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Atomic Backland Brakes

Brand: Atomic
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Price: $59.95
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Rather than integrate the brakes into the bindings, Atomic decided to make it easy on you. Manufactured in five different sizes as a modular accessory to the Backland Tour binding, the brakes sit directly underneath the baseplate of the heel piece. This affords a lot of flexibility for weight savings (remove the brake) or ski width changes (replace the brake). One large lever is thrown to retract or deploy the brakes, a motion that can be accomplished without stepping out of the binding. Available in 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, and 120mm widths. Sold in pairs with no heel unit. The price listed is for a pair (2 brakes shipped).

Question from Al T
Hi- what size brakes for 95 mm under foot skis? Sounds stupid but a friend has 90 mm brakes (I think) and they seem WAY too small, even with bending for this size skis. Can't see what size the brakes are anywhere on them am I missing it? Thanks
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Al! Standard advice in the industry would be to point you towards the 100mm brakes. Are you measuring them when they're deployed or retracted? That'll make a big difference in terms of clearance. Most brakes build in a few millimeters of wiggle room so you could theoretically get away with a 90mm brake on a 95mm ski, though with these ones the 90mm is definitely a proper 90mm brake.
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Question from Manan P
For Navis Freebirds (102mm), should I get 100mm brakes or 110mm? Is it a good idea to quiver killer the heel piece so I can put on the brakes when needed and take them off when needed? How easy is it to put the brakes on and off if I do that? Can I use the same length quiver killer machine screws if I end up doing that?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Manan! Standard procedure is pointing you towards the 110mm, though if you want to potentially bend them you could get away with a 100mm. Quiver killers could be sweet in this instance, but I think it depends on how often you'll be swapping brakes for brakeless. Same machine screws for brakes and brakeless though!
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Question from Joe
I assume 59.95 is per unit, not pair. Yes? Any chance of getting sizing larger than 100mm?
Answer from jbo
Hi Joe, that's for a pair. Unfortunately were out of the larger widths.
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