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The Movement Fast 85 is the heir to the throne abdicated by the Race Pro 85, the crown of speed touring skis with the divine bloodline of race-inspired construction. Made with an Ultra Light Paulownia Selection core cozily wrapped with Movement's own super secret Ultralight Carbon layup, the Fast 85 inherits the prestige of being among the lightest skis in its class. With more sidecut and a wider waist than a pure race ski, the Fast 85 offers more versatility, float, and enjoyment on the descent while staying true to Movement's heritage of superlight, full-carbon skis. The most significant innovation compared to its predecessor is the addition of CORK-TIP Technology, which is lightweight, helps dampen vibration, and is more eco-friendly than standard plastic-based alternatives. True to its name, the Movement Fast 85 will keep you moving fast.

  • Movement's Ultralight Carbon recipe is a coveted secret that keeps the weight low and performance high.
  • CORK-TIP Technology absorbs chatter at the tip for a smoother downhill experience.
  • Ultralight paulownia wood core is selectively chosen for its lightweight, allowing you to go faster, further, funner.
  • Race edge is light and will help you navigate harder snow with precision.
  • Speed base is fast and dense, kinda like a high school jock!
  • Mounting plate utilizes Titanal and fiberglass to keep your bindings firmly attached to the ski.
Lengths (cm) 154, 161, 169, 177
convert to ounces
845g [154]
910g [161]
965g [169]
1000g [177]
Weight (pair) 1690g [154]
1820g [161]
1930g [169]
2000g [177]
Dimensions   115-85-99 [154]
116-85-100 [161]
116-85-100 [169]
116-85-100 [177]
Turn Radius   17m [154]
17.5m [161]
18m [169]
18.5m [177]
Skin Fix   Tip notch
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Camber with light tip and tail rocker
Shape   Round tip, tapered tail
Construction   Carbon wrap with cork tip
Core   Paulownia wood
Skimo Co Says
Usage Speed touring
Notes More damp version of the Race Pro 85
Bottom Line Race construction built on a wider platform
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Questions & Reviews

Question from HAMISH
Wondering if I want to upgrade to these from my Race Pro 77s, which feel like total noodles for me at 200#. I'm not much of a racer, but enjoy pushing myself at the events. Having a dedicated race setup (Dynafit PdGs and Plum 170s) does make things nicer for the skimo events, but I wonder if the FAST 85 in 177 wouldn't be acceptable as both a citizen race ski as well as a spring volcano ski.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Hamish,

Yes, the Fast 85 would be a bit more substantial and would give you a bit more of a platform for adventure skiing in the Spring. However, there are some mountaineering skis that are still quite light, which will be better performers for you in rougher terrain/difficult volcano conditions. It just depends on how much you want to prioritize weight vs. downhill performance in your new ski!

Some skis to look at would be the  Ski Trab Magico.2 , if you prefer a more aggressive-feeling ski with a longer radius, or the  Blizzard LT 80, which is an excellent mountaineering/race-plus ski with a little bit rounder flex and a touch of tip and tail rocker to make it a bit more slippery. These would both be more substantial-feeling options than the Fast 85, which would be better performers in variable snow, at a small cost to weight. The Fast 85 still takes the crown for light weight and carving performance on piste.

Also from Movement, you could check out the new Alp Tracks 85, which is a stronger, damper construction and a bit different shape than the Fast 85.
Answer from jbo
Hi Hamish, I took the Fast 85s out this morning and I have a pair of Race Pro 85s. While somewhat damper in the tip due to the cork, the ski feel is quite similar. The Fasts are not any stiffer, I find both plenty in that department at 165 lbs.

As far as Carlos' recommendations, the LT 80 is not going to be any stiffer. The Magico.2s would be a good option, and I would add the Zag Adret 85s which are quite powerful which is likely appreciated at your size. You could, of course, stick with the skinnier versions of either of those for more race-crossover potential, which would be the Maestro.2 and Adret 78.
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Model: Fast 85

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