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Plum Race 150 Binding

Brand: Plum
Model: Race 150
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Plum invested 5 more grams into the ol’ reliable race 145 binding. The primary return on that investment is a new toe lever that is smoother and easier to operate. Gone are the fiddly-to-mount striker plates that previously decided whether you were in walk mode or ski mode. The new lock-stops are machined into the toe and feel buttery to operate. The lever itself was widened and smoothed of rough edges that could be a pain to grab. Also improved is the optional crampon attachments, which are now machined bits of aluminum that accept Plum crampons from the top (and others with the traditional sliding motion). The heel piece remains the robust design that many folks use on all their mountain adventures.

  • New lever design is better integrated into the 7075 aluminum toe pieces.
  • Heel pieces have a simple flap-riser plus flat-on-ski mode with a 90° turn.
  • Optional attachments are machined to fit Plum crampons better than others.
  • Binding can be locked (no lateral release) or unlocked (lateral release).
  • New optional riser can be plugged into the heel fork if you back it out.
  • Steel heel springs (aka forks) are resistant to notching plus easy to replace.
  • Adjustment plates are available if you need to switch boots in the future.

Update 2017/18: Plum redesigned the toe lever to avoid locking problems with some boots. All of our inventory has the update.

-> ounces
Weight (pair) 300g
Boot Compatibility Tech
Brakes No
BSL Adjustment None
Riser Heights 1 + flat, optional high riser
Vertical Release Fixed
Lateral Release Fixed
Crampon Ready Optional
Specs Verified Yes
Materials 7075 aluminum, steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, mountaineering
Notes Much improved toe lever
Bottom Line Hard-wearing race binding
Question from Chris
Any known issues with these and La Sportiva boots in general? In particular the raceborgs?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Chris! We opted out of the Raceborg, so I can't comment 100% on the interface, but even if you get a bunch of trouble in walk mode, 10 minutes with a grinder/dremel/razor blade will do the trick. To my knowledge, the Sytron and the Raceborg have the same sole though and I tested that combo and came up with zero trouble, so I think you'll be all good as long as you have the newest edition of binding. The Race 150 with the old toe lever is the one that had some trouble with some boots in walk mode, the new toe lever helped that a bunch though.
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Question from GregG
How would these couple with Scarpa F1's?
Answer from Rebekah S
Hey Greg, just tested this combo. There is the slightest bit of interference between the toe piece and the stock boot rubber when the heel is in flat mode, but it's so small that if you stepped in and out of the binding a few times it would probably take care of itself. It's less than many other boot/binding combinations, and as always, a knife will clean it right up.
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by Patrick (used product regularly)
Used for racing and training on atomic ultimate 65s with tlt5P boots. Durability, weight, and looks are all predictable and good. I have the older toe that has known lock/unlock issues, but I've yet to run into any issues myself. The toe lever force for release is pleasantly low, making transitions quicker. The step in force for the heel is also pleasantly low, and I've never had any issues with the heel prereleasing, even with pretty aggressive skiing in races. One complaint that I have about the toe is that for some ineffable reason, it is harder than I am accustomed to to find the right position for step-in. No binding that I own has step-in guides like the radicals, so I'm not used to that. I just find the entry more difficult-- a matter of a couple seconds effort at the most.
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Question from Richard
I recently took these bindings to get mounted for my new Dynafit PDG boot, but the rubber sole contacts the hing points for the toe piece preventing the boot stepping all the way down to the heel peice. Is this normal and can I do anything to ease this? The tech at the shop says he hasn't seen anything like this before and It seems to put a lot of torq and to the tow piece and I don't want to break anything. Thank you!
Answer from jbo
Hi Richard, yep! This can be a problem with a lot of boot/binding combos, but the PDG boots seem to have it more than most (including with Dynafit bindings, but even more pronounced with Plum toes). Simple fix is to remove some sole material in the contact spots.
Answer from jbo
Note I also see you have last season's Plum toes which you might have locking/unlocking problems with.
Answer from Patrick
Side note-- I have TLT5Ps and don't have this issue. Could be more sole wear, but I suspect it's a PDG problem.
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Question from joe j
Hi. Does this heel fit on the kreuz 14mm adapter plate slots? Thanks
Answer from jbo
Hi Joe, yes it does.
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Question from Aaron
When do you expect to be able to ship these?
Answer from jbo
Hi Aaron, Plum has been having some delays on these, not a clear date yet. Good news is the WEPA and Guide/Yak with rear brakes are on the way.
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