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The DNA is Dynafit’s new top-of-the-line racing suit; they prefer to call it a second skin. It is built with energy-infusing Nilit® Innergy fabric and is fully featured for getting up, down, and around a race course. In the stomach is a set of pockets for storing quick-access items like skins, water, gel, and more. Just pull up on the lower zipper and reach in. The reinforced cuffs have stirrups and buckle cutouts for manipulating your boot buckles. Most controversially, the suit is sewn with a special nylon fabric technology that purportedly increases performance by reflecting body heat as far infrared rays. Whatever, as long as you look good!

  • Inner kangaroo pouches and a simple chest zip keep you organized throughout a race.
  • Four-way stretch fabric moves with you and offers UV protection and possibly energy.
  • Boot buckle system lets you control your ski/walk mode mechanism through the suit.
  • Sewn with flat seams so you have no chafing and no excuses to slow down late.
  • Pocket sewn into the back of the collar for headlamps with external battery packs.

Update 2020/21: This model was replaced by Dynafit DNA 2 Racing Suit.

convert to ounces
534g [M]
Ventilation Mesh back
Hood No
Pockets Multiple pockets
Cuffs Stirrups / scuff guards
Specs Verified Yes
Fit Race fit
Materials   Nilit-Innergy, an energy boosting nylon
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing
Notes Reinforced boot buckle cutouts
Bottom Line What winners wear
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Questions & Reviews

Jonathan S (used product a few times)
I have not yet conducted a scientific assessment of the putative energy-infusing qualities of the Nilit® Innergy fabric, but then again I doubt that Dynafit did either!
Otherwise, a very nice suit:
- Sizing is consistent with all my other lycro skimo racewear, and proportioned nicely throughout.
- No hood, but that's a very rare feature these days anyway. Haven't yet figured out what to do with the flap storage area in back below the collar ... perhaps an emergency N95 stowage for omicron's upcoming cousins?
- Zippered outer pocket just barely fits my phone (sans protective case).
- My version came with an inner zippered beacon pocket, very nice for a key fob also.
- The left & right inner kangaroo pockets are unique in experience in that they are double layered in a way, i.e., a total of four distinct inner kangaroo pockets. So you can place gel packets, water, etc., in the flaps closest to your chest, then your skins are stowed in the flaps further away from your chest.
- Gaiter is identical to my DNA training pant, my favorite such design of any lycra skimo racewear. Everything about it is just right, plus a semi-concealed slit is already there for a vertical lever, so no cutting required.
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Mario (used product a few times)
I have only raced in this suit a couple of times so far but first impressions are very good. I was very happily surprised to find a zippered beacon pocket in this suit! I bought mine during the 2020/21 season so it must be a new addition. The skin pockets are awesome and the "gummy bear pocket" is surprisingly comfortable to use. The fabric seems like a nice weight for mid to warmer weather but could also easily accommodate much colder temps with the addition of a layer underneath. The suit comes with cutouts to accommodate the DNA/Scarpa locking mechanism but also has reinforced areas to make cutouts for the PDG mechanism (I have PDG's and they work great with this suit). My only gripe is that the collar is really tall and slightly uncomfortable when zipped all the way up. This is pretty minor though and probably adds a little warmth. Overall extremely happy with this suit and the awesome people at Skimo Co helped me pick out the perfect size!
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Benski (used product regularly)
Two of us have split use of this suit for a number of races. Overall its a fairly warm, but still breathable, suit good for racing in most temps.

Minuses: no zipper beacon pocket and no tether for beacon.

Pluses: Fairly athletic fit (if not a bit large), and relatively breathable. Well-designed cutouts for boots.
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Question from jason
Are the buckle cutouts compatible with a La Sportiva Syborg boot? It looks like they may interfere with the rear locking mechanism on the boot. Thanks in advance.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Jason! I haven't ever had any issues with the rear locking mech on my Syborgs. Half the time I don't even bother to feed the buckle through the suit even though the cutout is there. I've noticed not feeding it through the suit kinda lowers the potential for the locking bar to ice up. But to answer your question for real, no it's not necessarily compatible, though a pair of scissors would fix that really quickly as the cuff reinforcement is pretty impressive and stitched with all kinds of rip-stop, so you could bypass their pre-made cutouts and just make your own if you really wanted to. Not sure if I'd even both going that far though, it might be totally fine to just leave it be and not expose the locking mech to the elements.
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Question from JP_
So odd question, but there's a small pocket?/flap of material that's sewn on 3 sides and opens upward on the inside top of the collar where it's right against the back of your neck (DNA training jacket has same exact thing) that I cannot for the life of me figure out what it's there for, almost appears like someone forgot to sew it shut, but it seems more purposefully designed than that, any ideas??
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey JP! Stumped us on this one so we had to call in our lifeline. We reached out to the designers and they said it's for headlamp batteries, just in case you want to go super ultra light and not carry a pack, but need to skin up in the dark! Toss 'em in there and go fast! Pretty sweet actually...
Answer from Trace Leches
I still think they made that answer up on the spot though, I'm pretty sure it's for gummy bears.
Answer from Jeff S
Interesting, as the headlamp idea actually did cross my mind, although I never attempted it, but just ran the battery in my pack or inside to the skin pocket. But I like the gummies idea slightly better! Thanks for your dedicated detective work!
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Question from Bendik C. Overrein
Just got this suit and would want to use it together with the Dynafit PDG boots, although there is no hole for the buckle system used on those boots. There is however outlined to spots on the outside of the suit that looks like places where you could modify to make it fit the upper buckle. Is this the purpose of these areas?
Answer from Nate
Hi Bendik,

Yes, that's the purpose. The outlined areas are laminates applied to the fabric so that it doesn't come unravelled when you cut out the holes corresponding to your boot buckle.
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Question from Greg K
Does this have a zippered pocket on the inside now?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Greg, unfortunately, no. The beacon pocket on the inside is a flap. The new Pierra Menta Suit does have a zippered beacon pocket though.
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Question from ScSe
Same sizing parameters as previous Dynafit suits?
Answer from jbo
Hi Scott, yes the Dynafit sizing remains the same this season.
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Model: DNA Racing Suit

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