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** UPDATE 2021/22: We have moved all Hagan touring brakes to ATK Ski Brakes, since they are made by ATK. If you have a Hagan Ultra race binding, check out our separate listing for ATK Race Brakes.

Core / Ride - The Core and Ride 10 bindings were kinda cool because they had unique front brakes that don't interfere with the heel-release mechanism. If you're switching skis and need a new brake size, one of these brakes should help. These are now known as ATK Front brakes.

Pure / Core Pro - The Hagan Pure binding and the Core Pro binding use more standard heel brakes with integrated anti-friction plates (AFDs). The brakes have a locking mechanism on the side that keeps the arms retracted for touring. Pull the lock to go skiing. These heel brakes are now listed as ATK Crest / Raider brakes.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Aaron L
Am I the "Pure" version of these brakes will fit a 2020/2021 Pure 8?
Answer from Will McD
Hi Aaron,
You are correct, the "pure" version is what you want for that binding.
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Question from Surfbone
So can one pair the Pure / Core Pro brakes with say Dynafit Speed Radial?
Lassen was epic last weekend...
Answer from Jeremy L
Surfbone, thanks for the question. Glad to hear the California volcanos are holding up and skiing well. The Speed Radical will not take the Hagan brake but it will take the Kreuzspitze tech brake which we have in a few different widths.
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Question from Wayne
I have a set of ATK R12 bindings with 97mm brakes. I want to use these bindings on a 104 ski. Would one of these brake kits work with my bindings and ski width?
Answer from jbo
Hi Wayne, the Pure / Core Pro brake will work, ideally in the 108mm width. Looks like we might be out of that width, unfortunately.
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Question from Jonathan Poole
Hi there

I’m looking for some advice on the correct brake width for the Hagan core pro 12 on my Kastle tx90 skis.

I want to make sure I order the correct width on your website.


Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Jonathan, thanks for reaching out! Here are the brakes you need!
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Question from Matt
Do you have any more of the Hagen brake labeled Z01/Z02 Brakes?
Answer from Teddy Young
Unfortunately, both of those bindings and the ZO2 Junior brakes have been discontinued, and there aren't any more available for us to order. My apologies for being a dead end here! There's a chance that some individual retailers may still have some in stock, so it could be worth calling around, but unfortunately I don't have any good leads on that at the moment.
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Question from Fedor F

I'm looking for the Core breakes 97 and 102 mm. Please let me know when are going to have them. Also I saw that ATK is selling SPARE BRAKE CAPS KIT for these brakes. I recenly broke one plastic break cup on my breakes and I can’t find them anywhere. Are you going to have them some day?
Answer from Jeff
Fedor, We will be restocked this coming Fall. Thanks for pointing out the spare brake caps, I sent a suggestion to order those too.
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Question from Yayi
Hi, does the pure brakes compatible with hagan z01 bindings?
Answer from Cole P
Hey Yayi, these are only compatible with the Hagan Pure binding, the Z01 binding has its own brake labeled Z01/Z02 Brakes.
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Do these Hagan z02 brakes come as a pair?
Answer from Jeff
These are sold as pairs.
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