense of more weight on the way up. If you are competing in USSMA or ISMF sanction races, the ISMF has the following requirements for skis:

"with metallic edges covering at least 90% of their length, and a minimal width of at least 80 mm in the front, 60 mm under the boot and 70 mm in the rear part; ski length must be of at least 160cm for men and 150cm for women.The skis will be measured according to the method «Rolling»."

If you plan to compete in the women's division, a shorter ski will be advantageous with regards to weight on the way up.
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Question from Darrin
Hi there!
I have tried my best to be self sufficient here but I can't find any general guidelines / recommendations on choosing between the two lengths of these skis. I am sure there may be some preference in here but the use would be less for resort uphill race type stuff and more long backcountry tours like the Grand Traverse and the training for that...
Answer from jbo
Hi Darrin, with race skis most folks target roughly the ISMF minimum length allowed. That is 150cm for women and 160cm for men. Those lengths work well enough for most folks on long tours. There are a few models such as the Trab Gara Aero with longer lengths available but that is fairly rare.
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Model: Mezzalama 2

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