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Whether trying to "beef" up a race boot or create volume in a touring boot, the Tour Lite Evo LV is up for the task. Utilizing a 7mm soft-density (SD) EVA foam with 8mm thick asymmetric padding on the front and rear of the upper cuff, the Tour Lite Evo LV offers a loving cradle for your shin while ensuring you keep the exemplary range of motion found on your boot. The lower is made with 5mm thick medium-density foam, which fits well in low-volume race boots or will offer respite for a large-footed individual, looking for a liner with less heft than their stock boot liner.* Being made from closed-cell EVA foam, the Tour Lite Evo LV is quite thermoformable, allowing for a high level of customization to fit unique and difficult feet. Whether looking for a more “substantial” race liner or lower volume liner for your touring boot, look to the Tour Lite Evo LV.

  • Soft-density foam in the cuff allows for an excellent range of motion.
  • 5mm thick medium-density foam in the foot fits low-volume boots and holds up well to consistent use.
  • Closed cell EVA foam molds precisely to your foot.
  • NeoWrap closure system is fast and lets you snug the liner against your shin.

*Note: Some stock liners may be quite thin while others may not. If you are unsure as to what liner comes with your boot, please check with us!

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Model: Tour Lite Evo LV

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