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While you should never compare yourself to others, you can definitely compare the Raceborg II against its predecessor. Losing the cable-actuated ski/walk mechanism and instead using a more traditional design, the Raceborg II is quick to transition and gains reliability relative to its forebear. The 75° range of motion and light carbon fiber cuff make for an excellent climbing platform while the rigidity of the carbon fiber cuff keeps the boot stable for the downhill. Because La Sportiva doesn’t believe in “analysis paralysis,” the Raceborg II has four forward lean options at 14°, 16°, 18°, and 19°, letting you fiddle to find the “ideal” setting till your heart’s content. On top of this, the Grilamid lower shell can be punched and stretched, offering customization to those with difficult feet. Finally, the Spider Ratchet Lacing system, while not for those suffering from arachnophobia, allows the instep strap to evenly distribute pressure over the top of the lower shell, helping secure the foot for demanding descents. Terminating the competition, the Raceborg II allows you to attack the uphill with reckless abandon while still offering confidence-inspiring downhill performance. You can almost hear the boot saying, "Come with me if you want to win."

  • Two-piece Ultralon liner offers customization and comfort.
  • Ergal aluminum ski walk lever and lace attachment across the cuff are quick and reliable.
  • Spider Rachet lacing system provides even tension across the instep, making for a comfortably snug fit.
  • 75° of motion (35° back / 40° front) will make the skin track fly by.
  • Four forward lean positions of 14°, 16°, 18°, and 19° allows for individualized customization.
  • La Sportiva Racegrip sole is ISMF compliant and provides reliable traction in icy spots.
  • Stretch gaiter is abrasion and water-resistant, keeping the snow out of your boots.
  • Toe and heel molding is compatible with most automatic crampons.
  • S4 EVO Inserts help with quick step-in to Ski Trab bindings.
convert to ounces
734g [27.0]
758g [28.0]
Weight (pair) 1468g [27.0]
1516g [28.0]
Buckles   2
Boot Sole Length   277mm [25.5/26]
287mm [26.5/27]
297mm [27.5/28]
307mm [28.5/29]
Binding Compatibility   Tech only
Cuff Rotation   75°
Forward Lean(s)   14°, 16°, 18°, 19°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Grilamid shell, Carbon Fiber & Grilamid cuff
Liner   Two piece Ultralon
Sole   Racegrip
Skimo Co Says
Usage Rando racing, speed touring
Notes Grilamid lower is receptive to boot work if need be
Bottom Line Excellent update to an excellent boot
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Vladimír Sopko
Hello I used to have Syborgs at size 29. Will Raceborg at size 29 fit me as well?
Answer from jbo
Hi Vladimír, most likely. I found the Raceborg to be slightly narrower & lower volume in the forefoot but it's the same length.
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Question from Barry B
Any change in fit from the first generation?
Answer from Jeff
Barry, if you look closely, the lower shells look identical. So fit is the same. They have a new gaiter and liner.
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Kacper (used product a few times)
Hi, my initial impressions after using this boot since end of Dec '23 and doing ~10k vertical meters. I compare this boot with Aliens 1.1 where possible

Fit (4/5):
- I have mid-wide feet (but quite narrow heel) and I struggled at the beginning, this boot is noticable narrower and lower volume than Alien 1.1. I purchased Dynafit thin racing socks and it did the trick, forefoot width is not the issue anymore.
- Personally, low volume heel in Raceborg is more comfortable than Aliens, this boot might be good alternative for those who struggle with Aliens
- Upper part of bikini liner (foam that goes around the leg) feels much more comfortable than tongue + foam combination in Alien 1.1
- I still feel a bit of ankle pressure but it's manageable. Overall it seems the fit is getting better and better

Build quality and durability (2.5/5):
- This is the most concerning part
- I lost upper cuff bolt once already (fornutately easily replaced at my local shop)
- Liner already started to show visible signs of wear, protective stickers (both those sticked as a default and additional ones) fell off almost immediately. I found that silver tape in vulnerable places makes better job at extending the life of the liners but I suspect i will need to look for replacement quite quickly
- Upper part of bikini liner (foam) also shows some small tears, but not very concerning, at least for now
- Personally I like there is no BOA as I have recent experience with cable snapping during skiing (Scarpa F1 LT this time)
- I hope the wear will stabilize in longer term, but build quality seems to be better in Aliens

Uphill (5/5):
- In theory the boot is tad lighter than Aliens (I did not weight them) but that's too little of a diff to notice. Both boots are extremely efficient. I prefer Raceborgs as I was not able to use full potential of Aliens due to poor fit
- I never tried full carbon boots, therefore I'm not able to compare this boot with the ~200g ligher counterparts (stratos, alien 3.0, gignoux) but actually would be interesting to learn if this diff is noticeable as Stratos/Alien 1.1 feel already super light

Transitions and Downhill (5/5):
- Transitions are extremely efficient, I do not have any issues with ski/walk lever but I also did not have opportunity yet to test it in some extreme conditons (ice accumulating on the mechanism)
- I'm not the best skier, but It feels bit easier to ski than aliens. On the other hand, I expected it to be less stiff than Aliens due to lack of a tongue, but it feels similar, even better due to better fit/lower volume in lower shell (I struggled to achieve good fit with BOA)
- I'm yet to check how it drives wider skis, but not surprisingly works great with 65mm

Look (5/5): I like it a lot ;)
Reply from Emil Č
Hi Kacper, I want to buy RB2 but I'm concerned about durability of gaiters in the area where cuff is touching gaiter during walking. The spot where shell is glued with gaiter next to the rivet. I have tried boots in the shop and noticed there are already significant scars on both sides. Can you please check your boots how they look like after some usage? TY
Reply from Emil Č
Btw. the best tape to patch liners is sail repair tape. It's water resistant, more durable than standard silver tape, holds well in wrinkles and do not peel of while bending. Survived washing machine without peeling off.
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Question from Kacper R
Does anyone have any experience with using this boot already? I'm curious how does it compare (uphill/downhill) with Aliens 1.1 which I own but are killing my feet unfortunately (blisters around heel + uncomfortable rubbing around the calves).
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Kacper,

While I have not skied in them, I can give you some impressions from trying them on side by side. The Raceborg is slightly wider around the forefoot than the Alien, and a little tighter around the ankle. It's possible that it would give you a bit better heel hold. I do think that the lower closure of the Raceborg holds the foot in the heel pocket a little better. In terms of instep volume, they are very comparable.

In terms of the ski mode, the Alien is stiffer and the full tongue feels a bit more supportive. The Raceborg feels a bit more progressive, it bows out a little more around the ankle when you flex into it.
Answer from Kacper R
Thanks Carlos for a quick reply. Based on your observations, it seems encouraging, as I had problems with Aliens to tighten them up to keep heel in place but retain forefoot comfortable (or even with any blood flow :))

I ordered Racetrons II so I'll give them probably a try once they arrive and if initial fit will be OK. I also hope that due to foam that goes around the upper it will be more comfortable there as all border points between back foam / tongue were problematic for me.

I'll do some update here after initial usage
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Question from Aaron O
How high does the lower shell go? Does it cover the ankle? I have bonespurs on my ankle and appreciate that the Scarpa 1.1 does not go up above ankles.

Also, can you include a pic of the liner? Not sure I can picture what the 2 piece liner looks like?

Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Aaron, the shell is fairly low cut for high range of motion, similar shape to the Alien 1.1. The high point of the lower you can see in the product image near the cuff is about as tall as it gets. I've attached a picture of the liner.
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Question from Jonathan M
I am thinking of switching from my Alien 3.0s to the Raceborg II boots for comfort reasons. I am wondering what the downhill performance difference of these two boots are. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
Answer from Jeff
Jonathon, The Raceborgs are a bit wider and can be punched, so will be more accommodating then a full carbon boot.
As you know, the Alien 3.0 are Very Stiff, and the definition of a Non Progressive boot. With a regular Grilamid lower shell, you will have a softer and more progressive flex. In short, will be easier to ski.
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Question from Ben
Is there any difference compared to the original Raceborg other than the updated ski/walk lever/mechanism thing? Why did the price go up by $800?
Answer from jbo
Hi Ben, aside from the lever and color changes, Sportiva infused some carbon into the lower shell to improve the downhill performance. They are actually charging the same amount for the "2" as they originally did for the "1", we just had a lower price point on the previous edition (did not buy at the original price as we deemed it too high). This version is more competitive in price v. performance.
Answer from Ben
Based on the photos it looks like there is also a higher gaiter with the new version, is that correct?
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