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Racing and touring is hard on liners. Sweat builds up; articulation causes chafing. Replace your SCARPA boot liners with a fresh pair, listed below by model.

Alien - Updated Intuition liner that comes with the newer Alien boots (since 2019/20). Also known as the Cross Fit Tour Lite liner.

Alien 0.0 (original) - The original Intuition liner designed specifically for the 0.0 version. Fully heat moldable and has a tongue for easy entry. Velcro closure at the top keeps it tight.

Alien 1.0 (original) - Intuition Light liner is as snug as a sock. In fact, you have to put it on before putting on the shell. Moldable, but thin so you won’t get too much extra room.

Alien 1.1 - Intuition Liner for the 2nd version of the Alien 1.0 that we all refer to as the "1.1" edition here at Skimo Co. Big tongue but nothing in the back.

Cross Fit Tour - Direct replacement for the Alien RS stock liner. Like all SCARPA liners, these are made with high-quality Intuition foam.

Pro Flex Evo - Replacement liner for your F1 boots. Also a great liner for other boots if you want a thinner Intuition liner (as compared to the Pro Tour). Women's version also available for your F1 women's boot!

Pro Flex G - SCARPA's most popular liner, designed for the Maestrale 1.0 boot. Thick, cozy, and fully moldable. Men's and women's versions are available, with the latter having a slightly lower calf for the Gea RS 1.0.

Pro Flex Performance - Wonderfully warm and massively moldable, this is the replacement liner for the Maestrale RS 2.0 boot, blue highlights and all. Women's version is for the Gea RS 2.0.

Pro Flex Touring - This is the replacement liner for the Maestrale (not RS), very supportive and molds well. The Gea liner is available for women.

Tour LT - And also Tour LT Women. These are the liners found in the SCARPA FT LT and LT Women's boots. Typical Intuition foam that also works great in other boots.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Travis Mullen
My Alien RS boots are in need of a liner refresh. I was thinking the new F1LT liner might be just the ticket to help drive skis a little better than the stock ones. Any idea when these might be in stock if ever?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Travis, we should hopefully be expecting some of those liners in by the mid-November time frame. If you were looking for a slightly beefier liner you could also check out the Palau Power LT liner for a little extra stiffness. Let us know if you have any more questions!
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Question from Jonathan
I am looking to replace the liners for my Maestrale RS 2016, and was wondering if there would be any considerable difference in using the liner for the F1 (Pro Flex Evo) vs a packed in Pro Tour Liner?

Thank you!
Answer from Zak M
Hey Jonathan, there will be some difference between the two liners primarily in the thickness of liners. In reality, either could work and it really just depends on what you are trying to accomplish with the fit of the boot. Either of the liners are highly modulable and can make be worked on to accommodate a variety of boot fitting solutions. Let us know if you have any more questions!
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Question from Jon J
How would the Pro Flex Performance work in the F1 LT? Hoping to take up a bit more volume and add some extra warmth and don't mind a little loss of ROM. And I'm pretty sure that the 27.5 would be the proper size for a 28.0 boot, but just want to double check. Thank you so much!
Answer from eric
Jon- You are correct the 27.5 would be the correct size for a 28.0 F1 LT. The problem with the Pro Flex Performance is that the cuff will probably be to thick to fit in the F1 LT. The better option to take up some volume and might be the Pro Flex Evo in the same size.
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Question from Dennis K
I’m looking at the cross fit tour as a replacement for my F1 LT liners. Would you say that these are roughly comparable? One thing I’m noticing is that these lack the Velcro for both the spoiler and the gaiter. Do you have any thoughts on how I might make this liner work for the F1 LT? Thanks!
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Dennis, thanks for reaching out! Luckily, the Cross Fit Tour liner has the tongue velcro for the gaiter, but doesn't have any velcro on the back for the spoiler. A few options could be to glue/sew a patch of velcro on the back of the liner, or use a piece of adhesive-backed boot fitting foam instead of the spoiler.
Answer from Dennis K
Oh cool! That all seems reasonable. Thanks!!
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Question from Travis Mullen
The liners in my Alien RS boots are on their last legs and in desperate need of replacement. Super happy with the fit of my RS boots, but I could stand a little more power on the decent and I have skinny calf and ankles.

I am wondering if the "new" F1 LT boots have a different liner, and if so would that be a good replacement.
Answer from Zak M
Hey Travis, the F1 LT liner is a little beefier than the current Alien RS liner, but we currently don't have those liners in stock. If you were looking to take up a substantial amount of volume you could look at the Palau Power LT Liners which will have a thicker cuff and give better downhill performance. A few other options for taking up the overall volume in the boot could be by using boot foam or boot shims.
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Neil B (downright abused product)
Working hard on the ups keeps our feet hot leading to bad smells in our liners from the accumulation of bacteria over the long haul. Additionally the wear and tear on the liners was amazing (See Photo) Therefore, I picked up an extra pair to replace the liners from my Aliens that had ~100 days on them. Glad I did because the smell in my garage has finally gone away. Glad there is an option to replace, I recommend it.
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Comment from chance c
I am super psyched to be able to purchased a replacement pair of Cross Fit Tour liners for my two year old Alien RS. The original liners held up great for 150 days of non resort skiing, then my wife threatened to call the DEQ to report a hazmat air quality violation ... Thank you Skimo.com all star team for making this possible!

Customer for life

Whitefish Montana
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Question from David R Glennon
I need to replace the liner in a pair of 27.5 Atomic Backland Carbon boots. Seems the Backland 2 liner is hard to get. How do you think a Cross Fit Tour liner, size 27, would do?
Answer from Jeff
David, Personally I think it would be pretty good. I use the Alien RS and that liner is a bit different. Intuition has more dense foam in that you usually fine. They are very thick, but great support and feel. As they are designed for a Scarpa boot, it is a 26.5/27, so will fit in the boot and your foot a few mm shorter.
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Question from Dustin L
Can I use the Pro flex EVO size 27.5 in a F1 28.0 shell?
Answer from Julieana
Hey Dustin, yes you can! The 27.5 and 28.0 shell in Scarpa F1s are the same size, that liner will fit just fine.
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Question from Anthony H
Hi ! Thank you for your quick reply. I had indeed the pro flex performance in mind, but do you have an idea on when it oughta be available ?
Thanks !
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Anthony. Please send us an email to help@skimo.co and we can get an estimated time for you!
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Question from Anthony
Hi ! i'd like to replace my maestrale 2016 liners (ref 285-10609-501/2) and I can't find the original liners. Do you know which ones I could buy ?
(my liners look like that : https://www.skimo.co/image/data/scarpa/pro-flex-liner.jpg ).
I woudn't be against something slightly stiffer for the way down but i'd like to keep the comfort of the original ones. Thanks for your help !
Answer from Zak M
Hey Anthony, your best bet would most likely be the Pro Flex Performance liner which is the liner for the current Maestrale RS 2.0. You could also check out the Intuition Pro Tour Liner which is very compatible with the Pro Flex Performance.
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Question from Shannon F
Hi, I have a Scarpa Gea RS size 24.5. The liner is very beat up, trying to eek another season/2 out of these. Do you have something that might work? I see the Pro Flex Tour (25) and Pro Flex Performance (24) as two options...
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Shannon,

The Pro Flex Performance in the 24.0 size is actually a shell size down from your current stock liners, and will not be a great substitute. I would recommend that you take a look at the Palau Power LT. For more details on fit and sizing, reach out to us at help@skimo.co!
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Question from Leah Martin
I'm looking to replace the liners for my women's F1 - would it be a mistake to get a Pro Flex G instead of the Evo for a little more volume?
Answer from Julieana
Hey Leah, the Pro Flex G isn't really going to fit into that F1 all that well. If you want, you should email us at help@skimo.co so we can get a few more details on how those boots are fitting you and give you the best advice/recommendation for you on how to make them fit better.
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Question from Ben

I'm looking to replace my liners for my Maestrale 18/19. Is there any advantage to getting the pro flex performance as a replacement? I was optimistic they may add a little stiffness in comparison to the Proflex G.

I've looked at a few of the intuition liners as well, but it is unclear what is the best stiffness vs mobility option for the Maestrale. Thanks for all your help. Love the shop.
Answer from eric
Ben- Yes the pro flex performance liner would add a slight amount of stiffness with no negative effects to mobility. The Intuition pro tour will add more stiffness to your current boot, but it might add some extra friction to the cuff when walking.
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Question from Kevin
I'm looking to replace the original liners in my Alien 0.0 (size 28) boots. Would there be any issues using the new versions, listed as "Alien"? Ideally, I would be looking to improve heel hold and not sacrifice ankle mobility. Any major changes to the fit that I should be aware of?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Kevin,

We do not have a direct replacement for the stock liners in your older Aliens. However, we do have a few liners that could work as good substitutes. The Cross Fit Tour Liner under our Scarpa Liners listing, or the Palau Tour Lite Pro Liners share similar characteristics to the stock liner in the older Scarpa Aliens. If you have further questions, reach out to us at help@skimo.co.
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Question from Brent
Would the Pro Flex G liners work as a replacement for TLT7's? The length of the boot is correct, but the lower instep has to be tightened all the way and makes it difficult to buckle the top. I was hoping a thicker liner could take up some of the space. The boot is a 23.5 and I was thinking of getting the 23 liner.
Answer from Zak M
Hey Brent, the Pro Flex G could work alright for the TLT7 but it could be a fairly tight fit. The Palau Tour Lite Pro Evo is one of the more compatible liners we sell for the TLT7. Going with the size 23 liner would also be the right call.
Answer from jbo
Hi Brent, you don't want to overstress the instep cable on the TLT7s, I would also look at a thicker footbed and possibly some boot shims to help with that space.
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Question from Anne Hamill
I have a woman's Scarpa TX Pro boot and I'm wondering what liner I need to replace it with. The liner is black and light grey on the top and says intuition on the tongue pull up strap. My foot is a size 7 and I need a 24.
Answer from Zak M
Hey Anne, the Pro Flex Evo women's liner from Scarpa could most likely work out fairly well or the Intuition Pro tour. I would get the same size liner as your boots in order to get the most accurate fit.
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Question from Dhshannon
I have a pair of 19/20 Scarpa Maestrale RS in 26.5 with stock liners. I have a debilitating amount of pain/pressure on my instep. My instep measures 28.5 from one side of my heel to the other. Extensive work has been done with a good bootfitter. They have suggested trying a thinner/lighter weight liner to give more space above the instep. Could I try something like an alien liner in the maestrale?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Dhshannon,

Thanks for reaching out! I do not think a thinner liner will necessarily solve an issue of instep height for you. It could cause issues of fit in other parts of your boot, and may not be the best solution. Another option would be to fill out our Boot Fitter and we can continue to brainstorm solutions from there!
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Question from Lou
Will the pro flex touring women liners fit in a Scarpa Gea from circa 2015? I’m looking for size 25.0.
Answer from Julieana
Hey Lou, yes I think that liner should work just fine for you!
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Question from cecile elliott
I need new liners for my Scarpa Pegasus (womens). Any suggestions on which one would work for that. I did order a intuition liner but it was to wide at the ankle and coulnd't buckle shell over.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Cecile,

Both the Pro Flex G, and the Pro Flex Performance will work as replacement liners for your Scarpa Pegasus boot. For a third party liner, the Palau Power LT liner is a good option.
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