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Maybe you need a replacement. Maybe you're building a franken-binding. Maybe you just want to lighten up your heels. We won't ask what you do with them, but we will take your money. These are Plum binding heel pieces, priced & sold INDIVIDUALLY. If you buy two, they come in a boxed set. If you buy one, we'll just put a stamp on the top and hope for the best. We'll even loosely tape the 4 included screws to the bottom of the heel. The French instruction sheet will get mailed to the person who buys the other one.

Model Weight (g) Weight (oz)
Race 150 62 2.2
Race 170 85 3.0
Guide 229 8.1
Yak 293 10.3

For matching toes, see our toes listing.

Update 2018/19 Race Heels – Please note the heel pedestals starting this model year are ~2mm taller than previous years.

Questions & Reviews

Jonathan S (downright abused product)
Five Stars for a great component in building your own Frankenbinding, combining the basic Dynafit Speed Radical with a race heel.
I did this with an older Dynafit Classic/Speed toe and a Plum 135/145 heel, which has worked out fine, even after almost 184,000' earned vertical.

This allows you to assemble a setup at the cost of a regular touring binding while still gaining most of the weight savings from a full-on race binding, plus the simple cover-style universally low heel elevator position.

The lateral release value will also probably be a bit lower, given the somewhat lower retention of a regular touring toe (as compared to a race toe with some combination of heavier pincer springs and/or a spring-loaded toe lever).

Just beware that this violates ISMF regs if you have any World Cup racing ambitions.

For a more complete review of the Plum heel specifics, see my review under the Plum Race 145 listing.
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