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No more sliding! Neither when skinning on icy sidehills nor when inserting crampons. Plum crampons feature a specially designed attachment mechanism that allows you to plop them in place, instead of sliding them on from the side. Hold the crampon vertically to attach/detach it from Plum bindings, and then let it fall into place. The rigid alloy frame with sharp teeth will take over from there, letting you scale otherwise too-slippery slopes. The attachment system keeps the crampon centered on your ski at all times. Mesh carrying case included.

Width Weight Measured Width
80mm 99g 81mm
90mm 105g 91mm
100mm 112g 101mm
110mm 118g 111mm
120mm 124g 121mm
130mm 141g 131mm

* Please note these crampons are only compatible with newer Plum Guide & Yak bindings, plus all Pika, WEPA, Oazo, Summit, and Race 150/170 bindings. For older Guide bindings, check that your receptor looks like the one highlighted by the red arrow in the photo above.

Update 2018/19: Now available in 130mm and 145mm widths for splitboarders using the Pekye or other Plum toes. Note these crampons also work with the Salomon MTN and Atomic Backland bindings.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Pablo
Hi, I know that these crampons are designed to be used only on recent Plum Bindings but, seeing some images, it seems they could do the job also on Salomon MTN or Atomic Backland Bindings. Have you tried it's compatibility? It's possible to use they with these bindings?

Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Pablo, we haven't tried the compatibility in person but Atomic & Salomon have both said that their pin binding uses a standard crampon attachment, which is the Dynafit style attachment. Also, the ATK Ski Crampon would work as it has the same attachment.
Answer from Eric S
Plum Crampons are compatible with Salomon MTN and Atomic Backland, according to the paperwork that came with my MTNs. I have not tried them yet but have them on order and will report back.
Answer from jbo
Indeed Pablo, the Plum crampons work well with the Atomic/Salomon pin binding.
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Question from Ian Dee
Do you have the old crampons for 135's?
Answer from jbo
Hi Ian, Plum didn't make crampons for the old race series, but Dynafit or ATK crampons work fine with those semi-standard slots.
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Question from Ian Dee
I have a pair of skis which are 89 at the waist. Is a 90mm crampon the best size?
Answer from jbo
Hi Ian, yes the 90s would be great for those.
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Question from Nikko

My question will probably sound stupid... Yet, I'll ask it anyway!
I do have a pair of LaSportiva Lo5 mounted with Plum Guide M. I assume I should get the 100mm wide crampons since the underfoot width of the ski is 95mm?
Same question with LaSportiva Hang5 mounted with some Dynafit bindings. I should get the 120mm.

Let me know what you recommend!


Answer from jbo
Hi Nikko, yes that sounds right on all counts.
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Question from Luke
Hi, are these crampons compatible with the Race 170 bindings?
Answer from jbo
Hi Luke, yes, these work with the new 150/170 series using the optional crampon attachment.
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