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Voile Splitboard Skin Parts

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Repair your Voile Splitboard skins. You may also make a custom set using your favorite parts from Voile and material from one of the many rolls we sell.

Tail Clip Kit - Everything you need to securely connect the tails of your skins to your splitboard. Includes rivets, attachments, tail straps, and clips.

Tail Clips - Replacement aluminum tail clips to attach skins to your split. Works with Voile Splitboard skins or the Tail Clip Kit above. Sold as a pair.

Tail Straps - Replacement tail straps for Voile skins and tail-clip kits. Available in 10in or 15in lengths. Sold in pairs to accommodate both halves of your split personality.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Nate H
Will these tail clips fit over older Black Diamond ski skin tails?
Answer from Jeff
Nate, These are designed for the Voile straps and splitboards.
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Question from Zach
Do the replacement straps come with rivets or some other way to attach?
Answer from Emmett I

The replacement straps don't come with any rivets, they are meant to slide into place between two plates which are riveted together, as in the Tail Clip Kit which we're out of at the moment.
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Question from Jonathan
When will the 15” strap be available? Or just looking to find a strap of similar length.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Jonathan,

Unfortunately, we will not be seeing any more 15in tail straps this season. If you have further tail strap questions, reach out to us at!
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Question from Devon
I have older Voile Split Decision skins for my board. They have a Black Diamond logo on the sticky side. Not sure if I should use this kit or the Black Diamond kit. Will you help? Also, do you sell Glue Renew?
Answer from Tim
Hi Devon,
We are unfortunately sold out of this kit at the moment and only have straps and clips around. Although, I would recommend the Black Diamond kit for you anyway, so you're in luck.

As far as Glue Renew goes, we are out at the moment, but should be getting some more Black Diamond glue in March.

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Question from Jacqueline
Will these splitboard tail clips work with other tail straps (like some tail straps for skis- I have G3)?
Answer from Patrick C

These tail clips will not work with G3 tails as they are slightly wider than Voile tails. The same goes for other companies as the Voile straps are fairly narrow. Hope this helps!
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Question from Bartlomiej Knapp
What is the length of straps?
Answer from Nate
Hi Bartlomiej, from the metal bracket to the furthest adjustment hole is 28cm and to the end of the strap itself is 37cm.
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Model: Splitboard Skin Parts

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