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Like a spa day in motion, enjoy long outings in the mountains with the DPS Pagoda Tour 94: powerful yet light enough to keep your legs fresh after a demanding approach. The Pagoda 94 is a versatile ski that is wide enough for soft snow, but excels in terrain and snow conditions that are less than ideal. While the DPS Pagoda 100 is in a similar category, but catering more towards soft snow with more rocker and a shorter side cut, the 94 has less rocker, and larger side cut making it more applicable for variable terrain and conditions. True to the deep roots (pun intended) of DPS ski design, the entire Pagoda Tour line is a joy to ski and the 94 is no exception. With a strong and stable feeling, even at high speeds, the Pagoda 94 can handle just about anything you can throw at it. The versatile rocker-camber profile will feel right at home while making big GS turns down Red Mountain, or snaking tight wiggles on Cardiac Ridge lap after lap. If you're looking for your next quiver-of-one, the DPS Pagoda Tour 94 ski should be a serious contender.

  • Pagoda ski line has taken the best characteristics of the Tour1 and Alchemist/Pure3 lines for an easy-skiing, yet happy at high speed set of boards.
  • Ash and paulownia stringers make for a light ski on the ascent, damp feel in the chunder, and a lively experience in the deep stuff.
  • Aerospace-grade foam core provides impressive damping while keeping the ski light and energetic.
  • Textured polyamide topsheet keeps snow and ice off the top of your ski.
  • World Cup race-grade base material provides fast glide and goes well with DPS's Phantom 2.0 treatment.
  • The Chassis Two (C2) rocker-camber profile is built to maximize the combination of the flex pattern and sidecut, creating an ultra-smooth skiing experience.
  • 3rd Rail Technology is sidewall material placed along the longitudinal axis to improve the connectedness between the core and sidewall, resulting in a more durable, damp, and stable ride.

Update 2022/23: DPS has added their "3rd Rail Technology," which improves the connectivity between the core and sidewall. DPS also updated the topsheet graphic.

Lengths (cm) 157, 165, 171, 178, 185
convert to ounces
1210g [157]
1295g [165]
1360g [171]
1470g [178]
1540g [185]
Weight (pair) 2420g [157]
2590g [165]
2720g [171]
2940g [178]
3080g [185]
Dimensions   124-94-108 [157]
127-94-108 [165]
129-94-109 [171]
131-94-110 [178]
133-94-111 [185]
Turn Radius   17.0m [157]
18.0m [165]
18.5m [171]
19.0m [178]
19.5m [185]
Skin Fix   Rounded tip and tail
Specs Verified All except 157
Profile   DPS C2 profile; traditional camber with tip rocker
Shape   Rounded tips with medium sidecut, tapered tail
Construction   Foam core with ash and paulownia stringers, 3rd Rail Technology, and World Cup race base
Core   Aerospace grade foam with ash and paulownia stringers and 3rd Rail Technology
Skimo Co Says
Usage Whatever conditions you find in the backcountry
Notes Aerospace-grade foam core and 3rd Rail insert offers impressive damping
Bottom Line Spaceage feel in a one-ski quiver
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Questions & Reviews

Paul Richey (used product regularly)
After Tristan's recommendation, I got the Tour 94 C2 in 157cm. These skis rock! Surprisingly easy to ski although they do best when driven hard. Especially good in really tough conditions and they are really quick in tight trees. Only complaint is the tips are just a tad stiff to really rock soft deep pow. Almost a quiver of 1!
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Question from Narendra M
I am coming from a Salomon MTN 95 and wanted to find a replacement ski, I am 5'10" and weigh 145lbs based in California looking for a backcountry specific ski, The DPS Pagoda Tour 94 C2 was one of the skis I was looking at the other being the Camox Freebird. Any thoughts, pros and cons and what I should get?
Answer from Jeff
Narendra, Good question. Looking for a replacement for your MTN 95 which is fun and easy to ski. We do not sell the Black Crows, but the Camox is very popular. From reviews and customers I have talked to, it is a good ski, but overall rather average. At double the price, the DPS should be something special.
First, DPS uses the best components available and handmade here in Salt Lake City. They will last a very long time. The Pagoda design is a complex core that makes for about the dampest touring ski you can find. So will handle difficult or rough conditions really well. And still a bit lighter then the Camox. The DPS are a bit more rockered and tapered and I would say more playful.
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Question from Eric P
I’m curious about sizing for this ski. I am 5’11 and 155 lbs. In my late 50’s and not an aggressive skier anymore. Can ski in all conditions and looking for something to use in the Northwest (Washington, Oregon and BC) in a variety of conditions. I’ve usually had skis in the high 170s or low 180s on size but thinking 171 might be a better fit on this ski. Also curious about how much different the 106 version of this ski will feel vs. the 94. Thanks as always for the great advice.
Answer from jbo
Hi Eric, the 171 could be a fun length for you in many conditions, especially in spring. They will float a bit less than the longer ski in powder. The 106 and the 94 have the same damp feel provided by the Pagoda construction, but the 94 will be quicker edge to edge and more comfortable on the skin track. The 106 is more adept as a powder ski and more naturally suited for a longer length.
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Question from Paul Richey
I’m looking for an all around BC ski. I’m 5’ 4” and 130 pounds. Lifelong solid skier in all conditions. I also prefer skis with more traditional camber and less rocker, especially in the tail. Will this ski match my needs and in what size. 165 usually feels a bit clunky to me, but 157 may be a bit short. I do like to ski in the trees and play around in challenging snow conditions.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Paul,

The DPS Pagoda Tour 94 is a great option for someone that likes more camber than rocker, and skis a wide range of conditions. The Pagoda Tour 94 is very damp for its weight. It does a great job in variable snow, while still being quite capable when things are deep. For a backcountry ski, I would put you on the 157cm length based on your dimensions. That length would be the best balance of ease of use on the skin track, handling in tight terrain, as well as bowl skiing. The 165cm length would be more stable at speed, but probably a lot in the trees.

If you have further ski questions, feel free to reach out to!
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Model: 94C2 Pagoda Tour - Touring

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