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Dynafit Speed Turn Binding

Brand: Dynafit
Model: Speed Turn
Availability: Discontinued

Dynafit historians rejoice. The new Speed Turn is an amalgamation of the classic TLT Speed and the soon-to-be-classic Speed Radical bindings. With an old-school Speed-style climbing bar affixed atop a modern Radical housing, the heel pieces have three climbing positions and a full 25 millimeters of adjustability to accommodate multiple boots. If you’re not a fan of the flap-style risers and yearn for a simpler rotational design, the Speed Turn could be for you.

The toe pieces are of classic 5-hole design, with the minimalist metal front plate supported by a plastic mounting base. The toes feature both skiing and locked-out skinning modes along with a crampon receptor for those icy spring mornings. This is the classic design that can still be seen going strong on 10+ year-old skis of backcountry stalwarts.

  • Classic climbing bar with plastic nubbin offers 2 riser positions along with a flat-on-ski mode.
  • Radical heel base has 12.5mm of fore/aft adjustment, much more than the TLT Speed’s 3mm.
  • Locked uphill and unlocked downhill modes on the toe provide a balance of safety and security.
  • Crampon slot molded into the plastic baseplate lets you affix Dynafit style ski crampons.
  • Separate lateral and vertical release adjustments scale between 4 and 10 independently.
  • Comes with a Guide Leash so you can opt to not lose a ski down the mountain.

Speed Turn vs Speed Radical

Weighing approximately the same, the Speed Turn and Radical primarily differ in the riser mechanisms, operation of which is a personal preference. To change riser heights with the Speed Turn, you need to rotate the heel piece in either direction versus flipping the risers into place as with the Radical. The Turn is also missing the Power Towers on the toe pieces, which can make stepping in a touch harder. The simpler design will save you $50, however.

-> ounces
Weight (pair) 712g
Boot Compatibility Tech
Brakes Leashes included
BSL Adjustment 25mm
Riser Heights 2 + flat
Vertical Release Adjustable 4-10
Lateral Release 4-10 or locked
Crampon Ready Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Chromoly & stainless steel, high strength plastic
Skimo Co Says
Usage Classic touring
Notes Anti-rotation grooves
Bottom Line Classic design at a great price
Question from Nicholas
Is it possible to replace the climbing bar on the speed turn 2.0, with the step climbing bars from a speed radical?
If so, do have that part in stock?

Thanks, N
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Nicholas, thanks for reaching out. Not really, mostly because the roof for the Speed Radical isn't available separately. There are, however, a few aftermarket options for you, but none that will give you the highest riser option, only the middle height, flat mode, and ski mode. The Maruelli Click-Clack riser is an aftermarket upgrade option that is pretty sweet and has a spring loaded riser so it's easy to flip with a pole. Plus it looks sweet. B&D also makes a roof / plate that just screws onto the top, minimizing weight and optimizing simplicity, but it is designed to act more as a replacement rather than an aftermarket upgrade and you lose the max riser height.
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by Yaspar K (used product regularly)
They are light, they are simple, they are elegant. But they are tricky little buggers to turn! I am one of those terminally retarded folks who can't figure out how to turn them with a ski pole. I can make all the turns except the final turn into ski mode, at that point the pole gets stuck. Sigh. They also have the fundamental Dynafit hangup: there is no way to release the heel, you must release the toe, exit the binding, turn the heel, then click the toe back in. While you're fiddling with that your buddies on telly gear are 100 yards down the trail.
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Question from Emmie
Hello, will these be compatible with BD Swift boots? I've asked BD techs and they said yes and dynafit has said probably not as not Dynafit inserts. Any thoughts. Thanks E
Answer from jbo
Hi Emmie, they should work fine, but have them tested before use to make sure the inserts are in working order.
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Question from John
Hey guys
Do you have any tips for turning the heel without unclipping your toe? Is it just trying to get your pole tip in there and torque on it? This seems to be pretty hard to do. Do you happen know if there are any videos out there of someone who does this well?
Answer from jbo
Hi John, I've seen a video of popping out of the heel using a Whippet, though that's an advanced technique. If you mean just changing risers, bend down and turn it :)
Answer from Spindogg
I think the problem I'm having is when reaching down the heel is too hard to turn. I'm envisioning this to be even harder in a skimo race when I need to do it 10+ times in a race. Is the difficulty in turning the heel due to the DIN setting? If the din is lower would that make it is easier to turn? And is it ok to turn it in either direction or only clockwise?
Answer from jbo
Hi Spindogg, the Speed Turn isn't ideal for racing; a binding with simple heel flaps is faster. And yes there is a relationship between the release value setting and the force required to turn the heel. You can rotate them either direction.
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Question from Josh Marvel
How does the heel unit compare to the Speed Classic in terms of pin height and length? I seem to remember that the speed classic has slightly shorter heel pins than the radical series, and those heel pins are also lower to the ski than say the speed radical resulting in a lower delta. Is the speed turn identical to the old heel unit in these ways?
Answer from jbo
Hi Josh, the heel pins are a few mm higher and a couple mm longer in this version vs the TLT Classic.
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Question from Alex
Hi: I was under the impression that Dynafit has launched a super simple binding like this one but with a brake option. Is that correct? Also, does this binding have a slot for a crampon or how would I use a crampon with this binding? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Alex, you might be thinking of the Superlite 2.0, which is stripped of fully adjustable release and flat-on-ski modes. Yes the Speed Turn (and the Superlite) have crampon attachments.
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Question from Kurt (hasn't used product)
Curious if these will work with a Salomon Quest Pro TR110 2014/15 boot with toe plates? I'm new to this AT game, but like to downhill also and can't spend mucho money for many boots :)Thank you!
Answer from jbo
Hi Kurt, those boots have tech fittings so there shouldn't be a problem.
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Question from Lace
will these work with BD Factor 130s?
Answer from jbo
Hi Lace, unfortunately not. These require tech fitting in the boot soles.
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Question from michaelT
I want to use these bindings on a split board. I wonder if they will fit between the pucks mounted on the board for the down hill binding. Is there a spec sheet or something I can look at to see if they will work with my set-up?

Answer from jbo
Hi Michael, I wasn't able to get a design doc, but here is a crude trace.
Answer from Nic B
I run the toe pieces on my split with great success. I don't think you'll have room for the heels between the pucks unless your feet are tiny or your stance is super wide, or both.
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Question from Chris
This is a great price. And as someone who has had problems with the rad heel (cracked top piece), I can appreciate the simpler design of the heel. But I wonder about the durability of the toe for someone my weight (200 lbs.). My questions is whether or not people my size are reporting any issues with prerelease on these toes? I know the power tower makes it easier to step in, but it also seems to hold the boot in better? Is this accurate?
Answer from jbo
Hi Chris, this is the same toe piece that was on the Vertical series that folks of all sizes used. In theory there is some pre-release benefit to the Power Towers but it is hard to measure conclusively.
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