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When you’re high in the alpine, picking your way through consequential terrain, having reliable partners and equipment is a must. For years, the Zero G line has been a staple of legendary ski mountaineers and has proven itself in some of the most demanding places in the world. Now back and better than ever, the Zero G 85 seeks to keep what made it synonymous with durability and razer-like edge grip, while making it less demanding in other types of conditions. Blizzard achieved this by refining the Carbon Drive laminate, which is a carbon overlay that allows for precise control of torsional and longitudinal stiffness. Combine this with an intelligent 3D construction, carbon-reinforced mounting plate, and partial sidewall, you get another Blizzard Zero G 85 that lives up to its name. That is, maximum performance with zero grams of unnecessary weight.

  • Carbon Drive 3.0 laminate allows for the flex to be fine-tuned.
  • 3D milling provides torsional rigidity while keeping weight down.
  • Long sidecut makes the ski less catchy in variable snow.
  • Carbon-reinforced mounting plate helps with durability and binding retention.
Lengths (cm) 150, 157, 164, 171, 178
convert to ounces
910g [150]
945g [157]
1005g [164]
1070g [171]
1160g [178]
Weight (pair) 1820g [150]
1890g [157]
2010g [164]
2140g [171]
2320g [178]
Dimensions   113-85-97 [150]
115-85-99 [157]
115-85-99 [164]
115-85-99 [171]
117-85-101 [178]
Turn Radius   17.0m [150]
17.5m [157]
19.5m [164]
22.0m [178]
21.5m [171]
Skin Fix   Tip recession, tail notch
Specs Verified 164, 171, 178 only
Profile   Limited tip rocker and a smidge of tail lift
Shape   Modest shovel, tapered tail
Construction   Partial sidewall with full sidewall under the mounting area
Core   Carbon Drive 3.0
Skimo Co Says
Usage Touring, mountaineering
Notes A touch softer and friendlier than the older Zero G's
Bottom Line The next iteration of a timeless, classic touring ski
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Gary
What bindings would you use with a 171 in this ski and the TLT 8?
Answer from Emmett I

Shoot us an email at if you'd like to go into more detail!

First recommendation would be the Plum Oazo. It's got adjustable release and BSL, and the flip risers are extremely easy to use. All at a very light weight.

Another great option is the Ski Trab Titan Vario.2. It has some BSL adjustment, and fixed release. The heel is gapless unlike the Oazo, and had lateral and rearward elasticity. The toe has lateral elasticity as well, which gives the Vario.2 very good release/retention profiles.

If you want a binding with brakes, something like the ATK Crest is a good option. Loaded with features and weighs less than some lean bindings.
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Question from Gary
I think I've settled on these skis...
I'm 62 year old tele skier looking for a light, spring option for the Mt. Shasta, CA area. This will be my first AT ski set-up. My current daily drivers are 179 Black Crow Navis, with 22 Design Axl's and Scarpa T1 boots.

Is this a solid choice?
What length would you suggest?
What other skis should I consider for spring (and this year summer) objectives?
Answer from Emmett I

The Zero G is a great choice for a spring ski! It shines holding an edge in steeps. For length, you could probably go with the 171. It will hop turn easier, and be more manageable in trees and for kick turns.

A couple of other options for skis; The Ski Trab Magico.2 is a great option. Damp, yet energetic. Super high performance, you get what you pay for. The Atomic Backland 85 is on the other end of the spectrum. Friendly, easy to ski, damp. Not very energetic, which some people don't like. All depends on your skiing style!
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Annabell O (used product regularly)
Santa got these skis for me and they are by far the best skis I've ever used. I'd previously purchased longer (>160cm), fatter (99cm) skis, but I'm glad I went shorter and narrower. They are light, but I feel like I'm in control all the time. The only time I feel like they are light skis is when I'm going fast on groomed runs or on super icy terrain. Otherwise, these ski like a dream in PNW heavy snow or in a foot of powder. 100% recommended. Thank you Skimo for narrowing down my choices.

Ski length: 150 cm
Bindings: Kreuzspitze GT 2.0
Skins: Contour Hybrid Mix
Stats: 5'2" female, 122lbs,
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Question from Andrew M
Has Blizzard discontinued this ski? It no longer appears on their website
Answer from jbo
Hi Andrew, Blizzard is changing colors for next season, so the grey ones must go!
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Question from Jake
How exactly did Blizzard change this ski from previous year's versions?
Answer from jbo
Hi Jake, Blizzard redid the "Carbon Drive" layup which changed the personality significantly. Noticeably friendlier, the skis are quicker and less menacing when the snow gets difficult. Just plain fun in smooth snow.
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Model: Zero G 85

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