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Whether trying to "beef" up a race boot or create volume in a touring boot, the Tour Lite Evo LV is up for the task. Utilizing a 7mm soft-density (SD) EVA foam with 8mm thick asymmetric padding on the front and rear of the upper cuff, the Tour Lite Evo LV offers a loving cradle for your shin while ensuring you keep the exemplary range of motion found on your boot. The lower is made with 5mm thick medium-density foam, which fits well in low-volume race boots or will offer respite for a large-footed individual, looking for a liner with less heft than their stock boot liner.* Being made from closed-cell EVA foam, the Tour Lite Evo LV is quite thermoformable, allowing for a high level of customization to fit unique and difficult feet. Whether looking for a more “substantial” race liner or lower volume liner for your touring boot, look to the Tour Lite Evo LV.

  • Soft-density foam in the cuff allows for an excellent range of motion.
  • 5mm thick medium-density foam in the foot fits low-volume boots and holds up well to consistent use.
  • Closed cell EVA foam molds precisely to your foot.
  • NeoWrap closure system is fast and lets you snug the liner against your shin.

*Note: Some stock liners may be quite thin while others may not. If you are unsure as to what liner comes with your boot, please check with us!

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Jacob
I have a Salomon S​/Lab MTN Alpine Touring Ski Boot in the size 281mm. I'm looking to increase my toe box space with a smaller volume liner. Would this liner be acceptable for my boot? And would the size 24.5 be appropriate for 281mm? I believe the 281mm translates to 24.
Answer from Emmett I
Hi Jacob,

This liner would be a bit thin for the S/Lab MTN. Would definitely give you more room in the toe box, but would probably be too thin everywhere else. Might be worth having a look at the Power LT, or a 9mm Intuition Tour Tongue.

281mm is the 24/24.5 mondo in the S/Lab MTN.
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Taylor M (used product regularly)
I bought these as the only real option to replace the stock liners in the Fischer Travers CS boots (the stock liners have horrid durability). These have been a great upgrade and I’ve been super pleased. To mitigate heel lift, I sized down a shell size in the Travers, then did some punching with Skimo to make more room in the sixth toe and around a couple of my toes. So I needed to slick with a low volume liner. These took like 3 tours to break in and they feel great now. They are plenty warm and are indeed pretty low volume. The tongue is a bit higher volume than I prefer though, which has been an adjustment to the effective forward lean that I was used to. A solid liner choice though! Can’t speak to durability but the stock Fischer liners set a low bar to surpass at least.
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Question from Xav
Hi! I have 2 pairs of Alien RS boots, one in 28 and one in 29. I am clearly between the sizes and would like to gain more space in 28 (more volume for toes) and make the 29 tighter (better heel hold). Would the MV liner be the way for a tighter fit in 29 and the Ultra Race liner for more volume in 28?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Xav,

The MV Tour Lite Evo would not take up any more room than the stock liner in the 29. I would recommend a Scarpa F1 LT liner, available  here on our website, for the larger boot.

For the smaller shell, I would go with the Tour Lite Evo LV, the one available on this listing. The Ultralight Race isn't really an appropriate choice for that boot. But remember than when you make a liner thinner, it gets thinner everywhere, not just in the toes. The best way to create room in the toe box will be to do a very aggressive heat mold with multiple toe caps. I would try this before swapping liners, as liners are rarely the correct solution for fit issues.

To discuss solutions in more depth, please email us at!
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Question from scott
hey, I have a pair of atomic backland ultimate (2018) boots. i was wondering if these would work with giving them a little more support than the stock sock-like liner.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Scott,

These would be a great choice for that boot! They will be a similar thickness to stock while being a little bit stiffer in a few key areas. If you are looking to take up any more volume than stock, you could choose the  MV version of this same liner, which is slightly thicker.
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Question from Julie
Hi! I’m wondering how the thickness of this liner would compare to the stock liner in the Zero G Peak. Is it thicker, thinner, or about the same?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Julie,

This one comes very close. It is very similar in the cuff and tongue, slightly thinner/softer in the ankle area but not dramatically. I think it would be a great replacement for the stock liner. If you are looking for a slightly tighter fit than stock, the MV version would be the way to go.
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Question from Mike
Wondering if these are a good replacement for TLT8 Carbonio liner?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Mike,

These would be a great choice for that boot. These LV (low volume) liners will be a bit thinner, good if you have a more snug fit in the boot and aren't looking to change the fit as much.  The MV version will be a bit thicker and will take up a little more space. Both will be nice and supportive and walk well.
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Question from frede
Hello I would like to order a LINER for a dynafit blacklight boot my heel has too much space, would this LINER which is 7mm instead of (5mm dynafit) be tighter and better encompass my heel and ankle?
a big thank-you
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Frede,

The Tour Lite Evo would be a great liner for the Blacklight. The  Medium Volume (MV) version would be thicker and do a better job of taking up space around the heel and ankle. We recommend heat molding all new liners for the best fit and contouring around the ankle.
Answer from frede
thank you Carlos,
do you recommend the MV rather than the LV?
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