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SCARPA F1 Boot Anniversary Edition


What better way to commemorate SCARPA’s 80th anniversary than by giving their crown jewel a Ferrari-red paint job? The F1 boot has proven time and again that it deserves to be painted red. The lightweight nylon shell, Pebax tongue, and a 62° range-of-motion give it a spritely uphill attitude. But once you close the Fast Buckle, tighten down the power strap, and flip the ski/walk lever down, all that changes. The tall Intuition Pro Flex Evo liner brings the support up closer to your knee while the Evo tongue and Carbon Core in the shell provide character to the downhill flex pattern. There’s a reason SCARPA chose the F1 to be its only 80th Anniversary product.

  • Carbon Core Tech is built into the lower shell to improve downhill performance.
  • Boa lacing system securely wraps the shell around your foot.
  • Intuition liners are some of the best in the business, up and down.
  • Fast Buckle cuff closure is as simple as it is powerful.
  • Evo Tongue is energetic and gets out of your way when skinning.
  • Vibram UFO EVO soles make scrambling that much easier.
  • 62° range of motion will get you to your objective before you know it.
  • Dynafit branded Quick Inserts ensure consistent binding performance.
  • Only 2500 being made worldwide, get yours now.

80th Edition Goodies: After removing your 80th edition boots from their 80th edition box, you will notice that a few extra goodies were thrown in the box to commemorate the brand’s historic line of success that's approximately 80 years long. Inside you will find a fancy 80th edition boot bag and another 80th edition cloth bag filled with various 80th edition knickknacks and schwag such as an 80th edition pin for your coat, an authenticity certificate that was hand-signed (by an 80 year old Italian boot maker)* at the factory, two 80th edition stickers, and an anniversary club card with a unique code just for you to unlock Scarpa’s special secrets to a moderate amount of longevity.

*We made that up. Any truth to that is purely coincidental but would be cool.

convert to ounces
1248g [27]
1316g [27.5]
Weight (pair) 2496g [27]
2632g [27.5]
Buckles   1 + boa
Boot Sole Length   280mm [24.5/25]
289mm [25.5/26]
297mm [26.5/27]
305mm [27.5/28]
314mm [28.5/29]
322mm [29.5/30]
330mm [30.5/31]
Binding Compatibility   Tech only
Cuff Rotation   62°
Forward Lean(s)   20°, 22°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Carbon infused nylon shell w/ Pebax tongue
Liner   Intuition Pro Flex Evo
Sole   Vibram UFO Evo
Skimo Co Says
Usage Getting nostalgic, drinking cappuccinos
Notes Classic ski/walk mode mechanism
Bottom Line Celebrate with SCARPA
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Questions & Reviews

Russell S (used product regularly)
Purchased early Jan 2020, used 3-4x / week. A truly GREAT A/T boot! Very comfortable for extended touring including "boot packing". Perhaps not as warm as the toasty-est old school boots with thick liners, BUT definitely warmer than Dynafit products from the last couple of seasons. I removed the Power-strap after two tours: only needed if bashing gates on World Cup piste! A bit difficult to remove at day's end; be sure to "release" the "grommet" from the peg on the medial side of the tongue. Otherwise ya can't go wrong, Intuition liners, two steps from ski to tour ,bomber downhill performance. Have fun! The RED ones are noticeably faster!!
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Question from Hal
How does this boot compare in stiffness to the original dynafit tlt6, with or without replaceable tongue? I'd like a boot that is comparable or stiffer than the old tlt6, at a similar weight.. Second question-are there any boots as stiff as the tlt6 that are as light? thx in advance.
Answer from Jeff
Hal, If you ask around here you can find someone who has skied each boot. The TLT6 with hard tongue is about the same stiffness as the F1. The F1's overall design and lateral stiffness make this boot known for its downhill prowess. Another boot in this category/weight is the Skorpius.
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Question from John
Hi there, I am wondering how the f1/f80 fits in terms of the width, volume and instep? I see its a 102 last but its always hard to gauge across brands what this actually means in terms of fit. Would it not be suitable for a more narrow foot? Thanks for your response.
Answer from Jeff
John, you can say it is a medium width boot with a medium instep height. Depends on how narrow your foot is. If it is narrow( a C-D width, not that anyone uses that anymore) the Alien boots would be a better fit. If you are more average, the F1 would be good. Note an aftermarket foot bed always helps. Please fill out our boot fitter for more help.
Answer from TSB
Hey John, the F80 fit is in fact perfect for anyone who has true pride in Italia. But, for those without a tricolore flying outside their front door, the F1/F80 is a relatively wide and accommodating boot, with a distinct taper from the mid/forefoot back to the heel. In general, narrow-footed folks will have decent heel retention in the F80 but might find that there is excess volume in the forefoot. Feel free to reach out to for more info, or fill out our Online Boot Fitter!.
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Question from Victor Bell
What is the last, and is it wider that the Maestrale?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Victor, Scarpa labels this boot as a 102mm last width and the Maestrale RS as a 101mm last width.
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Question from Dustin Luton
What is the difference between the size 27.5 and 28.0? They have the same shell so is there just a thinker liner in the 27.5?
Answer from Jeff
Hi Dustin! The shell of the 27.5 and 28.0 are the exact same. Liner difference, if any, is minimal. The liners are Intuition and fully thermo-moldable and will mold nicely to most foot shapes.
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Model: F1 Anniversary

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