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Dynafit ST Rotation 7 Binding


Finally, a decent touring binding for juniors and lighter adults! While many binding manufacturers brag about their bindings going up to 18, Dynafit can brag about this one going down to 2.5 on the release scale. This is novel for tech-bindings, and the ST Rotation 7 opens up the lightweight touring world to juniors while also servicing young adults, small women, and even men with a reliable option. The toe piece is built on a rotating plate which allows for smooth lateral release at low values. As a side benefit, this means Rotation 7 has a lower ramp angle which makes it easier to control shorter skis. Dynafit never forgets usability, of course, so the binding is easy to use. Retract the brakes, spin the heel 90° to tour mode, and now you have access to a proper flat mode as well as two spring-loaded risers. They are big enough that you can use a pole to flip them up/down and don’t have to bend over every time to adjust to the terrain. The Dynafit ST Rotation 7 is the best entry-level tech binding while also being refined enough for wise old skiers to appreciate.

  • Hub Centering toe piece auto-aligns for easy step-in.
  • Baseplates underneath the toe minimize ramp angle for improved skiing.
  • Speed Step risers are easy to flip into place with a pole.
  • 22mm of boot-length adjustment encourages lending gear to your friends (if you can trust ‘em!).
  • Gliding AFD on the brakes reduces friction for consistent lateral release.

Update 2019/20: Now available with 100mm wide brakes.

Update 2021/22: Dynafit went with a lighter aluminum toe piece and renamed this binding the Rotation Lite 7.

convert to ounces
587g [92mm]
Weight (pair) 1174g [92mm]
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   82, 92, 100
BSL Adjustment   22mm
Riser Heights   2 + flat
Vertical Release   2.5-7
Lateral Release   2.5-7
Crampon Ready   Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   7075 Aluminum, steel pins, high-strength plastic
Skimo Co Says
Usage Backcountry groms, wise old skiers
Notes Hub-centering toe makes it easier to step into
Bottom Line Best choice for lightweight backcountry skiers
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Jen
Hi, I have a ski with a width of 97 underfoot. Could I get away with the 92mm? It seems to be all that is available. Thx!
Answer from Jeff
Jen, Looks to me we do not have any of this model left.
Here is the new version of this binding - Rotation light. And yes, a 92mm wide brake could work on a 97mm wide ski.
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Question from Matt
New to touring, sorry if this is a basic question -- are these compatible with GripWalk boots (for instance K2 Mindbender 120)? I'm gathering not but I'm also not sure where to find the information on this page. Thanks!
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Matt,

For pure tech bindings (i.e. rely on the traditional tech fitting interface), the sole does not play much of a role in compatibility, as the boot is suspended between pins, and does not actually contact anything outside of the tech inserts. Bindings like the the Salomon shift, or a hybrid binding like the Marker Kingpin have more specific boot compatibility. So, long story short, Your Mindbenders are compatible with the Dynafit ST Rotation 7!
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Question from Jason
Setting up rig for winter overnight expeditions. How will this binding hold up for a 185lb male pulling a sled¿
Answer from Will McD
Hi Jason,
I would take a look at the higher-releasing version, the Rotation 10 or the Rotation 12. You can use our release value calculator to get an idea of what DIN settings you will need to be able to set the binding to.
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Eric S (used product regularly)
Superb binding for lighter / older people. If you don't need >7 (I don't), then I see no reason not to prefer these over the Rotation 10/12. They are lighter, and the gold anodizing is nice.

They have some elasticity in the toe, and this is noticable (in a good way) vs. older/simpler bindings. For a full on backcountry binding or a 50:50 binding (resort/backcountry), this is a very solid, easy-to-use choice.
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Question from Doug
Will the 82 break fit an 87mm ski? Seems like the 92 Break would hang way over. Thanks, Doug
Answer from Cole P
Hey Doug, an 82mm brake could fit on an 87mm ski with some bending, but also I don't think that the 92mm brake will hang over the edge enough to catch when edging. If you are comfortable bending the brakes that far you should go with the 82mm. If you want to play it safe the 92mm brake will be fine.
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Question from Eric S
Guys, on your "mind the gap" page, it says that the heel gap for Rotation 7 is 5.5 mm.

Cripple Creek says 4 mm. I've written to them to double check this. I am pretty sure you're right, but it's perhaps worth checking so no do-it-yourselfers get injured.
Answer from jbo
Thanks Eric! Oh, we've checked ;)
Answer from Eric S
Cripple Creek has corrected their site. 5.5 mm
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Question from Wendy
Should the 100 mm breaks work on a 100mm width ski?
Answer from jbo
Hi Wendy, should and will!
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Question from david
for a 98 width ski, I assume you would recommend the 100 width brake. correct?
Answer from jbo
Hi David, yes, that width would work great!
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Question from Alisa Mast
would this work with a ski width of 95 underfoot?
Answer from jbo
Hi Alisa, yes, the 92mm brakes should get around that size ski without issue.
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Model: ST Rotation 7

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