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Plum Race 170 Binding

Brand: Plum
Model: Race 170
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The Plum 170 binding is the 150 with a built-in 20mm adjustment plate. If you plan on using more than one boot with your setup, this is the version for you. The re-designed toe pieces feature smooth-operating lock levers that have clear stops for skiing and skinning. The heel piece has a simple pin-cover flap for uphill skinning and a can be turned sideways for flat-on-ski skating (shuffling?). All pins are steel with the heels being very resistant to notching. The Plum Race series has become of a standard-setter for reliable racing and adventuring.

  • Built-in adjustment plates let you shift +/-10mm, almost enough for 3 boot sizes.
  • Toe pieces have a lever that is comfortable to grab and smooth to lock/unlock.
  • Shortened heel-pedestal partially compensates for the adjustment plate thickness, keeping you closer to flat.
  • Heels can rotate sideways for flat mode, with the plates preventing a negative ramp angle when skinning.
  • Notch-resistant steel U-springs and a simple heel flap are robust and replaceable.
  • Optional heel risers can help with steep climbs, or removed for a big race.
  • Included machined crampon attachments (+9g) work extra-great with Plum crampons.
  • Meets ISMF specs for racing and many people‚Äôs specs for mountaineering.
  • 100% made in France.

Update 2017/18: Plum redesigned the toe lever to avoid unlocking problems with some boots.

Update 2018/19: All new toe piece, with material moved around to strengthen critical areas and streamline the rest. Plum is now including the crampon receptors with the binding. All our inventory is current.

-> ounces
Weight (pair) 348g
Boot Compatibility Tech
Brakes No
BSL Adjustment 19mm
Riser Heights 1 + flat, optional high riser
Vertical Release Fixed
Lateral Release Fixed
Crampon Ready Optional
Specs Verified Yes
Materials 7075 aluminum, steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, mountaineering
Notes Integrated toe lever
Bottom Line Hard-wearing adjustability
Question from Chris Cawley
Hey you guys,

I (you) mounted up some Race 170s on some Fischer Hannibals last week and have successfully skied powder every day since. So that's great. I'm curious to know whether it ought to feel "easy" or "natural" to rotate the heel peices from flat mode to riser mode. I am finding the rotation to be very tight, such that I can't always do the move with my skis on.

Any ideas?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Chris! Nice, that's a sweet setup! They have a break-in period but are relatively stiff in general. I got impatient and sat in my living room with a wood clamp on the heel piece and spun it in circles for 20 minutes to break some heel pieces in at one point. Otherwise, give them a few weeks and they'll start to ease into their groove.
Answer from Chris C
Now that's some French engineering! Obviously the riser setting is fine for most Central Wasatch applications but I was in the Tetons over the weekend where the approaches are flat.

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Question from Clancy
I'm considering these for a daily, lighter, set up. Boots are Atomic Backland Carbons. And I'm almost set on using the 170 as the binding. The release value is conveniently similar to what my alpine binding DIN is supposed to be. But I'm curious about how light the ski has to be before I need to worry about pre release and other binding issues. Would these work on a 6lb/pair ski like the hyper vector or dps tour 1 cassiar? I ski about a 177-180 length ski.
Answer from eric
Clancy, This binding would be a great daily driver. Pre release is a function of the binding and its elastic travel. It does not have to do with the weight of the ski or the setup. All tech bindings have less elasticity built in than an alpine binding. With that said dropping weight off the binding is an easy way to drop weight from your entire setup. These bindings would be a great match for either of those skis.
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Question from Aidan
Hi, I have some Plum Race 170 bindings that are a three years old and want to purchase the crampon attachment, will both the new and old versions work?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Aidan! It *should* just be the new one, but send a picture to our email address at the bottom of the website or reply to the notification you'll get from this with a picture of the toe piece. Just want to make sure we get you the right one. It'll definitely be one or the other though, not both.
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Question from Leo S
Why are these recommended only for "racing/mountaineering" and not "touring"? Other than the lack of two lift levels, they seem appropriate for touring use to me. Is there a durability concern? Are the toe pins steel?
Answer from jbo
Hi Leo, lots of folks are touring using race bindings these days. But please remember they typically do not have adjustable release values; they may or may not be appropriate for you in terms of release/retention (visit our binding finder for help). This is a drawback for many skiers for general purpose usage. Durability is not more of a concern with these versus other bindings; in fact it's less in many cases.
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Question from Mark
Is it correct that these have the same mounting pattern as Dynafit? I'm in the UK and its pretty hard to source Plum bindings and impossible to find a ski tech with a Plum jig but plenty have Dynafit. Not keen to drill my own.

Also, is it possible to tell pre 17/18 toe pieces from the previous ones that had the issues?

Answer from jbo
Hi Mark, the Plum Guide binding could possibly leverage a Dynafit jig but unfortunately not the race bindings. The hole pattern does not match any Dynafit. It is possible to tell the difference in the lever, yes.
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Question from Chris Cawley
Does the little mounting plate on the race 170 produce a higher heel-toe delta than on the 150? Are shims available for plum toe peices, if I want the mount to be more or less flat? I'd like to get some 150s but I'm not sure I'm going to make it through the season on my current boots...
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Chris, thanks for reaching out. The 170 heel is a mere 1.5mm taller than the 150. Shims are available, though even with the thinnest 3.2mm shim, you'll end up with a -0.7mm delta. The B&D Classic 3.2mm is the one that's compatible if you are looking to shim, but because it's so thin, you'll have to get some alpine screws and grind them down accordingly.
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Question from anthony
Hi, looking at these, the trab titan release adjustable or speed superlite 2.0 for a pair of 171 trab gara aero. Do you know the approximate release on the plums? I like the different heel release options for trab and superlite and need adjustability. Are there significant durability differences between the 3? Plum wins the weight contest but I'm wondering what you guys think would be most appropriate for long distance touring, that particular ski, infrequent racing, and occasional mountaineering. I prefer to ski with a release of around 8. Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Anthony, you shouldn't have durability problems with any of these. The Trab R8 would be closest do your desired value, with the Plum a little higher laterally. The flat-on-ski mode works best with Trab or Plum which might be helpful for long distance touring.
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Question from darrow
Do these come with a mounting template?
Answer from jbo
Hi Darrow, one is not included in the box but we are happy to print one for you and include it with the shipment.
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Question from JP
What exactly was the reason for the 16/17 update on the toe lever? (I have last years version) Are there particular boots that had an issue? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi JP, the levers were difficult-to-impossible to unlock with some boots. We don't have a complete list of models and sizes this affected.
Answer from Aaron O
Just curious - is there any way to fix the impossible unlocking issue? (I am facing it every time I ski) - thanks.
Answer from jbo
Hi Aaron, there is. We have replacement levers that we can send you or we can service your toes if you send them in.
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Comment from tgg
do the plum bindings have a stopper like some of the dynafits for easy toe placement
Reply from jbo
Hi tgg, they do not, but aren't terribly difficult to get into with most boots.
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Question from Corey
After looking on Plum's website, it indicates these binding are not recommended for people over 90kg (198 lbs). Why is that? And what if I'm right at 200lbs without my gear or backpack on? What will my experience be like?
Answer from jbo
Hi Corey, it's mainly listed for legal reasons. If you're not hucking cliffs you'll be fine.
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