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If you have trouble keeping your pants up, or just need more places to hang your skins while skiing, check out the Dynafit Suspenders. The elastic straps are compatible with most Dynafit pants (any pants with suspender hooks), and can be adjusted quickly and easily to accomodate mid-tour wight loss (it has been known to happen before). One strap in back helps prevent plumber crack (vital functionality in a sport where your best friends walk immedietly behind and slightly below you), while two straps in front match the number of skins you (hopefully) always have. Works with the Dynafit Mercury 2 Pant, the Dynafit Mercury Pro Pant, Radical GTX, Beast Hybrid, and any other Dynafit pants with suspender or belt loops. Does not work with the Mezzalama Race Pant, the DNA Training Pant, Speedfit Pant, and any other fast pants without suspender or belt loops.

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Question from David
What is the the width of these front 2 clips and the rear clip?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, David. The front/rear clips are identical and are about 42mm across measured at their widest point.
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Question from Jesse M
Anybody else have problems with these running small? I bought a pair for the Dynafit Mercury pants and they give me a big wedgie at maximum length. Iā€™m 6ā€™2ā€ with a 34ā€ inseam.
Answer from Ian C
Hi Jesse, it's possible Dynafit is taking a "one-size-fits-all" approach with these as they do seem to run a little short for skiers over 6'0" or so.
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Question from Colin Osness
Hi. I have some Patagonia powder bowl pants. Can I use these on the belt loops for my pants?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Colin, these Dynafit suspenders should work with your Patagonia pants as long as there are some back belt loops as well.
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Question from Gagan
How wide are the S clips? was thinking of purchasing these because my Patagonia pants have the loops, but can't find anyone that sells compatible suspenders, other than these.
Answer from jbo
Hi Gagan, the clips have been changed this season to be plastic with a locking mechanism. They are 27mm wide internally.
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Question from AARON O
How do these attach to pants? I am trying to put them on Mercury Soft-shell pants but not clear how the little hooks are supposed to hook on? Do you double the suspenders back through the rubber loops on the pants and attach them to themselves?
Answer from jbo
Hi Aaron, for current season Mercury pants, there are sewn in attachment loops. For prior editions, it should work to use the double back technique.
Answer from AARON O
Thanks - are the attachment loops the rubber ones? They don't seem quite robust enough. Can you post a picture?
Answer from jbo
The loops look like this. Pictured is a rear connector on the Aeon pant.
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