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Marker Kingpin Boot Adapter

Brand: Marker
Model: Kingpin Boot Adapter TLT
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To use the Marker Kingpin bindings with boots that have shallow heel welts (e.g.Dynafit TLT series), you'll need this adapter. Four screws drill into your boot heel and hold it into place, adding only a few grams and making your lightweight boot compatible with this powerful pin tech/alpine hybrid binding. If you have any questions or are unsure about whether or not your boot requires this adaptor to fit the Kingpin M-Werks, feel free to email or call us and we will do our best to help you sort out what you should do.

Question from nthn
Are these needed to use the TLT 7 Expedition boots with the Kingpin bindings?

Marker says its for the TLT 5 & 6, but doesn't mention the TLT 7. Looks like the heel welts are pretty shallow on the 7's too.
Answer from Jeff M
Nathan, You will need for the TLT7 too. Kingpin Heel Adapter is used on non-ISO 9523 compliant boot soles to enable the use of Kingpin heels.
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Question from Ryan B
From the picture it looks like you can't use standard tech bindings with this anymore?
Answer from jbo
Hi Ryan, yes, that appears to be the case. I don't yet have insight as to why they removed the heel pin slots.
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Question from John Harvey
I have a pair of Atomic Backland boots and keep getting pre-released with the Marker bindings. Would this adapter fit my boots? Thanks!
Answer from TSB
Hey John, yes, the adapter would fit your Backlands.
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Question from Joedabaker
Thanks for the feedback. I now see on the TLT the real shallow heel depth compared to the Vulcan.
Does last years Hoji fall into the same category as the Vulcan, meaning no significant heel hold problems with Kingpin without an adapter?
Answer from Jeff M
Joe, the Hoji Pro is fine to use without the adapter. They have a full heel, just no toe.
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Question from Joedabaker
I own a pair of 30.0 Vulcan boots. Do I need a set of these adapters to use Kingpin bindings with the Vulcans.
I measured the heel ledge is shorter on my Viulcans than my Maestrale boots.
Thanks for your insights.
Answer from TSB
Hey Joe, we haven't seen any Vulcan/Kingpin interface issues. The main problem has come with the Dynafit
TLT series boots, not their more freeride-oriented offerings.
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