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Hallelujah, it’s raining toe pieces. G3 is now selling toe and heel pieces separately. Taking a long hut trip and don’t want to risk gear failure that’d end the trip? Maybe you dropped your skis out of your roof box and only the toe piece broke? Lost a ski in avalanche? Fear not, spares are available. Choose your model in the drop list, from the various ION flavors to the new Zed. All G3 toe pieces are priced and sold individually. Toes do *not* come with screws or toe shims, which can be found here.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Scott
I am buying a new Zed toe - I over “snapped” the plastic piece to lock my toe in for skinning, and when I attempted to knock it back, it snapped on me.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening/ fail safe or a better way to return the lever safely back into place after over “snapping” it...
Answer from Julieana
Hey Scott, there could be a couple reasons for this malfunction. You shouldn't need to lock the toe past the first notch when you're touring, if you were attempting to lock it out further that potentially could have put too much torque on the lever. Alternatively it could have to do with what boot you've got. If the sole is too thick that can put extra torque and strain on the binding in tour mode. If you'd like to get into more detail feel free to email us at help@skimo.co or swing by the shop!
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Question from Eric S
Are you guys going to get the Zed toes back in stock?

I have this idea of replacing my Salomon Mtn toes with some Zed toes, while keeping the MTN heels.
(I love the MTNs, but find the toe frustratingly hard to clip into which is annoying on steeps).

Am I crazy?
Answer from Jeff
Eric, We only have ION toes on this page and haven't had ZED toes for sale. From experience of the MTN bindings on many different Demo skis, I have personally found it to be about the Easiest toe to step in. But probably only stepped in on flats. Stepping into almost any binding on the steeps can be challenging, unless you made yourself a good platform.
Answer from Eric S
Thanks for that feedback, Jeff. I am perhaps being overly blaming of my tools, rather than technique. Even so, I've found other bindings in the past a little easier to step into in such situations. But probably I should leave well enough alone!
Answer from jbo
Hi Eric, it can depend on the boot as well. Some boots may not step into certain bindings as cleanly as others, and it could be the reverse with a different binding.

We should have some ZED toes in the fall.
Answer from Eric S
Thanks JBO. For the record I'm in TLT6's. But I should compare with my Scarpas before deciding anything.

This is all on my mind because my ski came off on a steep slope the other day (yup, summer volcano skiing) and it freaked me out. However, it was the heel, not the toe that released, probably because I run my heel DIN lower than the recommended setting, a habit I evidently oughta change.
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Question from wtofd
Hi, can you confirm the weight of a single Zed toe with screws?
Answer from jbo
Hi wtofd, the Zed toes weigh 124g + 6g for screws.
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